Mail OS X Yosemite

Apple has seeded the second beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 this afternoon. The update, labeled build 14C78c, is available through the Update tab in the Mac App Store and the Dev Center for all registered Mac developers.

Today’s release comes a little more than two weeks after the first 10.10.2 beta, and Apple has asked developers to focus on Wi-Fi connectivity. Users have complained of Wi-Fi issues since updating to Yosemite in October.

Given that this is a minor update, we don’t expect much outside of a few bug fixes. But we’re installing the beta now, and will update this post with anything of note. If you find something, e-mail us at

  • Chocolatewe


  • Chris

    I still haven’t seen these Wi-Fi issues in person, then again paying AU $300 really for quality hardware helps I guess.

  • Sam

    Does this fix the chrome issues?

    • Chris

      What issues? Chrome 38-39 run perfectly fine on Yosemite (stable)

    • Ryan Rebar

      It has for me so far

    • Mr.DnQ

      Hi,I was one of the persons wo experienced problems with chrome.
      After opening it always closed itself.
      Now after the second beta it’s fixed. Me happy!!!

  • Alex Blaha

    I’ve had some wifi issues, occasionally it just won’t work and I would have to unplug/replug my router. And sometimes it would affect multiple devices and some would work, other times it’s just my MBP.

  • I smell iOS 8.2 beta 2

  • Diniesh

    For myself no matter what i did continuity calls don’t work – however handoff, message forwarding are all working fine.

  • Carlos Gomes

    Chrome, VLC and all video players (except Quicktime) are still broken here :/

  • vivalaivsca

    I still have Wi-Fi issues. It connects fine at school, but when I come home it doesnt show my network, i usualyl click on the Wi-fi indicator->Open Network Prefs.->Advanced then tap on my network like a gazzilion times untill it connects. And the worst part is that the network is the number 1 on the list so it should have high priority.

  • NP92

    I never had any probs. Even on beta Update..

  • JoshuaHulgan

    Haven’t updated yet.
    Frequently having display sleep issues.
    With only reset fixing.

  • ✨♕Qimmy♕✨

    10.10.x not support bootable for USB? I try to install window 7 on bootcamp using USB but not working. Anyone know what is the problem?

  • Wi-fi issues only? You forgot the back from sleep issues that many of us are having… I know this is a Beta, but guys, you want them to track and squish them before the final release… lol

  • Piyush

    Does it fix filevault issues?