SBRotator iPhone 6 Plus Style

SBRotator for iOS 8 is a new tweak for well-respected developer Elias Limneos. It lends the ability to rotate any iOS 8 device on the Home screen SpringBoard and the Lock screen. If you’re looking to add iPhone 6 Plus-like Home screen rotation to your iPhone, then SBRotator for iOS 8 is up to the task.

Upon installation, SBRotator places a preference panel in the stock Settings app. From the tweak’s preferences, you can configure many facets that have to do with rotation on your iPhone.

SBRotator features a kill-switch that requires a respring when toggling, but every other switch found in its preferences can be adjusted on the fly without a respring. Next to the kill-switch, you’ll find two switches for toggling the SpringBoard and Lock screen rotation ability.

SBRotator 8 Preferences

One of the cool features that this tweak contains is the ability to select a preferred rotation style. You can mimic the old-school rotation style found on the iPad, which places the dock at the bottom of the Home screen, or can go the iPhone 6 Plus route, which places the dock on the right side of the screen. On lesser devices like the iPhone 5s, I definitely prefer the iPhone 6 Plus style, because it doesn’t look as cramped.

iPad Landscape

Beneath the rotation styles, you’ll find rotation orientations and a duration slider. The orientation switches allow you to disable certain rotation orientations, such as left, right or upside-down. The duration slider lets you adjust the animation speed, which can result in a very methodical rotation or an instant rotation.

Lastly, you have the ability to disable rotation in specific applications like the Settings app, Videos app, App Store app and more. These application settings only apply to devices that lack the two-up side-by-side landscape mode style found in the larger devices.

If you’re an iPhone 6 Plus owner, then you may deem this tweak to be unnecessary, since you already have SpringBoard rotation. However, SBRotator for iOS 8 does bring Lock screen rotation to the table, something no iOS device can tout as a stock feature, even if it does lack any true real-world benefit. As previously noted, there’s also the ability to limit the orientation directions, which is a great feature for all iOS device users.

Lock screen Landscape

SBRotator is available for $2.99 on the BigBoss repo. If you’ve ever purchased any previous version of SBRotator, then this iOS 8 update is absolutely free of charge, which is pretty awesome.

What do you think about SBRotator? Share your thoughts and experiences with the tweak in the comment section.

  • blist

    Have you ever thought about iDownloadBlog iOS app? It would be awesome!! It is great that we can add this page to our homescreen, but still.. it is not the same! thumbs up if you agree!

    • Fanboy 

      I would definitely support it to receive push notifications for articles on my iPhone! But unless they have an in-house developer the development cost to build a native iPhone application would be really high so I doubt they would.

      • Skoven

        fyi: i use Boxcar (free) for iDB push notifications, if you are looking for a way to do that.

      • Fanboy 

        Wow, thanks! I think this is what I needed. A had tried a couple of RSS apps but they all had to ‘fetch’. Thank you!

      • Skoven

        No problem 🙂

        Remember: you can also subscribe to specific sections of iDB if you want. I only receive notifications for jailbreak news for example.

      • Fanboy 

        Wow, this is just what I’ve been needing for like the past 5 years!! haha. Thanks so much!

    • Kadhir Anand

      Yes, but charge your phone…

  • DtownBlogger

    Kind of annoying after a while…

  • askep3

    How much extra battery do you think it uses?

  • Dom

    Better than Rotateplus?

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Bought sbrotator for iOS 6, very buggy, same for the iOS 7 version. Not installing it on iOS 8.

  • Cal J

    SBFlip does this for free. Not quite as polished, but it works.

  • pablo

    wich one is better… Little brother or Sbrotator… I found a problem using Sbrotator with the remember app, it goes crazy…

  • Swanny246

    Can iPhone 6 Plus users confirm if lock screen rotation works well on this? Really don’t get why Apple couldn’t implement that in stock iOS.

  • czbird

    Does it work with FiveIconDock?

    • Okada San

      I had betterFiveIconDock installed when I installed SBRotator. My phone rebooted itself several times throughout the day. I uninstalled betterFiveIconDock a few hours ago and haven’t experienced one reboot as of yet. By now, it would have happened at least a couple times. Personally, I can live without an extra dock icon so I can have my lockscreen and springboard rotate. Good luck!

  • Okada San

    I had to uninstall this. Not happy about that because I love how it mimics the ipad when in landscape mode. Unfortunately, my iphone 6 intermittenly reboots itself when this is installed. Same thing happens with Rotate+ and Little Brother. Crash reporter doesn’t flag it, so I don’t know where the conflict is.

  • Okada San

    Update: So even with betterFiveIconDock uninstalled and SBRotaor installed, my iPhone 6 continues to periodically reboot itself. Awaiting a fix…hopefully.

  • works great with the Brando iPhone6 bluetooth Keyboard

  • marco

    Always ask me to activate, is crazy