Parrot has announced a rather slick car infotainment system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Sunday, packing a 7-inch 720p “IPS Pro” touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay.

Yes, I know – the image above is actually Android Auto and not CarPlay. That’s because the Parrot “RNB6” runs on a customized version of Android 5.0, that can toggle between Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, depending on which smartphone you plug-in.

For you car audio nerds, the Parrot “RN86” features a 4 x 55-watt audio amplifier and a wired wide-angle 1080p dash cam (with “Super HDR”).

Parrot hasn’t provided details on pricing or release for the “RN86”, however it says the receiver will be compatible with 90 percent of the vehicles on the road. As shown in the video, it even supports your back-up camera and GPS.

[via Engadget]

  • Oscar Perez

    Ignition + iPad mini = Savings!!

    • Dave Finkelstein

      Except ignition is incredibly unreliable and crashes pretty much constantly.

      • NandoNY177 .

        I know there’s a Cydia app that gives you car play, just came out and it worked pretty good so far but is still under development last time I checked

  • nmpraveen

    Hopefully its below $400-500. Current one from pioneer is out of my budget.

    • Maxim∑

      last gen was $799

    • Brago

      You can get the AVH-4000nex brand new off ebay for $400 like i did. Although you’ll need a anti-glare screen protector off amazon for another 20 as well.

  • BozzyB

    Nice that both systems run on it. But if android is already running on it, you don’t need to connect your phone. You can use navigation, messaging, music etc. from the parrot device. I also like the cam support for front and rear and the OBD support. Thats cool..

  • Martynet

    Anyone here with a CarPlay solution for BMW 5 series (F11). thanks

    • BozzyB

      Since BMW is not implementing it, it won’t work because the Infotainment on a 5er is heavy integrated in the car itself. You won’t be able to exchange it with some other 3rd party 2DIN system. They want you to buy their old Navigon System for 4.450€ (without touchscreen of course) which uses outdated navigation DVDs…

      • Martynet

        I was kind of worried that I get this or similar answer 😀
        Might switch to Mercedes E series then 🙂

      • BozzyB

        You should wait a little. 😉 They will also offer CarPlay/AndroidAuto soon…

  • GzyOnline

    I purchased AirParrot a while ago to stream my Windows laptop to Apple TV.. The software has a mind of it’s own, would NOT run 50% of the time, 100% of the time if the laptop was put to sleep then woken up.. their support at that time was VERY POOR/non-existent it seemed like to me.. pretty much the $$ software was USELESS! Instead of updating and fixing bugs, they released version 2.0 (no incentive for v1.0 owners-they want you for fork out more $$ for another likely USELESS software)…

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND PARROT and ANY of their software as from my personal experience and money of my pocket has proven that their products don’t work well and their support is seriously lacking!

    • Kr00

      AirParrot is not connected to this company whatsoever. Parrot make and install in car audio systems. Squirrels develop AirParrot, not this company.

      • GzyOnline

        Damn. My badd.. Well now you know how I feel about Squirrels/AirParrot (>.<)!!