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A lot of speculation has surrounded Apple Watch pricing ever since the company introduced the wearable in September 2014. The only cost detail Apple provided was that prices would begin at $349 and go up from there.

German blogs have put together some interesting speculation over the past week based on John Gruber’s post on Daring Fireball, theorizing the most expensive Apple Watch Edition – 42mm with an 18K Solid Gold link bracelet – could be priced at a hefty $19,999.

There’s also theorization a yet-to-be-announced Yellow/Rose Solid 18K Gold Bracelet could be announced on March 9 along with more details about Apple’s new wearable.

Update: A previous version of this article stated information was obtained from a “source”, who obviously misled us. We apologize for misleading our audience and will strive to do better.

What do you think of these prices?

Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminum case and a White, Blue, Green, or Pink Fluoroelastomer band:

  • 38mm: $349
  • 42mm: $379
  • These bands are also sold separately at $49 a piece

Apple Watch Sport with Space Gray Aluminum case and a Black Fluoroelastomer band:

  • 38mm: $399
  • 42mm: $429
  • This band is also sold separately for $49 a piece

Apple Watch with Silver Stainless Steel case and a White or Black Fluoroelastomer band:

  • 38mm: $599
  • 42mm: $699
  • These bands are also sold separately for $49

Apple Watch with Silver Stainless Steel case and a Black Leather Classic Strap:

  • 38mm: $649
  • 42mm: $749
  • This band is sold separately for $99

Apple Watch with Silver Stainless Steel case and a Stone, Blue, or Light Brown Leather Loop:

  • 42mm: $749
  • These bands will be sold separately for $99

Apple Watch with Silver Stainless Steel case and a Soft Pink, Midnight Blue, or Brown Modern Leather Strap:

  • 38mm: $699
  • These bands will be available separately at $149 apiece

Apple Watch with Silver Stainless Steel case and a Silver Stainless Steel Milanese Loop:

  • 38mm: $799
  • 42mm: $899
  • This band is not sold separately, but replacements are available

Apple Watch with Silver or Space Black Stainless Steel case and a Silver or Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet:

  • 38mm: $899
  • 42mm: $999
  • This band is not sold separately, but replacements are available

Apple Watch Edition with Yellow or Rose 18K Solid Gold case and a White Fluoroelastomer with Rose Gold Pin or Black Fluoroelastomer with Yellow Gold Pin band:

  • 38mm: $5,999
  • 42mm: $6,999
  • These bands are not sold separately, but replacements are available

Apple Watch Edition with Yellow 18K Solid Gold case and a Midnight Blue Classic Leather Strap with Yellow Gold Pin:

  • 38mm: $6,999
  • 42mm: $7,999
  • This band will not be sold separately, but replacements are available

Apple Watch Edition with Yellow or Rose 18K Solid Gold case and a Rose Gray Modern Leather Strap with Rose Gold Pin or Red Modern Leather Strap with Yellow Gold Pin:

  • 38mm: $7,999
  • This band isn’t sold separately, but replacements are available

Apple Watch Edition with Rose 18K Solid Gold case and a Rose 18K solid gold Solid Gold Link Bracelet:

  • 38mm: $16,999
  • 42mm: $19,999
  • These bands aren’t sold separately, but replacements are available

Naturally, Apple could choose to alter prices before their official announcement, but this is speculation that’s been floating around.

The Apple Watch is set to be further showcased on March 9, with sales beginning in April.

Source: Daring Fireball

  • Cameron


  • TwinSon

    So you can buy an iPad, or you can buy a Watch.

    • Jerry

      No, you must buy an iPad or iPhone and then You can buy a Watch.

    • Omar Sharif

      You can buy a Mac Pro, or you can buy a Watch

    • Don Walker II

      You mean you can buy 40 iPads, or you can buy a Watch.

    • Jason Baroni

      Or a car

      • TwinSon

        Or a College Education.

    • Andres

      MacBook Air vs. watch

  • iViperzLTD


    • Cameron

      if your wallet had that amount of cash in the first place.

      • iViperzLTD

        If only the world was nice eh? xD

  • Shawn

    I think Ill be getting the sports for the first round. Also I noticed the nicer bands can’t be bought separately. Great!

    • Ethan Humphrey

      I know, I really liked the Milanese loop. I think I’ll get the 42mm Sport watch and get a blue leather loop.

  • Lagax

    BAD REPORTING! The last one doesn’t even exist. Also Apple doesn’t charge more for another color (1->2)! I have previously seen this on Twitter and this is reportedly a mockup, not a real thing!

  • Mee


  • Plava

    than thats it with the Apple Watch, no free band choice, thats it

  • Merman123

    20 grand!

    • Don Walker II

      Hmm… Apple watch or Rolex…..

