During the company’s quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company has sold its one billionth iOS device since the original iPhone was released roughly seven years ago – a huge accomplishment.

Apple reached the feat during November, with a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus that is now kept within Apple’s headquarters to honor the milestone. The one billion iOS devices includes iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Cook noted the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus saw the highest demand of any iPhone launch ever. Apple sold on average 34,000 devices per hour over the Christmas quarter.

  • A’s Network

    Wow… that is a huge number. I wonder if they included refurbs in the count or not 🙂

    • Cameron

      not many would buy refurbished iphones, to my knowledge.

    • coLin

      devices shipped not sold

  • SkyFall

    Here’s the Wallpaper that is in the pic for those who want it:

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      there’s no link

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        Press the show.

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        I mean really?….

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      Beautiful. Thanks!

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      It looks like a finger got in the way of the camera. Lol.

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      Thank you for sharing this beautiful wallpaper. But it is not full quality of the image. Can you please tell us where did you download it?

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      Where u get this wallpaper? Can u share for iPhone 6 Plus in HD resolution?

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    I need the wallpaper for my iPhone 6 plus

  • Kilroy672

    Get your billion back America. I couldn’t refuse..