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Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 8.1.1 this evening, with build number 12B432. The release comes just a few hours after Apple pushed out the first beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.1, and roughly two weeks after it officially launched iOS 8.1 to the public.

Folks who are jailbroken may want to hold off from updating, until it’s clear that this won’t hamper the Pangu Untether in anyway. Otherwise, feel free to check it out, although you’ll likely disappointed—we’re not expecting much more than bug fixes here.

We’re currently installing the beta, though, and will update this post if we find anything. If you notice any changes from previous versions, be sure to email us at or leave a comment below, preferably with a screenshot of the change.

Additionally, Apple has also released new beta software for Apple TV.

  • port87

    (Heavy Breathing) hopefully does not kill JB when official comes out. =(

    • Yes, they will

      • XZavier

        probably will :

    • Yermum

      It did.

  • If Apple could just give up on killing jailbreaks, they might actually realize that it will help boost sales and happiness for their customers. Just a thought…

    • Ivan Diardo 

      If you knew why Apple patches up the Jailbreak everytime, then you wouldn’t be saying this. :v

      • nonchalont

        Exactly, in sum, Apple is not stopping JB’ing, it’s patching security holes. Jailbreaking and Apple go hand-in-hand or simply, Jailbreaking, makes Apple better 🙂

      • Antzboogie

        We need Apple to have more freedom for developers and Cydia almost all their ideas are from Jailbreaking.

      • Chris

        That freedom is why they continue to patch these exploits, iOS is designed as a sandboxed OS meaning code can’t be executed outside of an app for instance which provides absolute security.

        Apple are always building new SDK’s for developers to provide native and secure access to technologies within the device without destroying all the security protocols built into iOS.

        Jailbreaking essentially opens your device and paints a target on it since tweaks run outside of the sandbox layer, in turn this provides people who like to exploit people to gain access to a huge array of data on the users device apart from the data stored on the A7/A8/A8X Secure Enclave chip.

        To sum up, Apple are doing their job. They provide the most secure mobile operating system but have yet to find ways to for us to customize it to our desire which is a good thing since security is their number one priority.

      • pauleebe

        The first half of what you said is true.

        However, by jailbreaking, you don’t “paint a target on it”. Jailbreaking gives you ROOT access, meaning to the file system, much like we have natively on OS X. Jailbreaking doesn’t make your device any LESS secure than if it wasn’t jailbroken. You can install tweaks, such as Open SSH, which without precautions, can make your device less safe – but this is the case with any software. Jailbreaking also DOES NOT give ANYONE access to the secure enclave chip.

      • XZavier

        And what about all the viruses/malware that have been revealed in jailbroken devices in the past few months?

      • pauleebe

        Care to post where these articles are? I’ve jailbroken every I’ve owned device since iOS 3.0, and never been subject to this, not to mention don’t recall ever hearing or reading about it.

      • Antzboogie

        Well said and agree.

      • Chris

        apart from the data stored on the A7/A8/A8X Secure Enclave chip

        I did say apart from.

        However, by jailbreaking, you don’t “paint a target on it”. Jailbreaking gives you ROOT access, meaning to the file system, much like we have natively on OS X.

        I know what root access means, I know how it works. I can create a tweak today, submit it to BigBoss, have you download it and track everything you’re doing without you knowing; what do you know, now you have a target painted on your device.

        It only takes one rouge tweak to destroy your personal security.

      • Endriu Andrei

        “they provide the most secure os”…that is jailbreaked by hackers 5 minutes after it is released :)))

      • XZavier

        Since when have they ever Jailbreaked it “5 minutes after it is released” last time I checked it usually took them a couple of weeks… or in the case of iOS 7, months…

      • Chris

        5 minutes? really? I think we all missed that announcement on the 18th of October.

      • Endriu Andrei

        And you actually take that literally. You know very well what I ment by that=short time. There was one exception…ios 7…which was jb anyway in the end

      • Chris

        That my friend is something called sarcasm

      • Endriu Andrei

        I think it’s called bs…my friend

      • Antzboogie

        Pauleebe just told you the truth and it is so true what he just said.

      • Chris

        If that’s your perception of the truth so be it, at the end of the day my understanding of UNIX systems, iOS and security in general makes me fully aware of how jailbreaking makes your device vulnerable.

      • Bryan James Bassett

        As true as it is, your response doesn’t fit. He is saying, regardless of what Apple regularly does, they should give up on killing jailbreaks.

      • Jailbreaks are based on security flaws.

