WhatApp PhoneCalls

If you’re jailbroken, and have a little patience, you can get WhatsApp’s new in-beta voice calling feature on your iPhone right now. To do so, you’ll need to download the WhatsApp beta, download a package from Cydia, and following a couple of additional steps.

After following this tutorial, you will be able to access voice calling in WhatsApp. I can personally verify that this technique works, and was able to shoot a video walkthrough showing you the steps along with a live phone call.

Note: in most circumstances you will need AppSync installed to install the beta. You can get AppSync by adding this repo to Cydia: http://cydia.angelxwind.net

Step 1: Download and install the WhatsApp beta while on your iPhone

Step 2: Add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources: http://apt.imokhles.com (see note below)

Step 3: Install the WhatsApp Call Enabler package, and enable it via Settings

Step 4: Login to WhatsApp and message a friend with activated calling and they can call to activate you.

Step 5: The contact will (hopefully) return your call and then the calling feature will be activated

It’s pretty simple. The hardest part is just being patient enough to wait for the return phone call.

Special thanks to reddit user akshitgupta95 for being so kind to assist with this. What do you think?

Update: Some are stating that this can be done without using the tweak, and thus, without needing a jailbroken device. I’ve not been able to independently confirm that, but you may want to try it on your device. I recommend trying that first before using the tweak referenced above. Also, you can receive a call from anyone who has the calling activated, so if you have a friend with it, you can have them call you instead of using the number referenced in the post and video. Hope that helps!

  • Mohammed Ali Hussein

    Any chance to get WhatsApp Beta on a non jailbroken device ?

    • Pramod Mohandas

      It wouldn’t work if you are not jailbroken.
      Apparently, you need to have AppSync installed for the IPA to install properly.

      • Elias Chao

        Why does WhatsApp have an iOS beta if non-jailbroken iPhones can’t install it? I’m just curious.

      • Jonnathan R

        It’s probably a beta for certain people (like employees), and someone discovered how tot open the beta for the rest of users (with a jailbreak)

    • highgrade


    • Yes!! gabbhar (dot) com

  • Danish Aziz

    i think there is no need to uninstall current version as i am using whatsapp calling in my iphone from 6th march, i direct install whatsapp beta and got invited by my android device so no need to cydia tweak also.
    if anyone needs help or invite call then msg me +971554178646

    • Mohammed Ali Hussein

      is it possible to download WhatsApp beta on a non Jailbroken device ?

    • iD70my

      yes , no need to cydia tweak .

      • Mohammed Ali Hussein

        tried so many times but after download it did not work ? Shall i download on existing version of whatsApp or shall i remove old version first ?

      • iD70my

        هل ثبت النسخة البيتا ؟

      • Mohammed Ali Hussein

        نعم حذفت الواتس اب وثبت النسخة بيتا بس ماتشتغل بعد التثبيت

      • iD70my

        هل لديك جلبريك ؟ وكم رقم النسخة التي ثبتها ؟ ومن اين حملت النسخة ؟

      • Mohammed Ali Hussein

        ليس لدي جيلبريك واصدار الجهاز 8.3 بيتا 3

      • iD70my

        تحتاج لجلبريك لكي تثبت اداة تثبيت التطبيقات من خارج الابستور ،، اداة appsync لكي يتم تثبيت التطبيق بشكل صحيح ويعمل جيداً

      • Mohammed Ali Hussein

        ومن اي سورس استطيع تثبيتها ؟

        شكرا جزيلا علي ردك

      • iD70my

        توجد سورسات عديدة لديها الاداة فقط اكتب في البحث appsyns وستجدها

      • Mohammed Ali Hussein

        شكرا لك

      • Hamad Mubarak Adhbiyah

        السلام عليكم … اخوي انا اشتغل وياي بس للأسف بس اقدر استلم مكالمات وما اقدر اتصل على اي تلفون اندرويد بس ايفون هل في طريقة افعلها عدل ؟؟

      • iD70my

        مو كل الاجهزة تعمل لديها الميزة اصحب الاندرويد تعمل لديهم الذين محدثين الاصدار الاخير واصحاب الاي فون الذين لهم الاصدار البيتا تعمل معهم فقط

      • Hamad Mubarak Adhbiyah

        اذا احد اتصل علي اقدر ارد بس ما اقدر ادق على اي احد هل فيه مجال انه تعمل ؟؟

    • VITICO

      Im trying to send u a message on whatsapp but your contact wont appear on my whatsapp contact list

    • Karim Lewis

      Im activated thanks to Danish Aziz, thanks Jeff for the links, followed and worked.

