Following a report last month, Japan-based blog Macotakara was able to snag a look at the kit Apple Store employees will use to allow customers to try-on in-ear headphones before making a purchase.

The urBeats, Beats Tour, and PowerBeats 2 Wireless, all made by the Apple-owned Beats Electronics, and the RHA MA450i, JayBird BlueBuds X, and the Bose QC20, are seen in the kit that Apple Store employees will use to help present to customers.

There’s obviously a health risk with letting thousands of people try on headphones that go inside a person’s ear – ew. However, a previous report described Apple Store employees will wipe down the headphones after each use.

When trying on the headphones, customers will be encouraged to plug the headphones into their iPhone or iPod to sample the quality before making their purchase decision. Apple has long offered the ability for customers to try on over-the-ear headphones in its Stores, primarily from the Beats brand.

It’s not clear when the sample kits will be rolling out to Apple Stores around the world, however we’ll keep an eye out.

Source: Macotakara via iMore

  • Guest

    Apple stuff will soon get lazy and don’t get paid enough to care doubt they will wipe it each time someone tries it on

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      True, when I read the title I thought it was going to be some cool way.

  • erer

    crappy earphones

    • Antzboogie

      Hater the bass is awesome.

  • ravinigga

    Well is good that You can try. In ear phones. Most stores haven’t

  • Joey

    why would i even want to try these shit earphones?

  • port87

    Can u guys recommend headphones for daily use? I have the panasonic tcm125 in ear set

  • Mac_Guy

    I’m pretty sure thats just a ‘toy-box’ for the retail employees to try out the different headphones like they have been doing for several years, not for customers.

    If this is true though, I feel bad for the Specialist with a box IPA wipes ready to clean off the gunk! XD

    • Eric

      You are wrong. These are live is stores and on the sales floor when customers ask to try on items. When I asked about the Bose the box was Ed to the floor by radio. I got my own sealed earbuds to put on the Bose drivers.

  • I read an article posted to Reddit this week stating that Beats headphones cost roughly $15 to make. They sure are making gigantic profit off of them…

    • milan

      they spend huge amounts on marketing so the profit is not as big as you might think

  • Matt

    Yamaha EPH-100SL – now those are quality earphones