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Google today launched mobile apps on iOS and Android for its Classroom initiative. The service, which has seen 30+ million assignments submitted since its debut last summer, aims to help teachers save time, paper, and improve communication with students.

The app adds even more efficiency, allowing teachers to issue and track assignments from their phone or tablet. Students will enjoy it as well, as it lets them view and work on homework, with the ability to import from other apps, and live chat with classmates.

In completing their homework, students will be able to snap a photo and attach it to their assignment, or import files (PDFs, images, etc.) from other apps. And since assignment information is cached every time the application is launched, it can be viewed offline.

Google Classroom is free to anyone with a Google Apps for Education account, which is also free. Google says it hopes the new mobile apps will help save time and paper this semester, and to stay tuned for more new Classroom goodies before the school year is over.

You can download the Google Classroom app in the App Store for free.

Source: Google for Education Blog via TNW

  • Sokrates

    Wished to be a student again!

    • jaysoncopes

      No. Just no.

  • Andres

    Yaass love the new iDB update

  • Jesse

    Trying it now. This app will be very helpful.

  • Great, now you’ll be seeing ads about potential career choices, how to improve your grade, textbooks you’ll need for your selected courses, school equipment, etc

  • daniel awde

    I think google didn’t know that there are creatures called engineering student, that uses an inifinite complex equations and letters no one knew about it. Sorry google that app is not for me. Maybe for buissness people