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Flipboard, a social-network aggregation news app delivered in a magazine-like format, today launched a web app that runs in any standards-compliant desktop web browser like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.

Available at flipboard.com, it lets you sign in with your Flipboard account and browse your Cover Stories, catch up on anything you’re interested in and collect and share articles with friends, all inside your favorite desktop browser and without installing anything.

“We’ve re-imagined Flipboard for the browser, taking advantage of larger screen sizes and a scrolling interface to deliver beautiful new magazine layouts with full-bleed images and elegant animation,” says the startup.

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You can use Flipboard.com without logging in or sign in using your Facebook, Google+ or Flipboard account. While logged in, any changes you make to your content sources and custom news feeds on an iPhone or iPad will be instantly reflected in the web app, and vice versa.

The user interface is responsive and animations are remarkable smooth for a web app. The video below gives you a feel of what it’s like to use Flipboard on the web.

Featuring responsive layouts for different screen sizes, the web app makes it easy to browse the public profiles of other Flipboard users, add new content sources, manage your custom feeds, check out notifications and more.

It has its own look and renders news articles in their original form. In fact, whereas the web app serves up mobile-optimized version of full articles akin to Safari’s Reader View, the web app gives you only a stripped down view of your headlines.

Clicking a headline then takes you to the original story, which is a disappointment. Some content sources, however, such as Associated Press allow Flipboard to serve up cleaned-up versions of their articles on the web.

Originally built for the iPad in 2010, Flipboard is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows, and now on the web.

Download Flipboard free in the App Store.

Source: Flipboard

  • Messiah

    “You can use Flipboard.com without logging in or sign in using your Facebook, Google+ or Flipboard account.” You can’t if you are using web browser Christian. Thanks, Ram

  • It’s a good start I guess. But the whole reason I use Flipboard is so I don’t have to read the articles on the bogged down, ad filled, websites. Once they bring the article view from the phone and tablet to the web is when I’ll start using it. I guess for now I have to stick with Feedly. Bummer.

  • Spycer0

    Well… cool.

  • TonyC

    I’m happy to see this. I used Flipboard daily on my iPad and occasionally like to check something on my PC at work or my Mac at home. I’m certainly not going to get picky about ads, etc. since it is a secondary platform for me.