Apple’s acquisition of TestFlight is about to make a big splash when it comes to the general public gaining greater access to developer betas. A short while ago, developers began receiving emails from iTunes Connect alerting them of the wider availability of beta tester invites.

Developers will be able to invite up to 1000 testers to beta test their iOS apps, and it’s all done through a simple email invitation initiated through the iTunes Connect website. Once sent, recipients of the email can accept the invitation and can install the beta app on their iOS devices within the TestFlight app. It seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved. Developers get a super-simple way to manage and send out beta invites, and beta testers potentially receive broader access to the apps that interest them most.

As expected, many developers are anxious to use the new and improved beta testing capabilities of iTunes Connect, and place their in-progress apps into the hands of a greater number of testers. In fact, Fleksy, creators of the popular Fleksy third-party keyboard for iOS, has announced that their first iOS beta is going up today. If you want to try out the TestFlight beta service, you can head over to Fleksy’s site, sign up, and wait for a beta invite.

Those who accept beta invitations will be able to get push notifications for update builds, and provide user feedback, all within TestFlight. In theory, it seems like this will be a much-improved workflow for both developers and beta testers when it comes to testing out new apps and app updates.

If you’ve yet to do so, you can download TestFlight from the App Store for free. Are you excited about the prospect of easily testing out in-beta apps? Have you downloaded TestFlight yet?

  • Shawn

    This is great news. Hopefully thats to people wanting to be early adopters it will mean more stable app releases for everyone.

    • coLin

      can someone send this article to Saurik? we want more stable jailbreak tweaks too!

      • Shawn

        Saurik doesn’t even have anything to do with making jailbreak tweaks outside of substrate

      • coLin

        correct, but he can build up a similar system for testing tweaks

      • Stijn

        testing tweaks already happens, i have tested multiple tweak before they come out. it happens with repos in cydia that are protected so only people who are allowed can add them. it is not as easy as test flight though

  • Technocrz!

    the question is how we will get to these developers to get us enrolled?

    • Stijn

      they send you an email, so you have to send them your email. (i already did with an developer)

  • SkyFall

    Well in comparison to last years Apple, this years Apple is more open. It would be nice to see them open iOS even more (themes, Widgets home screen/lockscreen, better 3rd party keyboards).