Mail OS X Yosemite

Alongside beta 2 of iOS 8.1, Apple has today seeded Golden Master candidate 2.0 of OS X Yosemite. The update can be downloaded either through the Updates tab in the Mac App Store, or through Apple’s Mac Dev Center by registered developers.

This marks the tenth and possibly final developer beta of Yosemite as Apple prepares to officially release the software to the public later this month. Introduced in June, OS X Yosemite brings about new UI design and several other improvements for Macs.

Additionally, Apple has pushed out Public Beta 5 of Yosemite for its testing group. With today’s releases coming just a week after their predecessors, we don’t anticipate many changes, but we’re installing them now and will report any notable differences.

If you discover anything new, please email us the details, and if possible screenshots at Or you can leave a comment regarding the change below!

  • Tom


  • Marijan

    How big is update?

    • jamster440

      tiny, took seconds to download

    • Stijn

      104 MB is the PB

    • James Gunaca

      GM Candidate 2 is 104MB.

  • Stijn

    trash icon seems to be changed a bit when full. not a good change IMO

    • Ian Leon


    • James Gunaca

      I compared to GM Candidate 1 and it’s identical.

    • Kr00

      Maybe you’re throwing the wrong kind of stuff into your trash?

      • Stijn

        thats possible

  • August Ebbesen

    Don’t know why, but I get a little excited when I see a new update to Yosemite.

  • NeftyCorrea

    UPDATED ! 🙂 AND IOS 8.1 BETA 2

  • Fanboy 

    Apple is busy, busy, busy! 😀 feeling good about OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1!

  • Sⅈℕœ∂ℯ™

    I am still waiting.

  • BEDU

    It’s the same as previous beta

    • Maxim∑

      no the gloss on pixel 432x,253y has shifted hue by .0001%. Its unapologetically less reflective

      • BEDU

        Wow That’s a HUGE difference, thanks

    • Stijn

      it became more transparant

  • Josiah Nash

    I updated to the public beta. It tells you to turn on file vault, after install.

    • Kr00

      Because of keychain sharing, you need it turned on for security reasons.

  • Beau

    same thing here. Don’t know what happened.

    • xigtus

      Somehow I can make it work by restoring the hosts file to its original state. Now updating to public beta 5.

      • Beau

        Appreciate it. It worked!

      • Tarek

        how u do that please help

  • ✯Mike✯

    Sadly, no major changes. I still have issues with safari loading web pages.. Had it since dp 6 i think.

    • Kr00

      Delete the cache’s and cookies and turn off third party extensions. Most of them aren’t optimised to run of beta software.

  • Joosia

    Don’t know about others but it seems like the yosemite beta 5 made my mba a lot faster and all the animations run really smoothly now 🙂

  • Nicholas Godoy

    Was having problems with my MacBook Pro since beta 1. When the battery died it would not wake up, and I had to manually reboot it. OSX Yosemite GM Candidate 2.0 seems to have fixed that. YAY

  • Abinash Shaw

    The first thing I noticed is the grey category icons in the Mac App store turned black!