    • Maria Anna Carmen

      followed the steps 1-2-3.. now, how to activate the call?.. which no. i will send a message?.. your no.? thans!

    • charbel aoun

      Please when the ios server is on send me a mail to charbelaoun32@gmail.com.

    • Luiz Antonio

      hey my friend could you call me anytime? +555181362402 thank you!

  • Note: Some are stating that this can be done without using the tweak, and thus, without needing a jailbroken device. I’ve not been able to independently confirm that, but you may want to try it on your device. I recommend trying that first before using the tweak referenced above. Also, you can receive a call from anyone who has the calling activated, so if you have a friend with it, you can have them call you instead.

    • @Luigi_iMac

      not need the tweak to enable calls eye !!

  • Aadish

    I was curious if you lose your chat history if you download the beta version of whatsapp

    • VITICO

      It didnt delete mine but i didnt delete whatsapp before installing the beta

    • Favna

      You backup your chats on icloud

  • Gabriel

    After i installed the tweak i can’t seem to open whatsapp and when i enable it on settings, it crashes. I’m on ios 7.0.4 helppp!

    • Elias

      Hello Gabriel,
      Do you use whatsapp++? If yes, try to remove it then open your app.
      Good luck.

      • moha3laa

        i don have anyother tweak for whatsapp .. and i’ve the same ios version 7.0.4 ..it crashes once i touch the icon xD

  • DorHirschel

    For some odd reason can’t get it to install..

    • VITICO

      Im on 8.1.2 and it downloaded without a problem..

      • DorHirschel

        I’m on 8.3 beta…

      • Pramod Mohandas

        I too had this issue. Apparently, you can install the Beta only of you have got AppSync Unified. You won’t be able to install it if you are not jailbroken. 🙁

      • DorHirschel

        Not working even after fresh installation from the App Store

      • VITICO

        Mine is downloaded and all.. I just need some 1 whos activated to call me so i can have my call feature activated..

      • Deepak Kumar

        Can you please tell me how to install this beta version

      • VITICO

        All i did was click on the link jeff provided ontop.. I didnt do anything else.. Just click install once u click on the link

    • Appsync required..

      • Hot12345

        Wherr can i download appsync?

      • jailbreak your iphone first

    • moha3laa

      remove whats app and install again .. it’ll work :3

      • DorHirschel

        I’ve tried it as you from the attached photos.. Not working – it getting stuck in the very end and pop up with ‘can’t install… Retry/Done’
        Tried to install it as a new app as well – instead of overriding an existing- no luck here as well..
        Maybe it’s 8.3 related/ the need of the appsync to pass the udid approval to beta testers..

    • Guest

      Try to find another source.

      • DorHirschel

        I’m pretty sure the link above is the official link..

    • gabbhar ‘dot’ com

  • Marciano Mulder

    I’m on 8.1.2 and i also can’t download it. Matbe it’s because i’m from The Netherlands but that seems like bs to me.

    • Pramod Mohandas

      Not true.
      Are you jalbroken? If so, download the beta on your computer and install it via iFunBox or AppCake.

    • titi

      I’m from Holland and i have this without problem!! Just i’m wating for calling back.

  • Manhal atar

    Work fine with me thx 🙂

  • nour

    +91-96502-79319 he didn’t answer :/

    • Adan

      I can see he is ‘online’ and hasn’t read mine either. He might have hundreds of messages to reply to 😉

      • nour

        the blue sticks appeare but he ignore me 🙂

    • +91 9978198098 Msg me..

      • VITICO

        Thanks man!!…

      • Stanley Chen

        Thanks man

      • Sorry! Can’t help.. WhatsApp team has been disable calling feature.