    • Chinch07

      Jailbreaks use security holes and flaws to install on iPhones. Apple patches those holes and flaws to prevent security problems. They happen to kill jailbreaks in the process.

      • Yeah, but where do you think half the ideas for major iOS releases comes from? Cydia repos. The card switching style was from GridSwitcher/CardSwitcher (?), the Control Center = SBSettings.

        I think Apple is making bad moves when it comes to the jailbreaking scene. Why couldn’t they make an official tool to get Cydia and jailbreak or put it in everyone’s phones? That way, they can patch up potential security holes and bugs while gathering new ideas for profit in later iOS releases.


      • David Gitman

        They took card switcher from a phone called WebOS

      • ClaudieX X

        THAT phone was the Palm Pre and was a nice phone, but iPhone was better and destroyed it… By the Way… WebOS Was the OS!! Not the phone…

      • David Gitman

        Oh okay

      • Mukund Bhatla

        Man, Long time no see 😀
        Are you working on a setup?, have you updated to iOS 8 and re-jailbroke your device? If yes, please tell me the tweaks and your current setup, please? I find it very difficult to make a new setup cause most of the tweaks are not compatible and icons don’t get themed 🙁

      • David Gitman

        Hey! I am not jail broken, 8.1 clean because it made my phone to be stuck on Apple boot logo

      • Chinch07

        “Understood?” That comes off rude. Try not to do that again.

        And It’s a pipe dream. Apple isn’t going to come out with a tool to safely provide a jailbreak. Does Google come out with a tool to root and android phone?

        If someone doesn’t know what they’re doing once jailbroken they could mess up their phone by installing bad tweaks and etc.. Apple wouldn’t provide a utility to put the general public in a position where dumb people could ruin their phone’s and then blame Apple.

        Apple does not want to be liable.

        You do understand people are capable of putting any sources they want on their device and thus can download what ever they want in a completely unregulated environment.

        Also, If apple ever did such a thing. They would ruin the Jailbreak community by sticking their fingers into things.

        They can gather new ideas without doing such a thing. They have bought out people from the jailbreak community before as well.

      • David Gitman

        You forgot to add understood? In the end 🙂

      • Antzboogie

        Yeah but usually Android phones are rooted even before they are released that’s why I even had an s5. The moment the iPhone 6 Plus got Jailbroken I left back to Apple. I’m sure there’s a lot of us who only buy iPhones for the Jailbreak.

      • Dayton Hasty

        And also if Apple did make a tool to jailbreak, yes they would be poking their fingers where they shouldn’t be and also they would be ruining the fun. I, for one like a challenge. Jailbreaking iOS for someone like a member of the Pangu team is fun. There is no fun in Jailbreaking when everything is just handed to you. Off topic: I liked the challenge and fun of installing OpenSSH with the pangu app and then installing Cydia instead of having it preinstalled. That’s just what kind of person I am. Let me know if you agree with anything I’m saying.

      • Rowan09

        I agree. A Homebrew channel is only good when a system is shutdown and that’s why I knew Cydia for Android wouldn’t work. I’m getting into provisioning profiles and it allows you to install any ipa app through iTunes. This is the same way I got moviebox and XBMC because the jailbreak on my 6+.

      • Doing this would probably kill security researchers need / want to find exploits and destroy all motivation of doing so. Apple would have to rely on things like a bugbounty instead then…

      • Eni

        You are talking shot. if apple accepts jailbreak, than iOS it would be an opensource androidish vulnerable OS.

      • Rowan09

        Then when people downloads pirated apps the news will say iPhones not secure and all hell will break lose. Apple is doing what’s best for the OS and I can’t blame them. It’s no different than if you root an Android it’s no longer covered by warranty.

      • Antzboogie

        They need an open platform or else we wouldn’t need security flaws.

    • David Gitman

      They doing it for you, less hacking and malwares

    • Warmachine69

      Apple patches jailbreaking because it’s a security holl! Apple is big on security and keeping customer data safe. But I agree with you in a way!

    • Allow me to mention that by killing jailbreaks, I don’t mean to just allow holes to be there. I mean that maybe Apple can see the incredible developers of the many jailbreak tweaks as candidates to help make iOS more customizable. This doesn’t mean what they are already doing, which it taking the ideas and claiming them as their own.

      I mean making there be more options for quick reply to messages, I mean a universal placement for which Touch ID can be enabled/disable per application/feature instead of waiting on the app developer to manually code their app to use Touch ID. I mean making customizable Control Center toggles a stock option under the very small Control Center menu in Settings. Sure I love Apple, but everyone wants options.

