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The diminutive iPod shuffle, Apple’s $49 clip-and-go music player, could get phased out in the near future as supplies of the device are dwindling across retail channels.

As noted by 9to5Mac, iPod shuffle shipping times on the Online Apple Store dropped to 7-10 days while Apple Retail Stores appear to have run out of stock around the country.

Contrast this to the iPod touch and nano, both of which continue to be available within 24 hours. Originally launched in January 2005 and having been through multiple iterations and form factor changes, the device hasn’t been updated since September 2010 and therefore could easily be the next iPod model to fall victim of consumers’ changing habits.

“Apple has warned its retail employees that shuffle supplies will be short for an unspecified period of time and that customers seeking to buy a shuffle via a retail store should be directed to Apple’s online store,” author Mark Gurman wrote in its report.

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Ever since the iPhone’s 2007 debut iPod sales have been on the decline. Last quarter, for example, Apple sold more Macs than all iPod models put together, including the iPod touch.

During a three-month period ended September 27, 2014, Apple moved just 2.64 million iPod units representing a 24 percent annual drop in unit sales and a 28 percent annual revenue decline for the category.

Former U.S. President George Bush was a fan of the shuffle, by the way. “It’s a pretty high tech stuff,” he said in a 2005 interview with FOX News.

The hard drive based iPod classic was discontinued in October 2014.

As per an unconvincing explanation Tim Cook gave during the Q&A portion of his interview at the WSJ.D conference, the iPod classic was killed five years after its last update because “We couldn’t get the parts anymore” from anywhere in the world.

The company doesn’t even bother citing iPod sales in press releases. Once the pillar of its resurgence, the iPod (and standalone music players as a whole) has seen its lunch eaten by the iPhone.

Apple Q3F14 iPod shuffle sales

This doesn’t come as a surprise because smartphones have been increasingly replacing functionality provided by standalone gadgets such as GPS navigation systems, MP3 music players, personal organizers and even handheld consoles.

Do you own an iPod and would you buy one?


  • I still use my nano as a watch, it looks and feels nice. Always a conversation piece and even though it is considered old technology that doesn’t mean its purpose is lost. With the shuffle, I remember giving one away to a friend once I got an iphone since i had no need for it. Makes sense if they get rid of the shuffle/nano but then again they should find a way to make a small device like those and keep the price down. 49.99 is a good price originally but now it should 29.99 with the way technology has grown. Ultimately I believe their goal with these devices was to serve the fitness crowd and people who didn’t want to lug around a big device. But it also led people to the iphone/ipad, meaning more money in those departments for Apple in long term use. Either way I’ll keep using my nano until it dies out one day. Then I’ll be forced to pick up an apple watch or something.

  • Daniel Arbaboff

    Actually, iPod Shuffle 4G was ‘relaunched’ in September 2012…

  • Buck

    Thank you for the heads up!
    Immediately went online and bought a new one.
    Shuffle has been perhaps my most used, most reliable, Apple product ever.

    Maybe a new version comes out – but the existing one is perfect to me and requires no changes as a perfect workout music machine

  • Mohammed Khaled

    I don’t own a iPod anymore. But I would buy one if it had new upgrades. Might shift to android for mobiles as I require higher storage and it’s just too expensive in my place. 128gb iPhone 6plus in my place cost 2 of the same model and spec in US. so now u have a idea why! :/. I don’t wanna be a android guy

  • Zsolt Tégel

    I have a 6th gen nano. I am using 3-4 times every week when i am running. I love it! I dont want to run with a big iphone 6!

  • Andy

    It was inevitable that the iPod shuffle was the next in the iPod line to be cut. With only 2GB of storage (for current models), it’s really not a lot of space. There’s no doubt that it fills a niche area for music fans and in terms of portability.

    If Apple updated the storage capacities of the iPod models, more people would probably buy them as dedicated audio players. But right now, there’s no reason to buy an iPod shuffle or nano, when an iPod touch can do so much more (a refurbished iPod touch 5th gen 32GB is only $199).

  • DevXav

    I just hope it’s getting removed to become better or even replaced by a smaller and way better version (maybe they could replace it with the old iPod Nano that looked like an iPod Shuffle with screen, which was amazing already).

    If they kill it, it’s because new generation people only want devices that can post on facebook/tweet/whatever social crap that shows what are they doing, and that is not what Shuffle is about..

    If someone feels useless enough for the necessity to post fake life steps in facebook of it’s miserable stupid life instead of having a small, portable, battery lasting device that plays songs, i sincerely hope Apple sell this person Apple Watch and let iPod Shuffle for those who sincerely want something small and good enough to play songs with quality.

    • Rigs101

      I know exactly what you mean I went to a Christmas party and everyone there was checking Facebook instead of talking to the friends and family that were there social media SMH

  • GzyOnline

    Are you seroius? This is still around-while the Classic got the axe!?! Oh.H3LL.No!

  • jake kneller

    I recently purchased a 6th gen nano to use as a watch and when riding at the skate park as well as my daily running but the iPhone 6plus I have is to big and heavy for those activities

  • Jose Rivera

    You guys…. I still have a 2nd gen 4GB iPod nano… It still looks like the day it came out of the box, and has an amazing battery life! I am now keeping the little guy until it finally gives up… Even then, I’ll keep it as a memory of Apple’s colorful era..