Apple Store employees have reportedly begun training to sell you Apple Watch

Apple Watch Cult of Mac 001

Management at Apple Stores have begun training their employees in retail about the specifics of the Apple Watch and how to sell it customers, ahead of its launch in April. This comes via 9to5mac, who has solid sources in the retail sector, who say the training did not divulge any new details about the Watch. 

With the Apple Watch, employees are selling a type of product they never have before. Sure, many of these employees have probably moved thousands of consumer electronics devices, but this is something new. The Apple Watch is practically jewelry.

The training program that began on Friday does represent Apple’s first move on the retail employee level in preparing for the Watch. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, revealed last week the company plans to ship the Apple Watch to customers in April, with many publications reporting Apple will have an event prior to reveal more details.

The training on Friday took place for employees in multiple countries, including the US and the UK. 9to5mac had previously reported Apple plans to fly out select employees for more hands-on and advanced training over the next couple of weeks.

Source: 9to5mac