      • Antzboogie

        Exactly I want freedom and Jailbreaking is awesome and we all Love it!! Main reason I Love Apple is the Jailbreaking.

      • XZavier

        They actually have hired developers from the jailbreaking community… This does not necessarily mean that iOS will get more customizable though…

        All of these features would be nice though 😀

    • Antzboogie

      Very true I wish they would make it more open to Jailbreaking. Pangu really looked out for us. I thank them for that!!!!!!!!

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Technology shouldn’t be bought just for the benefit of exploitation, it should be used for its innovation, security, simplicity and overall enjoyment. To be honest I could care less about jailbreaking and no one should buy anything just for that.

      • Antzboogie

        That was an unfair comment. Innovation comes with the freedom to innovate. How does patching a Jailbreak help innovation. Simplicity comes from ease of use. Quick reply, widgets, better ways of editing your mistakes, themes, your choice of which browser you want to use, blocking ads, need I say more.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        If you read my comment correctly I wasn’t talking about patching jailbreaks. I was simply stating that you shouldn’t buy one only for jailbreaking, but rather for it’s commercial use. What really needs to be done is have these ideas addressed to Apple for them to integrate into iOS and then we wouldn’t need to jailbreak.

    • VictorMartino

      They have to patch it, because people with bad intentions could make malware and stuff like that using the exploit, and they can’t put average users at risk =/

  • The Dark Dragon


  • David Gitman

    Change log:
    “Kills jailbreak”

    • Warmachine69

      Lol hope not!

      • David Gitman

        Well as I saw they added better performance on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. But what about the iPad 3? Pfft apple come on, the iPad 3 has same Chip as the 4S

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Feeling special 😛
        Owning iPhone 4s and apple trying to make iOS 8 better on it 😀 🙂

      • justme

        hope they improve the performance on safari on 8.1.1 for iPad 2 because, is soooo laggy I hate the loop-refresh-page
        if you compare with safari of 7.1.2 this last, is much faster than the actual does

      • andy

        High-five! 😀 same here ipod touch 5th user. Maybe because they aren’t making ipod touches anymore so they though about doing something nice to 4s users 😛
        Since half, personally myself who can’t afford an iphone.

      • andy

        Ah awesome thanks for the reports bro!!! 😀

    • More like “Fixes a problem that allows the installation of Pangu and Cydia. Devices are in our control once again…”

  • iPodDroid

    Probably just Bug Fixes… Just jailbroken my iPhone and I have no intentions of going back to stock until the next major release.

  • Diego Milano

    Hmmm, might as well update and jailbreak even if 90% of all tweaks haven’t been updated, if the latest version proves to kill the jailbreak after all.

  • Matt

    I’m still jailbroken on ios7 waiting for a stable pangu release.. Should I update now?

    • hi


    • Andy Copeland

      Yes, Once they push out this update you won’t be able to upgrade to 8.1 only 8.1.1 You can however, stay on 8.1 until you feel like you can JB. I’ve been jailbroken for about a week now and I’ve had no issues. It’s mostly stable now and most essential tweaks are updated or are in the works.

      • Diego Milano

        Let’s wait for the team to confirm if iOS 8.1.1 is jailbreakable, then we may not even need to worry much about rushing or not.

      • pegger1

        It’s been confirmed.

      • mrgerbik

        Iphone 5 jailbroken here… Some teething issues at the beginning that have been resolved, but zero issues (that i know of) now and lovin it!

    • The Dark Dragon


    • Diego Milano

      Pangu is very stable now. The problem is most tweaks have not been updated yet and will probably take a while, depending on their developers.

  • ins0mniac1

    Dear Apple: If you really must kill the jailbreak with 8.1.1, all I ask is that you hold off on releasing it until I buy my iPhone 6 Plus next week. k thanks, bye.

    • Chris

      If you’re buying it next week it will come pre-loaded with 8.1.

  • Zeyad Kambouris

    Good morning Gentlemen – 8:05 am,

    Maybe it’s a silly question but forgive me.

    Will the Pangu JB tool work on the iOS 8.1.1 (when released)
    as I didn’t upgrade my iPhone 5 yet?

    Still running on iOS 7.1.2 as my favorite tweaks I use not
    updated all to iOS 8

    (I had updated only my iPad mini 2 to iOS 8 and trying the tweaks
    on and check)

    Please advise …

    Thanks …

    • Wolf2000

      Same question here…

    • Chris

      More than likely it will, when Apple release patches they typically don’t alter any core system files that the Pangu JB uses to exploit iOS.

