iPad Pro case NohwereElse 002

Yesterday, French blog NowhereElse.fr pointed us to a few curious images of a purported protective case for an ‘iPad Pro,’ originated from a Chinese accessory vendor which makes iPad Air cases.

The sleek black case clearly shows cutouts for a rear-facing camera, Lightning connector, volume rocker, microphone, mute switch and power button.

However, the cutouts for stereo speakers believed to be located at the top and bottom of the device are nowhere to be seen. Big media has asserted that the oversized iPad will rock a screen measuring either 12.2 or 12.9 inches and one analyst believes the device may include an optional stylus for the creative types.

Seen top of post: the size comparison between this case and an iPad Air 2. This should give you good enough indication of the iPad Pro’s assumed form factor and size.

Here’s our another look at the case.

iPad Pro case NohwereElse 001

Standard caveat applies here: accessory makers often design and manufacture their cases in advance, based on rumors posted online, so you should take this particular leak with a few pinches of salt.

iPad Pro case NohwereElse 003

Earlier this month, NowhereElse published images of an alleged iPad Pro protective case mold. As shown below, there are four speaker cutouts — consistent with the rumor-mill’s prediction of enhanced speakers on the device for stereo sound in any orientation.

iPad Pro case mold NowhereElse 001

Recently, 9to5Mac learned that Apple is now threatening legal action for accessory makers which leak out information about future devices.

“Should Apple find that, prior to the release of a product, you have sought, obtained, or relied upon specifications of that product from sources other than Apple, Apple may choose to exercise its right to take action against you, which penalties can include, but are not limited to, Apple choosing not to stock your product in our stores,” reads a part of the company’s agreement forced upon accessory makers who risk losing “future business opportunities that Apple and/or its affiliates may present to you” as a potential consequence of violating or not signing the document.

If today’s leak is an indication, Apple’s agreement has anything but stopped the proliferation of third-party cases for Apple’s unannounced iPad Pro.

Source: NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate)

  • Jaco

    Oh, 4 speaker cut outs and 2 lightning ports. Well if that is true, this will replace a laptop for a lot of people and it will kick the 11 Macbook Air out of Apple´s store.

    • Andy

      More speakers and lightning ports makes this a laptop replacement? Ha, no way. Unless Apple does something drastically different with iOS on iPad, this is nothing more than a bigger iPad, which itself is just a bigger iPhone.

      • Jaco

        Of course they have to add some new iOS functions to make this bigger iPad more compelling.
        If they add a stylus (like on Surface3), make a better Multitasking (like on Mac), implement more functionality software wise, use that second lightning port for an (magnetically) keyboard cover, add surround sound, why should a normal person buy an Air 11″?
        What is the matter of an 11″ Laptop? Well browsing, Documents/Presentations, watching movies maybe..?
        Therefore my post only mention the 11″ laptop.
        For me this iPad “Pro” can´t replace my rMBP 13″.

      • Eric Castro

        hey, how about USB ports ? yeah, laptops have those and they are nice. oh yes, how about making an iDevice transfer at USB3 speeds? we’ve been through 4 or 5 generations without it and it’s becoming really annoying to wait an hour to backup your stuff to iTunes. anyone with me ?

  • Roboter

    I do want one, if and only if I can use it a graphics tablet and/or there will be some possibility to code for iOS or OS X. I’m really exited to see if there will be any OS innovation with this large iPad. … I do not say that something like that should or would happen, I guess it is my personal dream. … Programming on an iPad would be hard without a good stand and some fancy keyboard, but count me in if this baby can be used as a high quality graphics tablet. 🙂

  • Fanboy 

    We all know Apple never discloses new products not even to manufacturers, so this isnt a “purported iPad Pro case” its simply somebody who created a case based off those leaks from earlier this month. Hardly news.

  • After very careful analysis I have come to the following conclusion. It’s bigger.

  • hkgsulphate

    freaking chinese companies

  • iPhoneWINS

    unless the damn OS for this thing does a lot more that regular IOS i cannot see the point of it at all…… it need to dual boot IOS and OS X with a detachable keyboard