Mail OS X Yosemite

Apple has this morning seeded the sixth Public Beta of OS X Yosemite. The update can be downloaded through the Updates tab in the Mac App Store by all participating members of Apple’s Public Yosemite test program.

The release follows the third GM candidate, as Apple prepares to release Yosemite to the public later this month. Introduced in June, OS X Yosemite brings about new UI design and several other improvements for Macs.

pubic beta 6

With today’s release coming just a few days after the last GM, we don’t anticipate many changes, but we will report anything of note. If you find anything new, email us at or leave a comment below!

  • Anmol Malhotra

    It’s happening! 😀

    • ✯Mike✯

      Am i the only one who doesn’t think dark mode really isn’t very complete? I feel like only a very small part of the UI is changed to dark..

      • Nabil El Hajjouti

        You’re basically saying you think it’s complete, by the way.

      • August Ebbesen

        It’s complete, but only a very small part of it, obviously.

      • DavidGilling

        My issue is with third-party apps having dark icons that become invisible in dark mode, like AirMail, Evernote, Day One and Google Reminders. Other than that it looks nice to me

      • The Zlatan

        Have the exact same problem..

  • Kenan

    Not showing up on my updates.


    I hope there will be a way older macs can use continuity

    • If not we may have to get at least a 2012 model with bluetooth 4.0.

      • jamster440

        it’ll only ever work with bluetooth 4.0 so if your computer doesn’t have that then there isn’t a chance in the world

      • Only because they allow it too, a simple tweak could change that.

      • jamster440

        Only if you have a tweak for the iPhone too but that is a lot of work and it’ll be a lot less practical, i.e. battery life.

      • the same battery on an iMac or Mac mini also, no because they don’t have that limitation? I’m telling you they could allow it if they wanted to.

      • jamster440

        whatever you say

      • What I’m saying it they could easily add more code to let the feature also work with the older generations of bluetooth. Does that make sense to you? Its not hard to make a backwards compatible tweak.

      • ✯Mike✯

        If they made it compatible, it would be more of a problem with everyone complaining about battery life. They made a better decision for the bigger audience

      • You think more people have newer Macs with the new Bluetooth hardware? Think again.

      • ✯Mike✯

        Yes, i did read them. But the battery life on the iPhones are lower when using those devices.. Apple’s choice here is the same as putting iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 and iOS 8 on a iPhone 4s.. they can’t use Airdrop either. It’s their way of slowly phasing out their older devices just like any other company does to keep profit coming. Grow up a little, and stop whining to the best mobile device/computer manufacturer in the market.

      • You say you read them but forget the part saying it could be plugged in to power for the reason ‘Hey Siri’ does. I’m not winning I’m simply defending my point about how they could easily support the older iterations of bluetooth if they wanted too. You grow up pal.

      • It’s not hard to make a control center toggle to toggle continuity in order for it to only run when the toggle is enabled to not drain battery life.

    • Utrarunner5

      It has to have bluetooth low power.

    • madmaxmedia

      What they CAN do is add support for 3rd party bluetooth USB adapters with BT 4.0 (around $10 or so).

      Or we just wait for someone to write a little hack to enable it (probably just a matter of time.)

  • David Gitman

    ios 8.1 beta ?

  • jamster440

    probably no visible changes as its only 55mb

  • Guest

    Hhejjr. Rjjejed hehrhthjr hehekkajs

  • August Ebbesen

    This is new for me

  • Pouya Azizkhani

    I have iphone 6 and macbook pro retina 2014 model and i cant use continuity because they cant connect their Bluetooth’s

    • Jason Whitaker

      you don’t “connect” them, as the only way to do that is via personal hotspot. But rather, you just make sure both devices are logged into the SAME iCloud account and are on the same WiFi network. This includes iMessage, FaceTime, Safari, etc. On both the MAC and iPhone, check FaceTime settings as you must have enabled “iPhone cellular calls”

      • Ryan Bartsch

        You dont even need to be on the same wifi network. At school my phone is on data in my pocket and laptop is on school network and continuity still works! 🙂

  • Utrarunner5

    I can see my iPhone’s hotspot and tether without touching my iPhone!!!

    • dudewassup

      do you still have to unlock your iPhone, cause i can’t see my hotspot unless i do that? 🙁

      • Utrarunner5

        No it needs to be unlocked for mine. And I tried it and it won’t connect

      • dudewassup

        That’s very disappointing. Having to unlock my iPhone reduces the convenience, still a bit of friction in the process.

  • Alberto Espinal

    The beat OS ever!!

  • Chris Weaver

    Has anyone been using the Pubic Build? Curious how stable it is… Dev Build was pretty solid and was fun to test for Shellshock vulnerabilities.

  • Canchume

    when im going to post something in Facebook show that new multimedia menu

  • [anonymous]

    It’s funny how the only source that actually could explain the minute UI differences in each new OS X beta is this Russian iPhone blog I found once when flipping though ten pages in my Google search results.

    • That’s because revealing those details is against the terms and conditions of the Beta Program.

      • [anonymous]

        I guess, but people yap all the time about iOS betas. So..?

  • Chris Tangler

    does anyone know if the localization problem has been fixed? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, when my computer was waking up from being in sleep mode it would reconnect to the network. When doing so, for some reason it would tell me that my computer was already on the network and would change the name from Chris’s MacBook Pro to Chris’s MacBook Pro (1). Then next time to Chris’s MacBook Pro (2). it did this until i reached (12) and a program told me i had to many activated copies of their software in use and wouldn’t let me use the program i purchased. So…could someone let their computer go to sleep and see if this happens to them and let me know. To check, go to System Prefs>Sharing and see if your “computer name” has () with a number in there (ie (1), (2)….).