    • pegger1

      Apple typically patches with the next release they can get a fix into. The word out, is that 8.1.1 does kill the jailbreak.
      So yes, you’re better off updating to 8.1 and waiting for your tweaks, than missing out on iOS8 completely.

    • Shawn

      I don’t know if you’ve seen the answer yet but 8.1.1 will patch it.

  • Melma

    All these updates , are updating my mind..

  • Daniel Batista

    Hello, if anyone needs to register the IOS device as a developer to install IOS beta versions, just pay 8$ to paypal with the device model and UDID in the payment description and you will receive the confirmation and instructions.
    Best regards

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      Or do it free yourself and watch a YouTube video

  • Micky Ganon

    I will not repeat the same mistake I did with IOS 7 and 8
    This time I wait until IOS 10

    • XZavier

      O_O your device probably won’t support that…

  • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

    “this release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.”

  • did any of u guys try to use pangu8 restore option to downgrade I cant try it myself cause I have slow internet connection to download an ipsw

    • pegger1

      You can’t downgrade. Unless it’s to a version Apple is still signing.

  • Exstinction

    did they fix the stupid wifi issue?

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Can the Pangu Restore tool downgrade?

    • pegger1

      No. When updating or restoring, the OS version has to be confirmed with Apple’s servers. Only the OS they are signing is allowed.
      There isn’t a hack for that at this point, there hasn’t been for a while.

  • Jeff

    Anyone think I can restore and udate to th version since im getting errors to update and restore to 8.1?

    • pegger1

      8.1.1 is a beta for developers only, if you’re a dev you can get it. But if you were I don’t think you’d be asking.

  • Osama Hamdy El-Sharnoby

    Hope they fix the multitouch problem with iOS 8 / 8.1 on iPads

    • Sandro Michailidis

      And also on the 4S

  • Tavish

    Does this fix rotation problems? I have a 6+ and though it got better with 8.1, it’s not nearly as responsive as 7.1 was on my 5s. All I want is when I rotate my phone for the darn thing to rotate. Sometimes I have to turn it up and then back again before it recognizes I’ve rotated it. So annoying.

  • Andrieux Querido

    The BIG question is, Should i Update my Ipad Air from IOS7 JailBroquen in order to dont lose the iOs 8 JB? Even when most Cydia Aps are not ready yet?

    • pegger1

      Of course you’re better off updating. So what if they’re not ready. You’d rather miss out on iOS8 completely than miss out on a few tweaks for a small time.

  • It’s confirmed, 8.1.1 does in fact patch the jailbreak. So if you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, now would be a good time to make that decision. Or at least update to 8.1 so you can jailbreak later. Don’t OTA though, do a fresh install.

  • Isaac

    So iOS 8.1.1 is right around the corner and Pangu 8 still doesn’t support OS X. K.

    • pegger1

      Separate issues. Nothing stopping you from upgrading to 8.1 and then waiting for the jailbreak.
      Better to be without a jailbreak for a bit, than to miss out completely.
      And there are workarounds to running Pangu on a Mac machine.

  • Michael Hulet

    It seems that PanGu8 will be dead in the water before it’s even ready. iOS 8.1.1 patches at least 1 of its exploits

    • pegger1

      How is it dead in the water? It worked perfectly for my iPhone 6.
      And for anyone who wants to wait till it’s more stable, can still upgrade to 8.1 and wait.

      • Michael Hulet

        I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, but I am saying that by the time the jailbreak itself, all the core packages, and all the fun ones are stable on iOS 8/8.1, iOS 8.1.1 will have already been released, killing this jailbreak

      • pegger1

        That doesn’t stop anyone from upgrading to 8.1 right now. Any device on 8.1 can be jailbroken even if it’s in 6 months. 8.1.1 becomes a non issue.

      • Michael Hulet

        Not exactly. What happens if you screw up some critical part of your device and have to restore? Or maybe you just get a new device? Then you’re out of luck

      • pegger1

        Well yeah if you screw something up majorly that requires a restore. But that’s nothing new. That’s the case right now in iOS7.
        It’ll still be a while before new devices come with iOS 8.1.1.

  • pauleebe

    That isn’t from jailbreaking.

    That’s from using a maliciously created malware infused tool. You are trying to insinuate that BY JAILBREAKING, you get malware. That is not the case. You have to take steps BEYOND jailbreaking alone to run into these issues.

    It’s no different than downloading “Questionable” or pirated media on a computer. There is no protection for a stupid person.

  • justme

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    thanks in advance 🙂