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Apple will house those pricey Apple Watch “Edition” units in safes overnight, according to the well-informed blogger Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac.

Unnamed sources told the author that each Apple retail store that’ll carry the device is going to be outfitted with safes designed to keep the most pricey version of the wrist-worn device protected from theft while charging overnight. The Apple Watch “Edition” features a case crafted from 18-karat gold.

Some of the stores have reportedly already begun installing the safes ahead of the Watch’s launch in April.

The author adds that the stores will house both demo and inventory Watches inside the safes. As you could imagine, Apple isn’t just using off-the-shelf safes.

According to Gurman, they’re custom-designed to Apple’s exacting requirements and include built-in MagSafe chargers to “keep the demo units charged up and ready to go for the next day of business”.

As if that weren’t enough, Apple is said to be working on special weight scales that retail employees will use to weigh the amount of gold in individual Apple Watch Edition variants upon replacement or return.

“Apple wants to ensure that no gold is removed from the units prior to replacement/return as the gold material is worth a substantial amount of money on secondary markets,” Gurman noted.

Tim Cook told investors on an earnings call earlier this week that the Watch is launching in April, starting at $349. He did not divulge other details and we still don’t know how much the gold edition is going to cost.

Apple Watch pink gold_leather_large

It’s certainly safe to assume that it won’t come cheap.

The company previously stated that the Apple Watch “Edition” comes in six elegant expressions, each sporting an 18-karat gold chassis that “our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold.” The case will be offered in two flavors of gold: yellow and rose.

Other premium features of the gold Apple Watch include the display protected by polished sapphire crystal and an “exquisitely designed band” that, in Apple talk, provides “a striking complement.”

Lastly, it’s rumored that new retail chief Angela Ahrendts (formerly Burberry’s CEO) has commissioned changes inside Apple Stores with special emphasis on dedicated areas with Watch display tables. Furthermore, the company is said to have devised a special sales process for the gold Watches in order to differentiate them further from the stainless steel and aluminum models.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Guest

    5K on a gold Apple watch or 5K on a Rolex well at least I know the Rolex tells the right time twice a day if the battery dies

    • The Rolex if you’re a watch collector and the Apple Watch if you’re someone with an awful lot of money who likes to rub this fact in everybody else’s faces…

      • Cameron

        more like the opposite actually.

      • Tommy

        Lol totally. Actually both his statements for the Rolex. Only a tech geek who happens to use iOS may want one. There is literally no NEED for one.

      • Maega

        Not true in the slightest. I have a Gear Live at the moment and I love it, it’s incredibly useful to control music, send and receive SMS and calls, email and even check the weather and browse the web for quick. Of course it’s impractical since I’m an iPhone user I have to carry around two phones for the Android only watch to work. That’s why I can’t wait for for the Apple Watch.

      • Chindavon

        Because YOU know what everybody needs.

  • 9to5Slavery

    they look better when worn. although my ipod nano 6th gen is about the same battery life if not even more than it with a wrist strap

  • George

    Are these gold watches going to be made in China aswell? Who the hell would buy such an expensive watch made in China.

    • Smartest Dev

      Apple doesn’t “make” anything in China. China only assembles the products…

      • Nasser Cedeño

        assembles in California .. Really ???

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Their company is in California, it is Designed in California. A majority of their Raw Materials are manufactured in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. It is then sent to China to be assembled…

        financesonline .com/how-iphone-is-made/

        ipod.about .com/od/glossary/f/where-is-ipod-manufactured.htm

        entrepreneur .com/article/228315

      • BozzyB

        When it says made in China, it’s made in China and not in the US. There are lots of companies like Sony, Casio, Philips which develop their products inhouse and manufacture in China. Apple is no exception, they just point it out explicitly to give the impression of high quality.

      • Smartest Dev

        It doesn’t say made in China… It says “assembled” in China. Grab your iPhone and look at the back. Doesn’t get any clearer than that… and just in-case you don’t understand what that means… it means the iPhone’s RAW materials are produced all around the the world (where exactly are in my sources) and then they are sent to China to be assembled…

        You need sources:
        financesonline .com/how-iphone-is-made/

        entrepreneur .com/article/228315

        forbes .com/sites/kenrapoza/2012/01/31/how-much-of-the-iphone-is-made-in-china/

    • BS Detector

      Apple products are apple products, and regardless where they’re manufactured the quality is fine.
      Also, gold is gold – which is the same material the world over. Its worth in weight isa also the same pretty much everywhere.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    No Mobile Operator subsidy like iPhones equal iPad “macros”, with sales trajectories destined to be the same. Especially for models that land north of 1k. Watch! No pun intended…

  • Mark Kramer

    Too tiny to be a man’s watch, sorry apple.

    • JC

      Why do people like huge watches? I’m a big guy and I really don’t understand why people want to have something enormous around their wrists. It rarely (I’d say never) looks good and makes you look like you just want to draw attention to yourself.

      • Manuel Molina

        A big watch is made to draw attention and give off the impression that you have money. Sadly, most people with those kind of watches are those who don’t have money, as well as those who become a target for people who want to take it off you. I see it all the time.

  • Andres

    Apple is a “Luxury Brand” and these Gold versions are jewelry. Apple is taking the right measures.

  • Dante Arellano

    Sorry apple dont bite this one im waiting for upgrade macbook air iphone 6 plus and apple tv

  • DopamineAddicted

    One of each please, i’ll take a safe for my house also

  • Nasser Cedeño

    whATTT ??? they don’t have to tell this WTF…

  • MacGuru96

    Nice to hear that. I’m very curious to see how they will display/sell them in stores. With countless options for both the device itself and the bands, it’s going to be interesting!

  • Joey_Z

    if a $4k Mac Pro is not worth putting in a safe. Guess how much Apple would ask for the gold watch that’s so expensive even to Apple’s standards and it has to be kept in a safe overnight 🙂