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Apple has updated its online Apple Store with details describing how much the Apple Watch bands will be priced for customers looking to change things up when the wearable begins shipping April 24.  Prices range from $49 to $449. 

Pricing ranges depending on which band you choose. Some of the bands, like the Sport Band, are available in a variety of colors. Here’s a quick break down:

  • 38mm Midnight Blue Modern Buckle – Large – $249.00
  • 38mm Milanese Loop
  • 42mm Milanese Loop – $149.00
  • 42mm White Sport Band – $49.00
  • 38mm Link Bracelet – $449.00
  • 38mm White Sport Band – $49.00
  • 42mm Black Leather Loop – Medium – $149.00
  • 42mm Link Bracelet – $449.00
  • 42mm Black Leather Loop – Large – $149.00
  • 38mm Midnight Blue Modern Buckle – Small – $249.00
  • 38mm Black Classic Buckle – $149.00
  • 38mm Soft Pink Modern Buckle – Medium – $249.00
  • 42mm Black Classic Buckle – $149.00

Apple also revealed its magnetic charging cable will be available separately, for $29/$39 for the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models.

Source: Apple

  • שלו

    leather loop -149… Pricy As Hell

    The Bands are super expensive

    • lol exactly! The pricing on this stuff is just completely insane.

    • Vince Reedy

      $449 for a link bracelet lmfao

    • Rob180sx

      Wait for aftermarket bands to start flooding in. I’m sure they will be cheaper. Can you buy the watch without a band?

      • Elias

        Purchasing without a band i probably not a possibility.

      • Kr00


      • שלו

        no, and thats the most ignorant thing, let me buy the 42 mm aluminum whiteout any band for 349 + 69(like the leather iPhone case) and thats starts to sound alright.

        instead i need to buy 399 + 149? thats 549 before Texas! i love apple like a madman but that pricing is just to damm much! i planned on buying 2 letter loops and 2 sport bands(that cost 49 a peace! why not 29 like a normal iPhone case?)

    • JayDee917


  • HamptonWalley

    I didn’t read yet, can this watch measure, pulse, blood pressure, sugar or anything?

    • Alex

      Heart rate.

    • JayDee917

      Just pulse

  • Donovan

    is the watch price released?

    • Kr00

      Go to the Apple store in your country. All there.

      • Donovan

        Couldn’t find prices on the site 🙁

      • Kr00

        If your country isn’t in the initial release, you’ll have to wait.

  • Elias

    Watch prices are acceptable however band prices are outrageous.

  • Paddy Williams

    Cheaper to strap an iPad to my wrist with tape !!!

  • asdlb4

    I get that there are wealthy people out there, but who are the average people who are actually going to buy all this?

  • Joey Jreij

    The charging cables will be $29 dolar for 1m cable and $39 dolar for 2m cable!

  • Snailpo

    I was hopping even the middle of the road Apple watch would have been reasonably priced… 600!? I’ll save that for my next iPhone i suppose…

  • Unicorn Drank

    Wtf, that’s the prices for the bands? That’s one thing I was hoping to buy that wasn’t that pricy. They need to double check those prices again.

  • whats the difference in 38mm and 42mm …do they both fit is it just a bigger screen…im thinking of getting the 42mm cause i imagine bigger screen..but what if is to big for my hand

  • tbconrad

    So Apple is selling a product that needs to be recharged and not including a charger? Count me out purchasing this then.

    • tbconrad

      disregard. I found this describing what’s in the box.

  • Steven Honey

    Can we not put luxury/non sport bands on sport watch? Apple Store only lets you select the sport/rubber band for the sport edition watch.

  • peanuttie

    This is insane! I hope someone comes out making the same kind of watch bands cheaper price!