    • titi

      Status is busy:((

  • +91 9978198098

    Text me for WhatsApp calling atcivation.

    • Sorry! Can’t help… WhatsApp team has been disable calling feature.

  • Yasharah

    The call function is enabled now… But I can’t call anybody except the guy that enabled it for me… The only thing I get is a popup that tells me that the other one (android user) has to update the Whatsapp app… But the newest Whatsapp version is installed already

    • Elias

      This version of whatsapp is a beta version and isn’t available on the store and you are facing this popup because other users are using the version that is available on the store and is older than the one that you are using and does not have a voice calling feature

      • Yasharah

        I tried calling an Android User with the latest android version from the whatsapp website :/

      • Yasharah

        Okay i deleted the beta version and reinstalled the app store Version and it works now

  • iltas


  • john myth

    Facebook is really treating Apple like crap.
    First they blame iOS for not allowing web interface (which is a lie since Telegram, a Whatsapp clone, implemented this feature), now they release Voice call on Android first and I’m sure it’ll take a while since it hits iOS.

  • NeftyCorrea

    Keeps telling me unable to install on my jailbroken phone

  • Will this hack create a conflict with the Whatsapp Web Enabler hack ?

    • to answer my own question, they dont clash or anything and work perfectly fine together.

      • Shariq Riaz

        whatsapp beta and whatsapp web enabler not working for me…it works on official version but when i install beta whatsapp it crashes while scanning for QR code

  • Soner Toraman

    He’s (akshitgupta95) requesting PayPal donation for activating your voice call feature.

  • If anyone can help me to activate my voice call, That number you mentioned seems busy and can’t able to activate my WhatsApp Voice call.

    • send me a msg and I will call you +447552656688

      • Thank you so much my voice call activated now, I will share it to all my friends and family members.

      • I was the one who posted this message and deleted after a little bit confirming Vincent got his call feature enabled, however Disqus has turned my old message into a “Guest” posted message,

        Just so you people know, I NO LONGER WILL BE REPLYING AND HELPING WITH THIS. Last night got like 200+ petitions, messages and even calls asking for this.

        I guess that’s the reason why the Indian fella asked for Paypal: It is consuming time to do this, and not getting anything in return.

        I am contacting Disqus to remove this message and my number for all it matters.

      • Ramu Kumar

        Hi! Can help me to activate my voice call also? Cos, nobody of my friends using whatsapp call. Thanks.

  • David Shores

    U might want to update that the guy’s number your referencing to get the feature enabled is requiring a PayPal donation

  • highgrade

    he is asking for donation now

    • Deepak Kumar

      Can you please tell me how to install this beta version on non jailbreak device?

      • highgrade

        They is no way to install it on non jailbreak phones

    • I never asked for donation.

    • Anyways, Calling feature for new user has been disabled..

  • Eye Roll

    This is stupid. People need to just wait for it to go live. Even if you enable it, you don’t know anyone else that has it so who are you even gonna call apart from the random stranger that activated it for you. Very stupid

  • Varun Soi

    Still no jailbreak for ios8.2.!

  • Ahmad Al-Barghash ♏️

    I texted the same number your provided for whatsapp activation, the guy asking for Paypal donation to do this.

  • Σωτήρ

    Hey guys, i’ve activated it without a call from someone with the feature.

    I’ve used Flex from Cydia, it was really easy to find the variable and change!

    • Derp

      If you not sharing then why bother commenting? To brag?

      • Σωτήρ

        It was not to brag, I was waiting to see if someone would show interest.

        Here it is:
        What you need:
        Jailbroken device
        Flex installed (Paid – Cydia app)
        And follow the guide from the post above

        After this, open Flex, create a patch for whatsapp and search for the value: “(BOOL) showCallIcon” from the class WAAggregateCallEvent, force it to be true, activate the patch and it’s done!

        (Sorry about my english not native speaker.)

      • Ashaab Alam

        Hey after doing this does the other person still need to call you or does it appear automatically? I did the flex tweak but nothing shows up on my screen.

      • Σωτήρ

        It should appear automatically, did you follow the jeff’s tutorial before doing this?