      • Snailpo

        Rolex lol doesn’t come out with yearly updates!

      • Don Walker II

        Oh right, in that case, sign me up!

  • Jaco

    Ok thats expensive.
    I mean they should have started at maybe 250-300 Dollar
    350-500for the Steel variant
    and for the gold maybe at 1000 or something like that.
    The main problem here is that whoever buy this first apple Watch generation, will suffer from a big lost in Money in 1 year when the next (slimmer, faster, better) model will be announced. So you buy an Watch for 600 bucks (Steel with steel band) and in one year you could probably sell it for 300-400 bucks..
    They went with pricing this time on new heights.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Just sold my whole body except hands!!! BECAUSE I SO F******* WANT APPLE GOLD EDITION!
    My hands are ready now!

    • Scott Curry

      Unfortunately, you have no wrist…

      • Ethan Humphrey

        This… This is the best.

  • zaone

    The list is a week old and has been posted by german blogs.

  • Jamessmooth

    Don’t think this is legit… Pretty damn sure this was created by someone on another forum.

  • Chris Tangler

    wow…what a joke…so i could get 5 mac pros or 1 gold apple watch…tough decision

    • Don Walker II

      or 40 iPads :)))

    • Cameron

      Yea with that logic I can get 100 Toyota Corolla or 1 Bugatti Veyron.

      • Chris Tangler

        did you really just compare a bugatti to an apple watch…hahaha…although your analogy still works, your comparing an apple watch to a bugatti, not a rolex or breitling to a bugatti…because of this, i can’t take you seriously

      • Cameron

        What? Bugatti with Apple watch? No….. It’s Bugatti with Toyota corolla. Read again. And yes, if my analogy still works I succeeded.

      • Andres

        I have a corolla 🙂

      • Don Walker II

        Well, trade it in for an Apple Watch! The watch can assist your iPhone in opening an app that can help you find the best public transportation in your area!

      • Andres

        Haha that was actually kind of funny!

  • A more appropriate title for this article would be “Anticipated Apple Watch pricing revealed.” The current title may suggest that Apple officially revealed the pricing details, which is not the case.

    • Jamessmooth

      Agreed. Poor title for sure.

  • Josh

    Where did this information come from?

    • John Keller

      Speculation on macrumors forums according to Mark Gurman.

      • Josh

        Not sure how much I trust this then. Just have to wait and see next week i guess

  • Elias

    20k is wasn’t that bad for soild gold watch and solid gold strap. Very excited to get one 🙂

    • Don Walker II

      I’d prefer a solid gold bar.

      • Elias

        But a gold bar can’t share your heart rate :p

      • Don Walker II

        Someone creepy created that feature

  • Daniel Berliński

    These are only a speculation, none of these are official yet. Pictures presented here first appeared on German site iPhone-ticker and were their collection of speculation and subjective thoughts based on Grubers analysis of market. I repeat Pictures ARE STOLEN FROM iPhone-ticker!!!

  • Jake Dai

    That’s FAKE and NOT official.

  • Yarin Azulay

    In Israel: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000$ 🙁

  • JayDee917

    Damn, looks like I’m not getting the watch I wanted, which was the all space black stainless model. $1,000 is a crazy amount for stainless steel.

    I’ll probably get the space grey Sport and hope some 3rd party bands are released.

  • Scott Curry

    I’ll wait for the actual event thanks. Everything beforehand is speculation…period…

  • port87

    so much double cheeseburgers!

  • For a website that really does appreciate Apple, this is just shameful clickbait Tim. The editor-in-chief should really reprimand you for..

    a) making a TERRIBLE post title
    b) shit like this is what turns people who’re on the fence say no, before even any proof is out there.

    Citrate your sources (MacRumours mock-up and John Gruber’s GUESSES.

    Sorry for the caps, but you really pissed me off. I’m glad Gurman outted you.

    • Darthque

      goddamn! That hurt MY feelings and i dont have anything to do with it lol

  • Parta007

    i will just wait for the next generation

  • Poki

    These prices seem like a typical “bring the expectations down before announcing overpriced stuff that sounds cheap compared with the rumors”. I literally see no way how Apple would charge €999 for the stainless steel variant with link bracelet.

    Also, I don’t see them charging more for the bigger model. Yeah, it might be a little more expensive to produce, but they’re going to price it after fashion business models, not technology pricing. And did you ever see a store selling you an XL shirt for more money than the same shirt in S?

    Also, the black sports version won’t cost more than the silver ones. Apple probably boils it all down to a couple simple to remember price points. €349 for all Sports models. €499 for the stainless steel with Fluorolastometer band, €549 with the leather bands and €599 / €649 for the steel bands. After all, leather and steel are not THAT expensive. And Apple’s leather iPad case – which probably uses more leather and magnets than either leather strap – sells for “just” €70.

