Spotify 2.2 for iOS (Top Tracks in Your Network teaser 001)

Better late than never: Spotify, the popular music-streaming service hailing from Sweden, today at last gave its iOS clientproper support for the new iPhone screen resolutions so it no longer runs scaled on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

More importantly, version 2.2 has added the “Top Tracks in Your Network” playlist which shows the most played songs among the people you follow.

Top Tracks in Your Network rolling out as we speak to all users and can be found under the new Top Tracks button in the Browse section of the Spotify app.

In another useful change, Spotify now puts a name to a face. That is, the faces of friends who listen to the artists and playlists you play are now shown, which makes it easier to find people to follow on Spotify.

Just tap a face to get to their profile, where you can Follow them. Needless to say, favorite songs from the people you follow crop up in the Top Tracks In Your Network playlist.

“It looks at the past week of what the people you follow listened to, and tries to pull out tracks played by many people you follow, or that one person listened to over and over,” explains TechCrunch.

Indeed, as Spotify itself notes:  “The more popular a song is with your friends, the higher it is up the chart.”

The playlist is refreshed daily.

There’a also a handy drop down list of the people listening to the song next to the track details, which should help with music discovery by showing you which of your friends share your taste in music.

Top Tracks in Your Network begins rolling out today on iOS and Android platforms, and to desktop soon, said the firm.

Spotify 2.2 changelog:

  • Spotify now looks so much better on the big screen on your shiny new iPhone 6 Plus
  • What are the people you follow listening to right now? Check out Top Tracks In Your Network. You’ll find the playlist in Browse. (Rolling out to all users soon!)

Spotify has nearly 13 million accounts subscribed to the $9.99 per month Spotify Premium. The company is currently offering new customers a three-month Premium subscription for just $0.99 via a new time-limited promotion.

Download Spotify free in the App Store.

[Spotify Blog]

  • Jonathan

    If you were too lazy to read the whole thing, read the last paragraph. you’ll thank me later.

    • Paymon John Vafa

      thank you even though im already a premium user :'( lol

    • Steve R.

      I’ve only had Spotify Premium for Students for $4.99 for a few days, but I already love it =D

      • Jonathan

        I’m in high school, can I still get it, or do I have to be in college? I haven’t looked much into it..

      • Steve R.

        Just checked the FAQs:

        “How do I get the Spotify Premium U.S. Student Discount?

        We’re glad you’re interested! If you’re currently enrolled at a U.S. accredited higher education institution such as a college or university, go here to sign up.”

        If you have a friend/cousin/sibling in college and they don’t use their .edu email for the discount, you could use theirs and wouldn’t have to re-verify it until a year later.

      • Jonathan

        Awesome, thanks for checking! 😀
        My brother is in college, and I know he doesn’t use his, so I’ll try it. Thanks for getting back to me.

      • Steve R.

        No problem, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy spotify premium =D

      • Jonathan

        Totally. Don’t like ads, nor shuffle forcement on iDevices. :/

  • Eikast

    It took them a whole three months but well worth it

    • Merman123

      Not really. It just looks smaller to fit the screen better. I was expecting a lot more honestly. Something that would take advantage of the bigger screens. Basic landscape support at least. No creativity whatsoever!

      • Eikast

        I agree but still, much better than dealing with that ugly blown up version.

  • Zach

    After installing this new update, every time I click the Spotify icon it resprings my phone into safe mode…

  • Xee

    Have tried Spotify recently but sticking with Deezer as the Spotify UI is just damn fugly and annoying!

  • Phil

    Hell, it’s about time.