iOS 8 is no short of third-party keyboards and we’ve already reviewed the noteworthy ones that bring many new features and provide more customization options. If you ever wanted to gain more control over how the keyboard looks in iOS 7, you should probably check out a new jailbreak tweak known as ColofulKBD Pro by ipon3g.

As its name implies, the tweak allows you to colorize the stock keyboard and bring a new look to it. By now, you must be thinking how this tweak is different from the remaining ones on Cydia that also allow you to customize the color of the iOS 7 keyboard.

ColorfulKBD Pro stands out from the crowd because it changes the color of the keyboard randomly every time it pops up when you want to type a text. This means that you’ll always experience different colors when launching the keyboard. The tweak also allows you to choose a custom background of your own from the Photo library.


After installing the tweak, head to its preference panel from the Settings app to configure it. There, you can enable or disable the tweak on demand, choose a background image of your choice as well as adjust the minimum and maximum degrees of hue, brightness and saturation, allowing you to determine the range of colors the keyboard can adapt.

The only major issue of ColorfulKBD Pro is that the background image of the keyboard doesn’t change when you choose one. Other than this, it works as it should. If you’re really concerned about changing your keyboard’s background rather than its color, I would recommend that you try a different tweak instead.

You can purchase ColorfulKBD Pro from Cydia for $0.99. What do you think of this tweak? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • stoopisdoop

    Ugh!.. Why you always review these ugly tweaks?..

    • Mike

      Lol they aren’t “ugly” tweaks, they just aren’t suited for everyone that’s all. I never liked color keyboard so I have no intention of installing this, but some people like coloured keyboards so they’ll give this a go.

      • #Yussef van de Dag!

        u wot m8? nobody likes this.

  • David Gitman

    Meh, ugly

  • Aviorrok

    Blur Keyboard Pack and Air Keyboard Pack is the best keyboard for iOS 7

  • G-HaB

    Honestly the best keyboard is stock iOS keyboard there is nothing like it

  • Hyr3m

    I think someone puked on your keyboard…


    Just try “LockKeyboard” tweak along with “Flurry” tweak and it will be amazing with translucent keyboard 🙂

    • Julio M.

      Hey, whats the name of that download speed tweak?


        Hope this helps:)

      • Julio M.

        It does! I needed a tweak like that, thanks man!

    • VickiLovesTacos

      hey how did you get that tweak that lets you Spotlight search in the iPhone and AppStore, like your screenshot?