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Sad news for those of you who use the power extension cable that comes with the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro: Apple’s newest addition to the venerable notebook line no longer comes bundled with said cable.

That’s bad news for those of you who aren’t always in a situation where it’s easy to use plug the power brick directly into the wall outlet. It also means that your MacBook is now on a much shorter leash when it comes to charging.

This change, coupled with the device’s lack of a MagSafe connector, could spell trouble for those of you who need to, you know, work while charging your MacBook. It seems to me like this combination would greatly increase the potential for an accident.

But there is some good news in all of this. Apple will sell you an extension cable separately for only $19.00.

Power Adapter Extension Cable

Power Adapter Extension Cable

This is the power adapter extension cable that goes from the Power Adapter to the wall outlet. It looks very similar to the power adapter that ships with the currently available MacBooks, but it no longer comes standard with the new MacBook. It will cost $19.00.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time spotting any differences between this extension cable, and the one that currently comes with the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. It says it’s currently unavailable, which indicates to me that it’s a new SKU.

MacBook Air

Older MacBooks come bundled with an extension cable

Here are the other accessories that relate to the new MacBook’s power consumption needs. Although they’re not available now, these accessories will presumably be ready for sale once the MacBook launches on April 10th.

USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

This is a replacement USB-C cable for the one that comes bundled with the MacBook. Like the bundled cable, it’s 2 meters long. The USB-C Charge Cable will be available for $29.00.

Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter

This is a replacement power brick for the one that comes with the new MacBook. It’s 29W, just like the bundled adapter, has a USB-C connection, and it will set you back $49.00 upon launch.

So with all of this in mind, a fully equipped spare charger (minus the extension) would set you back $78 plus tax. That’s $1.00 cheaper than spare MagSafe chargers for previous MacBooks.

What do you think about this news? Are you sad to see see the extension cable being sold separately?

  • John Keller

    I have five of them in a drawer. No disappointment whatsoever.

    • BoardDWorld

      I sincerely believe this particular Air is going to suit you to a T, more than any before it.

  • Couri Sherow

    Question to think about : Will the new iPhone come with USB-C? That will not be good for apple, my thought.

    • Was thinking the same thing when they said USB-C. I can see them changing the phone over to it but maybe not until iPhone 7, they’ll deplete more of their lightning connectors on the 6s. Guess we shall see as the year rolls on.

    • JayDee917

      Are you asking if the next iPhone have a USB-C port? Or will the lighting cable be USB-C on the other end?

    • ericesque

      If we look at what Apple has done in the past, the answer is no. Apple never brought MagSafe to iOS devices nor lightning to the MacBook. At the same time, Apple seems to be changing it’s playbook pretty rapidly these days.

      If I had to wager though, I’d look at the accessories market for the answer. Does Apple want to open their iPhone and iPad accessories market up to future Android devices by adopting a standard connection like USB-C? I honestly doubt it.

    • Couri Sherow

      Yes was asking if you think the lightning cable will have USB-C. I ask this question because the NEW MACBOOK has one on there so is apple going to go with USB-C on all its NEW devices? Something to think about.

  • rockdude094

    It’s sad duh

  • Ryan Bartsch

    Absolutely pointless. 1 grand and they want 19$ more for the power cord. I always need it.

  • Josh

    But still. It is $1,299. Apple just wants our damn money.

  • bruh

    Unpopular opinion – as someone who has been through multiple MagSafe chargers where the end that plugs into my computer frays & is rendered useless, I like the idea of being able to replace things individually if they go bad.

  • tdvx

    $7 on ebay

  • Damn, they sure are separating fools and their money mercilessly this time.

    – Removed multiple ports, using thin and lite as an excuse, even when the Surface Pro 3 has proved that to be BS.
    – Downgraded the CPU to the weak Core M
    – Downgraded the GPU from Intel HD 6000 to HD 5300
    – Downgraded the WebCam from 720p to 480p
    – Now we hear that that they even went as far as shortening the power supply cord
    – Still outrageously priced

    A sucker is born everyday.

    • Kr00

      You’re living proof of that last line. Congrats.

      • Dan

        The sucker is the one who thinks removing all of these features is bad form? Seems legit.

    • I think the idea of USB-C is great however Apple really should have thrown in a USB-C-USB adaptor free of charge considering 99.99% of all USB devices do not conform to the USB-C standard…

  • Sean Cua

    $1299 macbook + $19 extension + $79 adapter.
    $1299 XPS 13 + touchscreen + higher resolution + more usb ports + sd card slot + real intel processor.

    • orionburcham

      XPS 13: Windows 8.1
      Macbook: Mac OS & Windows 8.1

      Btw, I think both are great.

      • Actually, any of today’s Windows PCs can easily run Mac OS X (http://bit. ly/16paAIn).

      • orionburcham

        Virtual machines aren’t for everyone. Won’t be as fast as a native install, and there may be hardware incompatibilities. But it may work for some!

      • Hardware incompatibilities are bypassed by Virtual machines, but yeah it’s not as fast as native install. Still an option, so, that “Macs run both, PC run only Windows” is old school. If there’s any incompatibility when in the Virtual machine, it most definitely won’t even work on a Mac running OS X, that’s just how OS X is.

      • Sean Cua

        Don’t get me wrong, I like macbooks but they dropped the ball here. Macbook airs and pros are great, albeit that the air has a low resolution. This one is just too impractical, especially that part where you’d have to buy an adapter just to charge while a usb is connected. They could have made the charger a hub too if they wanted, but they chose not to do that. But maybe if Apple allows third part charges and hubs that will happen.

      • orionburcham

        I hear that. Luckily, the USB-C standard has been a while coming, and isn’t a proprietary Apple format. Lots of other laptops are coming with a similar port setup, and many third party solutions should be on the way.

        I really do think that for a large number of buyers, if they can plug it into a wall, and connect it to the Internet (similar port situation to an iPad), that this setup will be fine.

  • Kr00

    So nobody keeps a spare standard extension cord in their homes any more? What a bunch of whiny princesses you lot have morphed into.

  • Scott

    So what happens if my MacBook is on low power and I need to do a presentation?

    • orionburcham

      Looks like you would pay $20 for an Apple extension cord. Or 5 dollars for a Walmart extension cord.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Its a bit money grabbing to spend $1299 and not get an extension cable.

  • Bana Na

    Good news for Chinese factories, they will be selling them for a quarter of the original price and still making a 50% profit.

  • Jack Wong

    Thunderbolt, lightning, and now usb-c… -.-;

    • orionburcham


  • theapple99

    that’s like saying we’r going to sell you a car but it does not include the tires.

    • orionburcham

      More like saying we’re going to sell you a laptop, but it does not include an extension cord.

      • theapple99

        ok i’m bad its like saying where going to sell you a car with donut tires. To make it better you have to buy real tires for an additional cost. 🙂 lol

  • Gilbert

    I just bought my MacBook Pro 13″ w/ retina display last week and it came with the power adapter extension cable. I know it’s a new Mac since it has the Force Touch trackpad. So maybe they decided to put it back in the box 😉

  • niico100

    You’d be SO DUMB to get that thick heavy extension cable. Get a longer USB type-c cable instead – tiny and light. doh.