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Joining the existing Next 12 and Next 18 plans, U.S. wireless carrier AT&T at Tuesday’s AT&T Consumer Industry Analyst Conference took the wraps off its new Next 24 plan which allows customers to take 30 months to pay for their iPhone (or other smartphone) in monthly installments beginning November 9.

Just like the Next 12 and Next 18 plans which allow subscribers to pay off their device in 20 and 24 months, respectively, the Next 24 plan upgrades you to a new device after 30 months have passed and you’ve brought in your current smartphone in good condition.

As a bonus, the carrier also announced a $150 bill credit for switchers who activate a new line of service with a smartphone on AT&T Next.

”After 24 payments, if in good condition, customers can trade in their AT&T Next smartphone and upgrade to a brand new device under a qualifying offer,” the carrier confirmed.

If you combine one of the AT&T Next plans with Mobile Share Value plans, the carrier will treat you to a monthly discount on the access charge for that smartphone line, good for a monthly saving of $25 per month for plans 10GB or higher or $15 per month on plans less than 10GB.

AT&T Next is available for new, qualified AT&T customers or existing customers who are upgrade eligible.

While the new Next 24 plan gives your greater flexibility and allows for lower monthly payments and more time to pay off your smartphone, I’m not so sure it will catch on with the modern consumer.

Put simply, 30 months is too long a wait to get a new device. Two and a half years is an eternity in the fast-paced mobile industry where smartphones are considered outdated merely a year after being introduced.

In other AT&T news, the carrier earlier this week announced a partnership with rival Verizon that will bring interoperability for their respective Voice over LTE services in 2015.

Plus, subscribers on AT&T’s shared plans now get more LTE data and unlimited international messaging for no additional cost.

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  • Rupinder S

    Oh god, I hate these “Next” plans so much. An AT&T employee upgraded me to one without me even asking to be put on it.

    • Merman123

      You can speak to someone and complain to have your previous plan back.

      • Rupinder S

        Yeah, I’ll be doing that today. I have had to wait over a month for my 6 to arrive, finally comes in today. So that’s the first thing I’ll be doing, before I even open it. If they don’t change the plan, I returning the phone and switching to a different carrier lol

      • Briggamortis

        I believe their return/exchange policy is 14 days from the day you receive your phone in the mail. Just make sure its within that time frame and your good.

      • Rupinder S

        I just spoke over the phone and they wouldn’t let me get off the plan. Now I have to try in store.

  • Evan Moore

    You’re right “30 months” is a long time to *wait* to upgrade to a new device, but let me help put some numbers into perspective.

    With the AT&T Next program I signed up for this year, my iPhone 6+ w/ 128GB = $960 / 24. Thus my monthly installment is $40 for 24 months.

    This time next year when iPhone 6S+ arrives for example, I will have a balance of $480 left on my phone to pay off. I will get about $300 trade in value should I upgrade to the new iPhone model next year at AT&T (or I could sell it myself and probably get $500 or $600 respectively on eBay for example) therefore when I want to upgrade to a new model next year, I will break even or have to pay a difference of $200 or less, which is far cheaper than paying for a new phone at $499 each year.

    • Dao Sasone

      It sucs cuz if u got a 24 month plan ur paying full retail. Y not get the 2 yr contract n pay subsidize price. Plus you’ll always have a Payment and never keep the device if you keep the process going

      • Evan Moore

        Yes, right now, I’m paying full retail at $40 a month for 2 years, but if I sell my phone this time next year I’ll have $480 left to pay off. However, I plan to SELL my phone this time next year on eBay for $400 to $600 (it is 128GB model so it will have a high resell value) and that means I’m technically NOT paying *full* retail value of the phone since I sold it. Do you follow? You take the hit UPFRONT, but this time next year you break even.

      • Dao Sasone

        Yes I follow. Im not born yesterday. Your basing the resale off assumption. Apple already have plans to flood the market with their devices worldwide. I honestly don’t think you’ll get that much for it a year from now. There are so much competition now. People would rather buy a new 1 yr old device rather than an old 1 yr device. Thats just my view

      • Evan Moore

        Well, that’s why I chose to join the AT&T Edge program, because I sell my previous model so I may upgrade to the new model and I use the resell value to pay for the difference.

        When I buy a new or used car and I want to upgrade to another car, I don’t keep my previous car in my drive way. I sell my car or trade it in with the intention of using that capital to offset the retail price of the new car.

        If I sell the car directly to the dealership, they may give me 4k or 6k for the car. If I sell it myself I can probably get 8k or 10k for it. The dealership needs to make a profit, so they will undercut you by 50%. Same thing with used video games… gamestop will give you $5 for the game, but they will sell your used game to the consumer for $20.

        The same logic applies for cell phones. Selling your iPhone back to the merchant, they will give you $250 or $300 for it however if you sell it on eBay you’ll be able to sell it for $500 or $600.

      • Brent

        I just sold my 5S 16 GB for $400 I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting $600 for 120 GB phone next year

      • Evan Moore

        Nice! Good job. I actually still need to sell my 5S 64GB model.

  • bradybluhm

    I had to do the Next plan for my wife. When I did the math it saved us a few hundred dollars because of the discount on the plan. That is how they got us. They gave us this AWESOME discount earlier this year from $40/month per device to $15 dollars per device. Now if I go subsidized it ends up cost me more when I combine the activation fee, upfront cost and extra $25 per month on the phone.

    I think this plan is better than the Next 18 plan. You will be mid cycle on the release of an iPhone. Wish I could change my wife’s plan to this from the 18. Thinking of calling in to see if its possible. Also, I have 9 people on my line (lots of different family members from both sides) and we all only have to pay $30 per month for 30GB of shared data and unlimited talk and text. I can’t complain about AT&Ts pricing for a large ‘family’. I get about 10gb of data for myself because the old people on my plan use less than 100mb. 🙂

  • Telepes Katica

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