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Betaworks, the team behind the popular game Dots, and later versions of Digg and Instapaper, has released a new app today called #Homescreen. The goal of the app, as its name suggests, is to allow users to share screenshots of their iPhone Home screens.

This in and of itself is a rather interesting concept, as people seem to be genuinely intrigued with others’ Home screens—I’ve caught myself on more than one occasion peering at stranger’s devices—but Betaworks takes it a step further with app identification.

The app itself is minimal. There’s a single button for sharing your screenshot via Twitter, or opening it in Safari, but everything else is done automatically. The app recognizes a screenshot of your Home screen, and uploads it to

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This is where app identification comes in. Viewing your screenshot on the web, you’ll notice that when you hover over an app icon, #Homescreen will tell you what it is and what it does. It’s fairly accurate, although I did see it mis-identify a few apps in my testing.

The feature not only allows you to browse through other’s Home screens, but you can actually see what apps they’re using. Keep in mind that Betaworks can see them too, and is recording the data, as evidenced by this ‘Top Apps this week on #Homescreen’ section.

Still, for folks looking for new apps to tryout, or perhaps considering a new icon/folder layout, this serves as a unique way to browse others’ setups. If you want to check out Betaworks’ new #Homescreen app, you can find it for the iPhone, in the App Store for free.

[via TechCrunch]

  • CS

    Just tried it out..don’t understand why it can’t be all app based, instead pushes you over to Safari for their web app.. Besides that, pretty cool I guess. Obviously doesnt work well at all if you have a winterboard theme… Only got 3 apps right 😛

  • interesting. I arrange my app by colors.

    • Cameron Nelms

      Mine are in alphabetical order

      • That must be a royal pain in the ass. I sort mine into categorical folders and it’s the most painstaking experience I’ve come across

      • That’s where multiiconmover+ Comes into play for me

    • mine like this 🙂

  • onesimpleclik

    Or you know, there’s this thing called a ‘screenshot’.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Lol or DisplayRecorder and Messages

  • john diaz

    Ah people one day their complaining about their privacy been compromised the next day their looking for ways to get in each others business.

  • john diaz

    Is anyone interested in seen “my” home screen apps it’ll make you smarter you’ll be able to arrange your icons in a professional way which will land you a billion dollar job, it’ll bring you lots of money, yes this is what i want to do with my free time look a some else’s home screen! seriously it’s like people are running out of ideas.

  • Seems like a nifty idea, albeit a very short lived one. I see this being a social storm for a week before everyone forgets about it again.
    I just tried it and it failed to recognise almost everything, although most of my apps are in folders

  • Jonathan Talbot

    I have mine in folders: Most Used, Apple (apple apps like pages, keynote, etc), Games, Utitlies……inside each folder its arranged in clours 😉