Mail OS X Yosemite

Apple has seeded the first beta of OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite this evening. The update, labeled build 14B17, is available through the Update tab in the Mac App Store and the Mac Dev Center for all registered developers.

Today’s release comes nearly three weeks after Apple officially launched OS X Yosemite to the public, which brought about a number of improvements, including a redesigned UI, text message forwarding and more.


We’re not sure yet what changes 10.10.1 brings, but there are a number of bugs that need fixing. We’re currently installing the beta, and will note any major changes. Feel free to e-mail us at

  • Ivan Diardo 

    Will users who signed up for the public beta also get this update?

    • Chris

      No, seeds are only available to those who have a developer account.

      • Ivan Diardo 

        Damnit! >.<

      • Guest

        i’m not a dev and i have my update!!!

      • Ivan Diardo 

        If you aren’t a dev, you wouldn’t have got the GM of Yosemite. :v

      • Michael

        If you were part of the Public Beta over the summer, you received this update

      • Daniel Beecham

        i’m not a dev and i have my update!!!!

      • Dude

        Wrong. I don’t have a developer account and just updated to 10.10.1

      • Chris

        So I apparently missed all the replies to this, my bad, I re-read the details of the OS X BETA program and it includes all pre-release versions of Yosemite including seeds previously only available to developers however in saying that the version developers get can contain different updates to the OS X BETA program.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Seems like you just found iDB. Welcome.

    • Anonymous

      If you wanna pay a 100 dollars and become a dev or registered dev at lest you can get the betas.

  • Julian

    Does anyone else have trackpad lag/delay that apparently only affects 13″ rMBP 2014 on Yosemite???

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Nope not here.

    • syntax_error


  • Ian Leon

    iOS 8.2 …. I SMELL IT

  • Briggamortis

    iOS 8.1.1 also available to Devs

  • Unicorn Drank

    The Wi-Fi problem as been very annoying, it shuts down all the the time

  • Andrew Showmaker

    I get access denied error, when trying to download 10.10.1 update from Dev Center.

  • José Miguel Beltré Paulino

    Why Spotlight only search in the Mac, I mean it doesn’t works correctly… not search at Wikipedia neither in App Store, iTunes…

  • Vince

    Wifi bug still present in OS X 10.10.1 Seed 1; except it seems to be more aggressive at dropping the connection with this seed then the initial release of Yosemite.

  • Michael

    Does anyone know if Adobe Products work with this release?