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The Wall Street Journal is out with a report on Monday detailing that Apple had originally intended the Apple Watch to be a lot more.

The publication’s sources state that executives at the Cupertino-based company had envisioned a full-fledged health monitor, but many plans were scrapped after reliability and complexity came into play, perhaps paving way for features that could be found in a second-generation of the Watch due out in April.

Features that Apple had planned included monitors that could measure blood pressure, heart activity and stress levels, among other things, “according to people familiar with the matter.” After the plans were scrapped, it lead Apple with trying to figure out the purpose for the Apple Watch, and why customers would want to buy it.

Originally Apple wanted to advertise it as the one-stop medical device. Now that it’s unveiled, Apple is branding the Apple Watch as the device for information at a glance, Apple Pay, limited health monitoring like glucose levels, and apps.

“One of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do,” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said last week at an investor conference. Furthermore, he told the attendees that company executives at meetings will all get up at the same time, because all of their Apple Watches are going off due to their inactivity.

Another reason Apple ditched many of the health features is due to regulatory oversight. Last week, the FDA said apps that simply convey and track data will be left alone and won’t need specific approval by the FDA like apps that provide specific medical advice. The type of trackers originally planned would have probably drawn more scrutiny from the FDA.

Apple still hasn’t given a specific date for the Apple Watch’s launch, but has said it will be available for customers in April.

Source: Wall Street Journal

  • @dongiuj

    Seriously though, is apple going to go with this design?

    • JoshuaHulgan

      Assuming millions in r&d and 3 years of planning and then introduced as such. Nah, probably not.

      • @dongiuj

        Oh, ok.

    • John

      Seriously though, this has to be own of the dumbest posts I’ve seen on iDB. Ever.

      • @dongiuj


      • John

        Eh. Autocorrect.
        One of the dumbest posts I’ve seen.

        Scary thing is I’m not sure if you’re serious or joking, or what your reasoning behind this post is.

        It’s a square faced watch.
        What don’t you like about it?

      • @dongiuj

        Idk, being apple I would have thought it would have come up with something that looks at least a little more classy looking than this.

      • Martynet

        Maybe you should make an appointment with an optician.

      • @dongiuj


      • Dan

        Why should he? He doesn’t like the style of the watch and you do. That’s personal taste.

        Not everyone would wear a knitted rainbow colored vest, but it seems you do if we look at your avatar. Should you see an optician?

      • @dongiuj

        Seriously laughed hard at that. Brilliant.

  • Jailbrkr21

    I think I will wait for the 2nd gen of the watch, see what the reviews of the 1st one are like, what the battery life is like etc, 2nd gen will have more features, probably better processor etc etc and should have better battery and slimmer design. I don’t want to wait but I think waiting will pay off, don’t get me wrong, if the reviews of the 1st gen are good then I will buy but time (no pun intended) will tell.

    • John

      Second generation of any product is (obviously) going to be better, but by the same token, so will the third generation and the fourth and the fifth.

      Go on.
      Line up.
      Buy one.
      You know you want too.

      • @dongiuj

        Thanks, but no thanks. Won’t be buying any smartwatch.

      • Guest

        Not sure why I replied to you on this one. Thought it was a reply to my comment for a moment there.

      • Lagax

        Why are you in this discussion then? To hate?

      • @dongiuj

        Just giving my opinion like everyone shares opinions here. What, you want positive opinions only here?

      • Lagax

        This article is not pro/contra, it’s informations on the Watch…

  • Hussain Alsanona

    From the beginning I said, I’ll wait second gen due for battery shortage. And the report completely motivated me to not buy it.

    • Maxim∑

      I bet you the second one will have a battery “shortage” also. Battery technology probably won’t move for another decade

  • iPhoneWINS

    its too thick
    the battery is terrible
    and the features are vague and limited
    and the price is too high

    i don’t expect a complete redesign till gen3

    • Maxim∑

      1) you haven’t used one
      2) you haven’t used one
      3) you haven’t used one
      4) Price is fairly competitive with the high end Android Wear watches assuming you don’t get one made of real gold. But that’s opinion

      gen 3 might not come for another 4-6 years assuming they revise once every other year like the iPod touch kind of.

  • iPodDroid

    Still not going to purchase one….