It turns out Apple may be using a method to have less dense gold on the 18k Apple Watch Edition, which could help lessen the price. Dr. Drang at Leancrew explains Apple’s patent application for a method that allows Apple to make 18k gold that has, on a volume basis, less gold than regular 18k gold.

It’s a process that includes Apple mixing gold with low-density ceramic particles. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, touted the Apple Watch’s gold as being harder and more scratch-resistant at the September media event, so this may be the method Apple is using.

Leancrew explains:

The karat measure of gold is based on the mass fraction. One hundred grams of 18k gold has 75 grams of gold and 25 grams of other material. If that “other material” is a low-density ceramic, it takes up a bigger volume than if it’s a high-density metal. Because the casing of a watch is made to a particular size (i.e. volume), not to a particular weight, the Watch will have less gold in it than an 18k case made of a conventional alloy.

We’ll know more when Apple takes the stage on Monday to reveal the pricing of the 18k Apple Watch. Plugged-in Apple blogger John Gruber guesses the Apple Watch Edition with a Classic Buckle (42mm only) could be priced at $10,999.

Source: Leancrew via Twitter

  • QuarterSwede

    From what I understand of other articles 18K gold will always have the same amount. What they patented was adding ceramic as filler instead of the traditional fillers.

    • Merman123

      Nope. The watch will have less gold because they mix it with other components which have a lower density.

  • A-H

    This isn’t a new method. Swiss watchmaker Hublot calls this “Magic Gold”. Their gold watches aren’t really cheaper. I think Apple is going to set a statement price tomorrow to compete with the luxury watch segment. My guess is max. 3000$ for the Edition.

    • Cameron

      recent rumors priced it more like the $15k range

      • A-H

        I know, but this is from certain bloggers with no knowledge to get attention. The price of the gold alone was guessed by specialists, it’s $800. So..the applewatch has no handmade movement inside to justify another $14k

      • Cameron

        It’s announced as starting from 10k.

      • A-H

        It’s limited. That’s their justification for this insane price. They wont even sell it in the Apple Stores.

      • Cameron

        nope, it has an insane price, hence its limited, simple logic there.

        Its justification for its price is that its gold, its luxury, probably no one on iDB can afford it or will consider buying it.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    What happens when it’s obsolete in a few years?? No thanks Apple.

    • A-H

      Gold never gets obsolete. Hardware does though..if they don’t manage to deliver a sophisticated future-proofness, the Edition will remain a show off watch for 1-2 years.

      • Rowan09

        It will always tell time which is what all watches do.

      • George

        Yeah by charging it every night then it becomes a joke watch.

      • Rowan09

        If it stops getting software updates in say 5 years, you can use it as a watch. It will last longer since it will basically be a regular watch.

      • A-H

        No it won’t..there is a gradually degrading battery inside and not a mechanical movement, that can last decades if maintained. And this will be the reason they cannot and will not sell it as expensive as a golden mechanical watch.

      • Steven Honey

        Change the battery. Like you do with other watches.

      • Thoughts

        Exactly, traditional watches are now obsolete in this digital age, like black and white tv’s.

      • @dongiuj

        But people won’t be buying a watch, they’ll be buying a smartwatch. One that won’t be able to perform as well after a few years. A watch does exactly what you paid for from day one.
        $15,000 for a watch or $15,000 for a smartwatch….I know which one would make more sense to me.
        I like gadgets but sorry, I just can’t justify spending so much money on something like this. Yes, I know it has gold on it.

      • Rowan09

        Aboviously anyone that buys a watch for $15K is making a statement purchasing such a watch. If a 15k watch tells time and a 15K smart watch tells time + I would own both if I had the funds to spend 15K on a watch. A watch tells time and is just a fashion statement, a lot of people can’t even read analog watches, but they still wear it.

      • So buy the cheaper one. Everyone knows the battery won’t last forever, you know what your getting yourself into when you buy ANY smart device. Its going to last no matter how much you spend. Everyone needs to suck it up and deal with it.

      • Gary LE

        So lets say for the price of gold will go up in 4 years but will the Apple watch increase in value more than the retail price?

    • Adrayven

      It will sell for 5 times what it was bought for. DURRRRR. Apple IIe sold on eBay for $25,000 few months back

      NEVER asume that because it’s outdated that it’s not collectable.

  • BernyGS

    Nice 🙂

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    If I see someone wit this on their wrist that shit is mine

    • To look at or to resell? It’s not like you can connect it to your device. Once stolen its just as usable as an iPhone blocked from the network.

  • Introducing the new Samsung Watch!

    • Cameron

      leems segit.

  • Gold is only 1500 an ounce… You telling me this watch is 9 ounces of solid gold? That’s the only way to justify charging 15000 for a 42 mm watch

  • Just checked, the gold edition 42mm watch is only 2.5 ounces, which includes the electronics, screen and sapphire face. This means everyone who buys a gold edition watch is getting heavily ripped off.