1995 Apple Watch

Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone maker’s upcoming Apple Watch is not the first wrist-worn watch the company has created.

Back in 1995, two years before Jobs was brought back to save the company he co-founded, Apple had used a custom-made wrist watch with anodized aluminum bezel and scratch-resistant glass as an incentive for users to upgrade to Mac OS System 7.5.

YouTuber Jonathan Morrison has created a nice video, embedded below, which explains an interesting history of the 1995 Apple Watch.

As mentioned above, it featured anodized aluminum bezel in attractive blue, the colorful Apple logo, scratch resistant glass, Japanese Quartz timing and “Mac OS” embossed across the band.

It’s definitely a piece of history.

20 years later, Apple’s digital Watch is expected to debut in March, starting at $349.

Source: The Tech Block

  • Cameron

    i have an old Apple watch in silver metal.

    • Thanh

      Sell it on eBay and get 2 new Apple Watch haha

      • Cameron

        i doubt they are worth that much though, and currently its missing in the house. i hope… 🙁

      • coLin

        there are a few on eBay between $300 and $500. makes me laugh

  • Jeffrey

    Whoops! Youtubber should be Youtuber;)

  • Jeffrey

    Wow these guys in the video are such good liars:P
    ‘Looks good, very stylish’ YEAH RIGHT!

    • jake kneller

      The mondern style of today is bright eye poping colors and things that are a rainbow of color so to speak so in all its very mondern and fits right in with today’s style

      • Jeffrey

        That may be what some artistic people might find stylish but the average man does not find this watch stylish.

      • jake kneller

        No not artistic type walk down a street in a modern city not your home town and you will find among people not in a form of work cloths tend to have bright or various colors on

      • Jeffrey

        Lol I live in one of the biggest towns in my country. I do understand what you mean though, I just disagree with what’s called ‘style’ nowadays…

  • jake kneller

    Hahaha apple was first to make a watch i would definitely rock one and u love the old school apple logo it really should come back

  • Ariel

    They should absolutely add this as a watchface.

  • arvindb02

    Does it run Android Wear? *throws watch*

  • Rupinder

    That is such a nice blue.

    • Jeffrey

      STN MTN / kauai :000

      • Rupinder

        You guessed it!

      • Jeffrey


    • Jeffrey

      So Childish!

    • Jeffrey

      Much Gambino!

  • haerondir

    This watch looks better than the one they’re trying to sell us tho

  • richard bryant

    This watch is a classic and screams Apple from ’95. I even still have my iPod nano in the same blue so I love the color. But what about the original Apple watch? The one that wasn’t mass produced. It was just a concept made for Steve Jobs.

  • jack

    is this a joke? just a regular watch that apple put another paper background to promote the Mac.. way to go twisting a boring truth into “mystery”

  • TK421

    I still use mine.

  • Mike Santoro

    I have this watch! While its not something I’d wear daily, it is cool having something from 20 years ago from Apple. Girlfriend knows Im an Apple fanboy so she got me this as a collector!

  • SoylentGreen

    im confident ive seen this exact combo of obscure watch ‘hands’ somwhere before, maybe a right old school swatch, cant fully remember, but i think the only ‘mod’ is the apple advertisement on it.
    on a side note, the ‘ad guy’ who came up with the concept of getting people to pay the companies for the privilege of advertising their product, as a pose to them paying historically massive amounts of cash to advertise products. must be revered in the ad game.

  • Folga

    I have 3 pieces for a sell, msg me folgowsky@gmail.com

  • Mark Kramer

    It’s really sad the guy who said he can’t read the time on an analog device. That’s as bad as not knowing your social security number. Learn how. It’s not rocket science. It only takes a willingness to learn and a little effort.