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Apple announced on Thursday a free replacement program for certain models of the MacBook Pro that have been suffering from graphic card issues, at times making the laptop virtually unusable.

The replacement program, that begins on February 20 in the US and February 27 in other regions, covers the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models manufactured in 2011 and the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina models manufactured from mid-2012 to early-2013. 

Apple says an affected MacBook Pro may display one or more of the following symptoms: distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen, no video on the computer screen (or external display) even though the computer is on, or the computer restarts unexpectedly. The problem has been relatively wide spread, with a slew of users complaining about it on the Apple Support Forum over the last couple of years.


Apple will repair the faulty MacBook Pro free of charge. Here are the options on how to get it repaired:

  • Carry-in
    • Bring your MacBook Pro to a participating provider – Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.
    • A technician will run a diagnostic test on the MacBook Pro to verify eligibility.
    • Repair turn around time will vary based upon parts and technician availability.
    • You will be notified when your MacBook Pro is ready for pickup.
  • Mail-in
    • Call Apple and request a postage paid box to send your MacBook Pro to the local Apple Repair Center.
    • A technician will run a diagnostic test on your MacBook Pro to verify eligibility.
    • The repair process takes approximately 5-7 days from the time your MacBook Pro is received at the repair center until it is returned to you.
    • After it has been serviced, your MacBook Pro will be returned to you by mail.

You can visit Apple’s support website for more information.

Source: Apple


    See apple does care.

    • iphone72

      Yeah, but what about those who have already paid for repair of this defect that Apple was well aware of…

      • iphone72

        Apple is contacting customers who paid for a repair either though Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange reimbursement. If you have not been contacted, but paid for a repair that you think was due to this issue, please contact Apple. “I feel much better now”

      • Then those people should contact Apple. No matter how you look at it Apple is doing more than any PC company ever did.

    • Mohammed Khaled

      it’s not about care but it is a consumer right and the manufacturers responsibility to repair or replace the product if it had faulty components.

  • TheDras

    This happens on my late 2011 13inch macbook pro when I’m on the wake-up screen. Do you think they would repair it even tho it is 13inch?

    • Carlos Medina

      This usually happens to me when my computer is asleep (closed) and when I turn it on (open it and screen turns on) my whole screen seems to have a bunch of horizontal lines like the image above but worst. Then it just goes back to normal but i believe they shall.

      Edit: This is on my MBPR mid 2012

      • TheDras

        Exactly, but it doesn’t do it every time.

      • Carlos Medina

        not all the time but the point is it still does it when awoken from sleep mode.

      • Mohammed Khaled

        i think its a software issue. i might be wrong so pardon me.

  • Proaxel

    This might be a little bit extreme, but I guess it’s worth mentioning…
    I’m using a Macbook Pro 2010. Some of those turned out to have defective dedicated GPUs. I got my laptop from my uncle, and it turns out it was one of the defective ones. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it, it was too late, the recall program was over and the genius told me I had to pay full $600. Screw that.

    Now it’s another chance. What I’m thinking of doing is bringing it in, and just lie and say that its for the 2011 model recall.

    Now, I’m pretty sure the diagnostic program they use will probably bust me red handed, but hopefully, HOPEFULLY the guy just won’t notice…
    Or if he does notice, fingers crossed he won’t care.
    Or if he does care, pray that he’s a generous one and he’ll take it anyway.
    So much anxiety… XD

    It’s worth a shot right? Nah, that’s too extreme. Maybe I should try anyway, what is there to lose? Gah, I need to stop pondering this and click post already.

    • Elias Chao

      I don’t think it will going to work, but maybe you should try. I wish you best of luck 🙂

    • ✯Mike✯

      Make sure the genius is in a good mood. I had one replace my entire macbook pro power cord (block and extender) after he realized my AppleCare was expired. Just find one in a good mood.

  • iphone72

    Just requested my refund from Apple. The reimbursements are being done by wire transfer. It will take about 4-6 weeks, and you can check on the refund status after 5 business days of your call to Apple.

  • uioporqwerty

    I just had my logic board replaced by this program. Not even 6 days later it failed again. If anything this pisses me off enough to make sure that my next computer is not a Mac. I’m taking it in for another repair. Another full week or more without my computer. The logic boards they give you are NOT brand new. They are refurbished so they may fail in the same way. Let’s see how many times I have to take it in before Apple gets it right. I’ve seen threads online where people are on their 3rd or 5th logic board replacement; albeit those are for repairs not a part of this program.