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Management at Apple Stores have begun training their employees in retail about the specifics of the Apple Watch and how to sell it customers, ahead of its launch in April. This comes via 9to5mac, who has solid sources in the retail sector, who say the training did not divulge any new details about the Watch. 

With the Apple Watch, employees are selling a type of product they never have before. Sure, many of these employees have probably moved thousands of consumer electronics devices, but this is something new. The Apple Watch is practically jewelry.

The training program that began on Friday does represent Apple’s first move on the retail employee level in preparing for the Watch. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, revealed last week the company plans to ship the Apple Watch to customers in April, with many publications reporting Apple will have an event prior to reveal more details.

The training on Friday took place for employees in multiple countries, including the US and the UK. 9to5mac had previously reported Apple plans to fly out select employees for more hands-on and advanced training over the next couple of weeks.

Source: 9to5mac

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  • Jason Baroni

    Apple Watch seems to be a perfect Marketing case.

  • @dongiuj

    Training not needed when selling expensive apple products to rich people/people with more money than sense/apple fans.

    • richard bryant

      Oh but trading quality for price is a good idea? You’d rather have a laggy outdated android OS that’s unreliable but thank god you saved $100 right? Apple is expensive but when they give the best and most elegant user friendly OS to where even someone like you can work it, I think it’s worth it. If you wanna continue to be condescending toward Apple and it’s fans then take it to an android forum.

      • @dongiuj

        Nobody’s talking about android here and I’m not being condescending, I’m just talking from years of reading apple devoted blogs and comments from the devoted apple fans. Take it in what ever way you like. I never go to any android blogs because I’m not interested in them.

      • Cameron

        “I’m just talking from years of reading apple devoted blogs and comments from the devoted apple fans.”

        So basically you are looking for an angry response? is it that fun?

      • @dongiuj

        Sorry to disappoint you Cameron, I’m not looking for any response. I’m just stating my opinion. Not even sure why you even came up with such a response like that. What I said has nothing to do with what you just said.

      • I’m just talking from years of reading apple devoted blogs and comments from the devoted apple fans.

        So why not try talking to people that aren’t Apple fans? It’s obvious you don’t need to sell an Apple product to an Apple fan since they just take one look at it (and I’m speaking from experience here

    • John

      Training might be provided to the staff to help them ‘sell’ the differences between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, for example, as the units are essentially the same except for the different materials used.

      Training may also be provided to staff who may not be existing customers……this could be the product that tips them towards joining the Apple “family”.

      While I agree there will be many fanboys and girls who will buy one without thinking twice, there could be many who are still uncertain of why they should buy one…….

    • Cameron

      $400 smart watch = rich people? Hmm… considering middle class people have always been buying non smart watches for around that price actually usually more. And its very likely that this Apple watch would be better than any other smart watches right now in the market. Who’s the “no sense” people now.

      • IGotUrSoul

        I’m Sorry, But I completely see dongiuj’s point. yes, there are apple fanboys that, as stated above, will simply buy the watch because it has an apple stamped on it.

        The part where ‘no sense’ comes in is the apple fanboy’s hatred toward android because they know it has it’s own perks and benefits compared to an iPhone.

        All he was saying originally is that because it is apple, any apple fan or wealthy civilian with money to burn (You know they exist) is going to snatch it up without much thought, again, due to the apple stamped on the device.

      • Cameron

        simple project for you, think of popular watch brands, then think of why they actually sell more than less popular watch brands. The worst part about the usual haters here is they hate while knowing facts, combination of butthurt and anti-conformism drives this really. Right now the fact is the Apple watch is better than every other smart watch available unless at release there some major flaw which proves otherwise. (usually not the case with Apple). Look at the trend of doniufdj posts, he tends to make snide mocking remarks on people rather than give explanations on why he thinks otherwise.

  • ilikeiphone

    You better watchout

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    I’m still unsure if this product will flop or become the thing to have on your wrist.

    • Juschan

      Well take a look at how apple pay got adopted i guess it might be somehow compareable