Last week, Apple surprised us with a completely redesigned MacBook. Of course, there were leaks in the months leading up to the event, but the new technology and form factor is very astonishing. With a thinner design, new keyboard, Force Touch trackpad, and micro logic board, it is clear Apple is pushing laptop computing forward. Even the USB-C is striking.

In the opening video, a glimmering bubble floats into the Retina MacBook screen corner, showing off color depth and a glass-edged screen. In this week’s Wallpapers of the Week post, Jason Zigrino captures the bubble for all devices.

Apple Event Wallpapers

Below are two sets of wallpapers by @JasonZigro, the MacBook bubble and gold, gray, and silver versions to commemorate the new housing color ways. In addition to the included wallpapers, you can check out more of Jason’s work via dribbble.


Download: Retina iMac Desktop; iPad; iPhone



Desktop: Gold; Space Gray; Gray; Silver (2880 x 1800)

iPad: Gold; Space Gray; Silver

iPhone: Gold; Space Gray; Silver

ICYMI Apple Event Wallpapers

The following wallpapers were published over the last couple weeks, as inspired by the March 9 Apple Event, “Spring Forward.” Take a step back and go download them for your devices while we wait for the new MacBook and Apple Watch!

March 9 Apple Media Event splash

March 1Apple Watch Event Wallpaper

Apple Watch Wallpaper iPad

March 8: Apple Watch inspired wallpapers


As seen above, all wallpapers included in this post were submitted by avid iDB readers! You too can have your wallpapers considered and posted by contacting me on Twitter @jim_gresham. All images must be preformatted for their respective devices, iPad, iPhone, or desktop. Naturally, we would need the most updated devices included in your pack. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • TheSystem

    Is there, or could there be a screensaver of the bubble coming in OS X updates? I’d like something simple like the bubble on my screen while I’m away from computer. Thanks for the wallpaper @JasonZigro

    • MacGuru96

      And the Earth with the Aurora Borealis they showed in the MacBook video. I want that so very badly.

      • fanaticus13

        And that one attached. Someone know where could be found?

  • hkgsulphate


  • Xee

    Thanks for the dark bubble wallpaper – Awesome! To continue a theme of sorts I bring you:

    ‘D A R K – W A L L P A P E R S’


    • leart

      Nice ones..

    • Brian Brown

      could you put them all in a zip file next time

    • Iliy Naidenoff

      Those are wonderful.

  • Black Jesus


  • leart

    Looking good even on a older ios..

    • ios 6 ???

      • leart

        Yeah, iOS 6.1.3 it come out exactly 2 years ago, looks like in another life now

  • Macaddict

    Hello, where can I find the new screensaver (The oil bubble) running in the presentation of the NEW MACBOOK 2015 of 9th march ?

    • Iliy Naidenoff

      No one seems to know anything about that BUBBLE SCREENSAVER !

  • Sn0w Le0pard

    Amazing wallpapers. I could watch the reveal video of the new MacBook all day long. If there’s one thing that Apple still makes exactly as good as under the leadership of Steve Jobs – then it’s marketing

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    i can’t click the download button

  • mersi

  • Iliy Naidenoff

    Please, can someone find the oil bubble screensaver ?!