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1Password, the popular password-manager application for iOS and OS X, has just received a nice refresh in the App Store and Mac App Store, respectively.

Available as a freemium download, 1Password 5.2 brings out a new Login Creator feature available to all users, a one-time Password tool for Pro users, a bunch of syncing improvements and several other enhancements that improve your experience.

Login Creator, which you can see in action right below, is a new tool for adding existing logins to 1Password to “get a feel for how much time it can save you.” It streamlines the process for hundreds of popular sites and services, developer AgileBits noted.

1Password 5.2 for iOS Login Creator

The new One-Time Password tool for Pro users is designed to work with online accounts protected with two-factor authentication, such as Amazon, Tumblr and many more. After adding an account, the feature will generate a one-time two-factor authentication code to verify your identity.

1Password 5.2 for iOS One-Time Password Tool

This is actually pretty useful because no longer do you have to switch between 1Password and a third-party authenticator like Authy and Google Authenticator to generate your temporary codes.

Other additions available to Pro users: the ability to delete attachments from the item editor, adding new custom field types like addresses, dates, month/year and more.

Last but not least, 1Password’s extension has seen improvements in terms of functionality, design, syncing, accessibility and localization.

The full changelog is too long to include here, but you can check it out over at the AgileBits website. The Mac edition of 1Password has been refreshed, too.

The list of enhancements in the Mac version, among other items, includes the ability to sync secondary vaults to iOS via Wi-Fi Sync, exclude secondary vaults from syncing at all, syncing of Master Password changes across devices using iCloud sync and much more.

Download 1Password free in the App Store.

The Mac edition will set you back $50 a pop.

Source: AgileBits Blog

  • Ian Leon

    I gave them the idea for the built in two factor authentication

    • There’s no need to toot your own horn, I’m sure many people suggested it to them and they added it since it is indeed a great feat to have. The only question now is can I migrate my two-step from Authy to 1Password…

      • Ian Leon

        I DID !!! and Windows 7 was my idea too ! lmao

    • FreeGreezyDoe

      no you didn’t

  • Jason Baroni

    this app only gets better.

  • Javiers

    On a serious note, I haven’t downloaded this app because I feel like my credit cards/Logins aren’t safe.

    • They’re encrypted. Choose a long password and their safe. If you’re really paranoid don’t sync with the cloud…

      The encryption used is “military grade encryption” too. The encryption can only really be cracked with a quantum computer (in which case we’re all f****d) or by brute forcing your password…

      • Javiers

        Wow! Thank you. I was reading some reviews and some said the passwords were not safe (and blah blah blah) but I guess it was just some troll haa

      • QuarterSwede

        If 1Password isn’t safe then none of the others are either. Their encryption techniques are top notch and they continually keep them up to date with the latest cryptography.