One of the big advantages of the iPhone 6 Plus when compared to the iPhone 6 is the 6 Plus’ ability to rotate into landscape mode while on the SpringBoard. Home screen rotation also works with smaller devices that use upscaling tweaks like LittleBrother or Upscale.

If you’re someone who find the Home screen rotation to be annoying, then you may be interested in disabling the rotation outright. Notate is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to do just that. Have a look inside for all of the details.

After installing Notate, there are no options or settings to configure. You’ll notice that you can no longer use rotation while on the Home screen, regardless of whether or not you have the rotation lock toggle enabled in Control Center. Of course, rotation still works perfectly fine within apps that support them.

If you’re not a fan of Home screen landscape mode, then Notate is the jailbreak tweak for you. It’s lightweight, simple and it just works. You can find Notate for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

What do you think about Notate? Would you consider using it, and if so, why?

  • I know I maybe posting on wrong post but can anyone help me to get rid of this iCloud error:

    “The last backup could not be completed.”

    Each time I try to backup on iCloud it gives me the same error. I’m on JBroken iPhone 6 8.1.1…


    • Sai

      how are you jailbroken on ios 8.1.1?

      • Sorry I meant 8.1, mistakenly wrote 8.1.1.

    • Marcel K

      Connect your iPhone to iTunes and choose iCloud as Backup method. Save or press sync. Should work now. Please answer if it helped out.

      • Thanks for the info, I will check as soon as I go home… 🙂

      • Still no luck…

    • Bith

      JBroken 8.1.1? You mean 8.1, right?

      • Sorry, I mean 8.1 yes…

  • Fanboy 

    6 Plus users want to get rid of the rotation, 6 users want the rotation. How ironic lol

    • Tommy Gumbs

      It is useful at times, irritating during others.

  • 10marcer

    I just hate when it rotates when the phone is upside down. I mean at least allow all of the apps to rotate as well!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Our just go to settings and put the display in zoomed mode and that will disable the rotation by default

    • Bith

      And that disable the apps landscape mode too…

      • Alberto Espinal

        I believe so, because the message so won’t have the two pane screen

  • Augusto Hernández Ayala

    omg, again same article?

  • Rak S

    “One of the big advantages of the iPhone 6 Plus when compared to the iPhone 6 is the 6 Plus’ ability to rotate into landscape mode while on the SpringBoard.”

    LOL… Is that really a “big” advantage? Obviously not. It’s arguably “a nice to have” feature, but it’s not like anyone was crying out for it’s inclusion, and it’s certainly not a “big advantage.”

    Sort it out, Jeff!!

  • Nathan Wood

    I know this has nothing to do with above but can any one help I have iPhone 6plus on ios8.1 and since I have jailbroken it my battery drains so quick it’s unreal I have restored and set up as new phone and re jailbraked it but still the same any one no of tweaks that seriously drain the battery? I have activator bio protect springtomize 3 eclipse 2 flex 2 bridge swipeshiftcaret multiconmover+ And bytafont 2

    • Niclas

      1st Remove all tweaks. Do you have the same issue?

      If so, restore and set up as new device, you can import stuff like messages, app data and stuff with PKGBackup or iBackupbot. You transfer the apps to itunes and then back.

      If you still have problems, it’s probably hardware. Restore to clean state no JB and test, if battery performance is bad, it’s the battery. Go to an Apple Store and get it replaced

  • cruzcontrol1001

    You can stop this also without Jailbreak by going to settings display and brightness and click view and change it to zoomed view on iPhone 6 plus

  • The Honk

    Does it work with iPad too?

  • Xee

    Thanks was driving me nuts!

  • Qhrstuvwxyz

    This thing sucks pretty bad.

    It disables rotation on everything, even native apps found in the phone.