Photos for iCloud (image 001)

Apple is most likely developing a Photos web app for to support desktop viewing of photos backed up in iCloud Photo Library using any computer with a standard-compliant web browser, according to a screenshot and other evidence discovered Wednesday in an Apple support document by Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac.

Furthermore, error messages from shown when trying to access the URL strongly indicate there’s a Photos app in development for iCloud’s interface on the web.

The top image used in Apple’s help document clearly shows the non-existent Photos icon in the’s main navigation menu. Seen below is the error message saying “there was an error loading an application” when attempting to access

Photos for iCloud (image 002)

In addition to the user-facing interface, developers also have access to the website where future features are being tested. The fact that the iCloud beta site responds with an error message to the URL is the strongest indication yet that the Photos web app, if any, would eventually be located at the URL when ready for public consumption.

I should also point out that accessing other URLs like or yields no error message whatsoever, another proof that some sort of a web app has been locked at the URL.

I have no doubt in my mind that a web-based Photos app is in the works. It makes a lot of sense to be able to access our iCloud Photo Library in a web browser, in addition to the stock iOS 8 Photos app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Just recently, Apple introduced the new iCloud Drive and Settings web apps for the portal. Therefore, if we can now access our files in iCloud Drive using a web browser, why not our photographs, too?

iCloud Photo Library is currently in beta (funny you should ask). A Mac version of the Photos app is in the works and due for public release at some point next year. As you know, Apple has stopped development of the iPhoto and Aperture software for the Mac in favor of the upcoming Photos for Mac software.

Is the Photos web app a good idea, do you think?


  • Chocolatewe

    i just woke up, lol morningggg 😀

  • iBanks

    Good. The main thing I missed about MobileMe

    • mike

      Can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve seen that name.

    • Marcus

      What else do you miss about MobileMe?

      • iBanks

        Nothing. The rest was rolled over to iCloud.

      • Marcus

        Oh ok. You said that Photos was the main thing you missed about MobileMe, implying that there were multiple things you missed about it.

  • Eni

    Out of topic: is 7.1.2 still singed?

    • Si, Yes.

    • andy

      Yes ios 7.1.2 is still signed!!!
      OMG this is probably one the longest lasting signing, its meant to be closed by now already haha!! but im still pleased!!!

      • Actually quite a iPhone softwares are still able to be signed to this day! including 4.1, and 4.2.1 for certain devices. Hopefully they keep this up and add a few more to the list.

      • andy

        Yeah insane ey!

      • Julio M.

        How can I know which iPhone softwares are still being signed by apple?

      • Eni

        I wanted to try the 8 but i am afraid that i will be stuck with the 8 🙁

      • andy

        Hahha yeah dont worry you wont! 🙂

  • JRnyc

    oh wow, this will probably make it much easier for hackers releasing all of those celebrity nudes.

    • Jerry


  • Micky Ganon


  • Dan

    It makes a lot of sense to be able to access our iCloud Photo Library in a web browser, in addition to the stock iOS 8 Photos app on the iPhone

    how do you do this? The pictures I have in iCloud drive do not appear in my stock photos apps. The only pics I see are the ones I took and the pictures synced through itunes.

  • Akicyron

    Apple to increase iCloud free storage to 10 GB…. THAT SHOULD BE THE NEWS…

    • andy

      For free 10gb not 5 gb 😀

      • Agru

        “Apple” and “free” don’t like each other

    • Fanboy 

      You can get a whole 20GB of online storage, basically for free. It cost 0.99 cents a month…. If you can’t afford $0.99 a month, I’m not sure you should have a $650 phone to begin with

      • Héctor Viveros

        This! ↑

      • Akicyron

        The question is never about affording an iPhone … its about the overall experience and facilities such as free larger iCloud storage as an apple customer , Something in free shall all always give you sense of happiness… For my iphone 5s it shall be a bonus of additional cloud space. 🙂

      • Fanboy 

        I think Apple was pretty generous with 5GB of cloud space, seeing as how I only get 2GB from Dropbox for free when you sign up. 🙂

      • Marcus

        Dude you’re so cheap… I feel like you’re the kind of jailbreaker that pirates Cydia packages and App Store products.

  • Woodlandstar

    I can’t say I’m surprised by this, it was pretty much expected really. But good news it’s on the way… Hopefully sometime this year lol

  • af0erster31

    Does anyone know if iMessage will be featured in webapp

  • Martynet

    there should be 1TB free with every iOS device or mac purchase. And access to all my iPhoto pictures from anywhere.

    • Dan

      Apple is too cheap to even give 5GB PER device, it’s 5GB total… Dream on with 1 TB

  • solidsephiroth

    I think I’ll keep my photos on the phone or my PC for the time being after what happened recently with iCloud.

    • Ricky

      Does that mean that you’ve been sending dirty pics from your phone lol

      • solidsephiroth

        Nah. If I send any, they’d probably return them anyway. 😉

      • Ricky

        hahahaha yeah probably mine too

  • Zach Krase

    I just want to be able to access my music from any computer.

  • Gary LE

    This article has the most confusing ever topic ever!! What the hell is icloud drive and icloud ohoto library (beta)?