Nick Bilton of the New York Times is out with a fantastic piece detailing why Google Glass as we know it has been killed off by the Mountain View based company. Born out of the futuristic Google X lab, the headset was not only plagued by problems, but it was receiving attention from the mass-market that Google just wasn’t ready for. 

Google Glass saw an insane amount of hype – probably the most since the release of the original iPhone. It found itself in magazines, on late night television shows, and other forms of popular culture. But what was essentially a beta device wasn’t meant for that large of hype.

“The team within Google X knew the product wasn’t even close to ready for prime time,” the Times reported, citing an unnamed former Google employee.

Some of the hype may have been for the wrong reasons, as well. Google was seeing a ton of press attention for the Glass being banned from bars, driving, and more. The term “Glasshole” was also coined, and Google was having a hard time controlling the public’s perception of the wearable.

“This wasn’t how Glass was supposed to be introduced. This wasn’t the quiet experiment that Google X engineers had hoped for as they tinkered away. It was like watching someone whisper a secret with a bullhorn,” Bilton wrote in his piece.

Now Google has put the project under the direction of Ivy Ross, a jewelry designer. Most notably, Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive known as the father of the iPod and the founder of smart-devices maker Nest, is also charged with the device’s future.

It’s being rumored that Fadell plans to rebuild Google’s wearable efforts from the ground up, having learned from the mistakes of Glass.

I suggest you read the full New York Times piece for the full back story. It’s a great one.

Source: New York Times

  • Om

    Great read.

  • Javiers

    Regardless, Google glass was actually a pretty good concept, it just wasn’t “introduced” right, I won’t be surprised if someone picks it up and makes it better for everyone to eventually use.

    • Fanboy 

      Did you not read the article? lol that’s exactly what it says is happening…

      • Javiers

        I did, I’m just summarizing it for those who didn’t lol

    • Lagax

      No, it was not a good Concept. People hate wearing stuff on their heads, until contact lenses with such a technology come around, no normal person will use this.

      • Or until the Apple Shades gets released…

      • Phil Klug


      • Lagax

        Apple would never release a wearable mounted to your head. Because they get that people don’t like it.

      • Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what they were thinking about 7 ince tablets, Phablets, and now Hybrids (Full Tablets merged with full Laptops)…guess who keeps hypocritically eating their own words.

      • Lagax

        This is something different: time has told us that people don’t like glasses. EVERYBODY hates putting on glasses. If it is for 3D TV or AR, it just sucks, it’s just a bad experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did “Full Tablets merged with full Laptops” in a few years, logically easier and better to use than the competition. But from my point of view, there is no reason to, because I don’t know anybody caring about these things or even thinking for one second about getting one… Apple is good at letting the past behind if they were wrong, but with glasses they’re not (IF they even think that they are shit, I just assumed that, they never said so!)

      • Yeah yeah, we’ll see how your tone changes when they release their own version a few years later…I predict you’ll be one of those praising it as “innovative”.

      • Lagax

        We Will Never See it, because People like you don’t See what people want and what they don’t. Apple, though, does. And I do, too… Set a calendar alert for 3 years that sais “apple has not made VR, nobody uses curved TV’s or any goggles! If not contact @Lagax_ on Twitter”. We both know you’re never going to contact me on that behalf.

      • Sure will set a reminder about this.

        This was Lagax (@Lagax_), a typical Apple user that followed Apple’s behind so religiously. When Apple had not released their own version of SmartGoggles and was hypocritically bad mouthing the competition, he mindlessly followed suit in defending Apple as to why such tech isn’t wanted. Watch as he mindlessly follows suit again in defending Apple when Apple realises the uses of SmartGoggles like the Microsoft HoloLens a few years later, eats their own words and builds their own SmartGoggle despite all the hypocritical bad mouthing to the competition.

      • Lagax

        … I think everybody in the tech industry knows that apple is not making niche products is it is not for the selling of their other devices and that you “really” don’t know is really mind blowing

      • “… I think everybody in the tech industry knows that apple is not making niche products is it is not for the selling of their other devices and that you “really” don’t know is really mind blowing

      • Lagax

        You got it.

  • jake kneller

    I always liked Google class but not for the price the price was certainly to high for the amout of functions it actually had

  • justme

    I do not like to see many “Glassholes” on the streets.

  • M_thoroughbred

    Well it didn’t help Google any attaching that price tag on this device.

    • The price was set like that on purpose. It wasn’t ready for the public so the high price tag kept it away from the general public. At most the Google Glass was a gigantic experiment with technology showing what is and isn’t possible.

  • Dante Arellano

    Microsoft just did

  • Dante Arellano

    Just days ago a google lover said google glasses are no dead ,its kind of coming release when no one knows’poor google living in wonderland……..

  • Exstinction

    they are doing too much stuff – steve job

  • AnoNymouz

    Love google glass. I use these for work. Company I work for liked it so much the bought some for other head employees and reimbursed me for mine. I would like to see a new product made. Back to the drawing board.

  • TK421

    Regardless of how it was introduced, I still love my Google Glass. I use it along with my 6+ daily.

    • enbowles

      Hey — I’m thinking about doing a story on people who still love and use their google glass and your comment came up on a quick search (expert reporting skills right here). I’d love to chat! What’s your email? I’m at