      • Ashaab Alam

        Yeah I tried jeff’s tutorial but it did not work and that’s when I tried the flex tweak.

      • Σωτήρ

        But you activate the cydia tweak to enable the feature?

      • Ashaab Alam

        Yeah I did. I tried both with and without it

      • Ashaab Alam

        Do I need to enable the whatsapp call enabler from settings and then do the flex tweak?

      • Ashaab Alam

        Wow I just tried it and it worked…I guess I forgot to turn it on in the settings

      • Σωτήρ

        Yep, there is a lot of steps to remember, I always forgot to activate the Flex patches, for example.

      • Ashaab Alam

        For some reason I am not able to make calls. It says “calling” but then nothing..no sound and even the other person is not receiving any calls..any idea?

      • Hamad Mubarak Adhbiyah

        hi .. what the libraries ??

  • abdulatif hassan

    update your whatsapp after Install the WhatsApp Call Enabler package, and enable it via Settings if doesnt work just add my number and text me my
    whatsapp i call you 00966530149169 but you must have a jailbreak

  • Kaka Karakan

    Hey everyone

    Am jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2 iPhone 6
    Every time my phone runs out of battery, some of my icons gets weird, they get white and with gray circle lines! Does anyone have a fix for this issue!

    The only way for me to fix it, is to respring springboard!

  • Maria Anna Carmen

    guys, the Server is DOWN. Can’t activate the call for this according to the “contact”. now, i’m thinking trying this tweak is a waste of time.

    • Danish Aziz

      yes now server is closed so no new activation will be there until server goes live again, i have activated more than 50 person who sent me msg on my whatsapp.

    • Lovepreet Mann

      Server Active Now..

  • Vinayaks Sharma

    I am able to recieve calls but when I make a call, the person whom I’m calling is not getting any notification of my call thus making outgoing unsuccessful. Any idea why??
    I’m using iPhone 4 with ios 7.1.2
    Thanks in advance

    • Calling feature for new user has been disable..

  • Sorry! Can’t help anymore as WhatsApp team has been disable calling feature.


    I guess they killed the link..

  • Mike

    It keeps giving me an error “unable to download” when I click the link for the beta version…help!!

  • Malik Tanzil

    Anybody wants whatsapp on their ipad?

  • Azeez

    Why not in iphone ?

  • Azeez

    Please help

  • Tried to download it and it crashed my WhatsApp. The app takes forever to install then it gets an error. Had to delete and reinstall again from the App Store. Lost chat history. I’m on iOS 8.1.2 jail broken and iPhone 6 Plus. Just saying that to avoid some people to get the same problem.

  • Who want calling feature?
    Follow me on insta and twitter.. @iabgswmi

  • Hamad Mubarak Adhbiyah

    any one want to active msg me +16616228413

  • forzanapolii02 .

    Hi,i’m italian the whatsapp call doesn’t work on my jb iphone why?

    • Yes!! gabbhar (dot) com ..

  • DutchSkitzo

    invite server down he doesnt activated anymore its a shame really good idea though

  • Irvan Tristian

    Whoaaa you’re my man, you’re my hero!
    Thankyou so much
    it works!

  • DutchSkitzo

    you dont need whatsapp call enebaler tweak.
    I got another problem!!
    I dont see any incoming calls unless im in the whatsapp app.
    Very anoying people trying to call me but i dont see sh@t but when i open whatsapp then i see the call coming in

  • Tiago Lemos Nascif

    Does anyone else is experience an echo in the call (just your own voice)?

  • Sachin

    please call me +919022322838

  • Sam_Suck

    Hey oi got your call shows up in recent tab as missed but did not get notification or call accept screen
    i have the notification for call enabled
    Any ideas

    • Lovepreet Mann

      Your mobile no.?

      • Sam_Suck


  • Neeckoyardy Jamrock

    I can receive call but can’t make calls ..

  • ana victoria

    I call a friend in my country and my phone bill go up ( they charge you for the call) …..

  • Arush Verma

    can’t add that repo
    verification error
    too many HTTP redirects……!!!!