iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 006)

Vietnamese blog Tinhte.vn on Wednesday leaked [Google Translate] a fresh batch of images showing off what appears to be a noticeably thinner chassis for Apple’s upcoming second-generation iPad Air tablet with Touch ID fingerprint scanning.

Curiously enough, the shots show the recessed volume buttons like on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but no mute switch on the side, in turn prompting watchers to speculate that Apple may have ditched the button due to the tablet’s thin profile.

Speaking of thinness, the unit pictured on the photos is said to measure just 7 millimeters. By comparison, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are 6.9mm and 7.1mm thin, respectively, and the iPhone 5s measures 7.6mm in depth.

Take these images with a heaped spoonful of salt because it’s unclear whether this is a dummy chassis someone in Asia may have created or 3D-printed in their dorm room or one of the prototype units — you can clearly see that the unit lacks Apple’s famous fit and finish and that unmistakably smoked Apple look.

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 007)

Matching up with previous leaks, there’s a new speaker grille design with a single row of larger holes instead of two rows of tiny holes. Again, similar to the iPhone 6 design. Hopefully, the larger holes should enable louder sound.

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 002)

The front plate is reminiscent of the current iPad Air design.

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 001)

Lo and behold, the mute switch that used to be on the right side seems to be missing, for reasons unknown. If Apple’s engineers had to ditch the mute switch due to the device’s thin profile, there may be a software mute switch available in Control Center, but that’s just silly speculation on my part.

For what it’s worth, the current iPads allow users to quickly mute audio by holding down the volume down button. Moreover, iOS makes it easy to assign rotation lock function to the mute switch. Rotation lock is also available via a shortcut in Control Center.

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 003)

Notice a tiny hole on the side shot above? If I were a betting man, I’d say this is for a second microphone to improve Siri performance or for noise cancelation. At any rate, you can clearly see that this particular unit lacks Apple’s fit an finish. But then again, early iPhone 6 leaks were also crude in appearance, but still genuine.

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 005)

iPad Air 2 (tinhte.vn 004)

The Touch ID button seen top of post is made of glass, the blog asserted without mentioning anything about sapphire coating Apple uses to protect the sophisticated fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus.

And here’s a hands-on video, via French blog NowhereElse.fr.

Recode’s reliable John Paczkowski recently reported that the iPad Air 2 is up for an announcement at an Apple media event scheduled for next Thursday, October 16, at the company’s Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino, California.

Among the hardware features we’re expecting: a new speaker grille design, a relocated microphone, a brand new anti-reflective screen coating, Touch ID, an in-house designed A8 or an improved A8X chip possibly with 2GB of RAM for the rumored split-screen multitasking. There should be a gold colorway, too. The device isn’t expected to feature NFC, meaning Apple Pay may be supported for online payments only.

[Tinhte.vn via MacRumors Forums]

  • Jason Baroni

    This iPad is quite thinner than the first Air! Can’t wait to have it!

    • ✯Mike✯

      nice selfie dude haha

      • Jason Baroni

        hahaha thanks!

      • Harold

        I agree 🙂

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        Thank you! From an iPhone 5 for this year World Cup

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      Quite=how much?

  • Joseph

    Any news about the 6th-generation iPod touch? :/

    • Jason Baroni

      I think we may see the future of the iPod this next week alongside the new iPads launch. If we see nothing new, there won’t be a future for the iPod hahaha

      • leart

        I don’t think that apple will stop ipod production. It would cover some kind of cheaper market for who wants to have a ios device but for less money.
        The good time to close ipod line was 2012 after two years of absence and they didn’t

      • Sean Cua

        they’ll probably release a 4.7 inch one, but the last time they updated the iPod touch from what I remember was when they release iPhone 5 not iPad launch. Hopefully they’ll announce an update though.

      • ✯Mike✯

        i would love an updated iPod, but then again it’s coming to a point where you either have an iPhone or you have an iPad. iPod’s are becoming more and more outdated

      • Sean Cua

        iPod Touch + Lumia Phone here. But this days I usually just leave my iPod at home though. Though I’m at fault here, since I don’t even touch my phone except for calls and texts. But yea, I could see how iPads are making iPods outdated.

      • leart

        Before i become a idevice fan i always used nokia and have to admit that nokia is very good in music quality, i enjoyed a lot listening in my good old e72, whata great phone 3 days of heavy usage battery and internet and email push always on

      • ✯Mike✯

        yeah exactly.. i hate it because for the longest time i had a droid and a iPod and I loved the iPod’s design but it’s just such a bother to keep up with two devices and they don’t work together at all. I think it’d be cool to have a way for NFC to work on an iPod though..

      • leart

        I really dont remember well it was on iphone or ipod launch, but im hopeling they will release a new ipod even i know that it will use 5 or 5s specs 😉
        Dont why but ipods have a certain old fashion

  • Concerned in app purchaser

    Looks much bigger than the last iPad.

  • Sean Cua

    Bend the iPad!

  • Rev Joel

    “The device isn’t expected to feature NFC…”

    I can’t imagine someone trying to pay with their iPad. The visual is hilarious. OK, iPad Mini maybe…

    • ClaudieX X

      the same hilarious than it was taking photos with it…

    • Jason Baroni

      Well, people still use the iPad as a camera, anyway…

      Galaxy tablets are also phones too! hahaha

      I believe in everything!

  • ClaudieX X

    Where is my future iPad mini ?????

    • Jason Baroni

      May be at Foxconn

  • s0me

    They could have included the fingerprint sensor last year, but why do that if you could milk customers some more. They will include it in the ipad mini too of course.

    • TJ

      No, they couldn’t include the Touch ID sensor last year. Yield rates were low and demand was high for the iPhone 5S so there weren’t enough sensors to go round. What do you do, cause delays to both your new iPhone model and new iPad lineup or include Touch ID in the iPhone to get those out the door and leave the iPad for a year without it.

  • Matt Taylor

    It looks bent to me

    • Jason Baroni

      Don’t put this new iPad on your pants back pocket, neither try to sit down on it.

  • Stefano

    The mute switch just hasn’t been milled out yet. Come on guys.

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    But I want a mute switch.