  • Marcus

    This isn’t a very good article… Extremely misleading title and no sources were provided in this. I’m going to wait until March 9th until I start assuming prices.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Not gonna buy any of these… It’s not a money issue it’s a “being useless to me” issue…

  • Alexander Hansen

    I’m not so sure about these prices to be honest.. I will wait until March 9th for the presentation.

    $20k for a 18 karat Rose Gold Watch that does NOTHING extra compared to the cheapest one, seems just absurd.

    But IF these prices are real, I bet by Watch Gen 2, they will cut the Edition due to they will sell really low compared to the cheapest ones. Unless you wipe your butt with money, no one is going to use 20 thousand dollars on a Watch.

  • DeRoth

    This is not true in regards the gold model. This is just PR and works like this:

    – speculate so much and raise the price so high that when it will be officially public and is just 10% from the speculative one the masses will be like * OMG that is so cheap – I got to get one * lol

  • Jamessmooth

    Kudos for the article update, iDB.

  • Dwight

    If I am going to spend $1K for a nice watch, I’ll spend another $250 – $500 and get a TAG. I have an iPhone that does more than the Apple Watch and would need to carry it with me and have it around me anyways.

  • Itzkhaoz

    Price is a little too steep for me. I am eyeballing that new $200 Pebble watch tho!

  • Darthque

    I hope these numbers are a little off. otherwise apple trippin

    • Andres

      You mean “a lot off”

  • Platy

    Am I the only one that thinks this list is too long? I don’t see Apple using this pricing, it’s too long which means its too customizable which isn’t really Apples style..

  • George

    I wouldn’t pay $50 for that hideous watch.

  • Wolfgang Loss-Wells

    If those are the prices count me out.

  • Alawyy96

    I maybe know only 5 richmen who would buy 20K watch lol, others are competitors XD!

  • Pedro Tôrres

    I’m imaging how much will be the most expensive Apple Watch Edition in Brazil, at least R$100.000,00. IF it arrive in Brazil, what I’m not expecting.

  • Mike

    Even Apple fans would HATE that.

    My issues:

    Paying extra for the 42mm as apposed to the lower priced 38mm (with the exception of the gold watches this is lame at best) The Aluminum and stainless steel shouldn’t have different prices between the 38mm and 42mm.

    You will notice that the Milanese Loop and the Stainless Steel link watch bands can only be bought IF you buy the Watch with it! So if you want one of each you would need to buy TWO Watches.

    All bands are not for everyone! You cannot get a “Modern Leather Strap” unless you buy a 38mm Watch. Likewise the “Leather Loop” bands you can only use on a 42mm Watch.

    In order to get the *space grey stainless steel* Watch you must buy the Steel Link band version that costs $999.00

    Price. $999.00 for a stainless Steel watch is too high! Apple or otherwise.
    I have been a Apple person for a long time. I know they cost more than other brands and I’m fine with that, However, this device is over priced.

    I would have expected that the 38mm/42mm (gold excluded) would be the same price and that the bands would all be interchangeable as we were led to believe in every single Watch add to date.

    Lastly the prices. $350 for aluminum and $500 for stainless steel. What happens next year when you have a new model of the Watch

    • Andres

      Exactly, these proposed prices are just made up. We’ll see what Tim has to say on Monday. MOST likley not these prices

      • Mike

        These prices were darn close as it turned out. crud.

  • Mike

    The Apple Watch is a Companion device, it should never be worth more than the unsubsidized iPhone AND the bands (gold excluded) should NEVER be 25% of the cost of the watch.

  • Andres

    I don’t think this is true. Apple has advertised the watches in the order; apple watch, apple watch sport, Apple watch edition. If the Apple watch sport has a hardened aluminum casing and strengthened glass then I think that would be more expensive than just an all stainless watch with regular glass.
    So. Apple watch stainless steel, $349

  • Andres

    Apple watch edition is way overpriced. Not like an average consumer would buy it. But if you had the money to spend 16+k dollars I wouldn’t spend it on technology that is going to be replaced with a new generation the following year

  • I’ll wait till next year, when they release the S2 processor, better battery, and half the cost.

  • Kevin Chen

    Is the gold REAL GOLD?

  • MacGuru96

    Ugh. The Space Black stainless steal is my favourite.

    It’s a good job that these aren’t official (and I hope they’re wrong)!

  • 49$ for a plastic strap and 149$ for a lether one, hey Apple are you mad????

  • Thomas Gehman

    Nope. I’d rather save money and get a Mac Pro that can do actual work.
    Or, you know, get a car.

  • Ethan Humphrey

    You can buy a car, or you could buy an apple watch.