iPad Air 2 mockup (TLD Today 002)

Apple is planning to unveil a new iPad Air next month, according to a new report from the Commercial Times. The Taiwanese news outlet says that the refreshed tablet is entering mass production this month, and will be ready to ship by mid-October.

Interestingly enough, the site claims that the next iPad mini may not launch alongside the new Air. Instead, it says the second-gen Retina iPad mini could be delayed until early 2015, meaning it could land around the same time as the rumored iPad Pro.

We’ve heard several reports over the last year or so claiming that Apple is working on a larger iPad. The most recent chatter points to a larger 12.9-inch iPad landing in the first half of next year, so in that regard, the Commercial Times’ info matches up.

However, we’ve seen no evidence that the new Air and new iPad mini will be launching separately, and the strategy does not line up with Apple’s previous behavior. Since its introduction in 2012, Apple has updated its 7.9-inch and 9.7-inch tablets together.

Thus far, the consensus has been that Apple will host a media event in October to launch OS X Yosemite, unveil some new Macs and update both of its iPad lines. The tablets are expected to gain support for Touch ID, A8 processors and other improvements.

[Commercial Times via MacRumors]

  • Mike M. Powell

    OSX Y/ New iPad mini announcement yeah baby!! 😀

  • LifelessPotato

    Sure hope not – would be silly to have a Mini and Air released separately. Hopefully we’ll see some new iPods as well, although I won’t be holding my breath!

    • Virus

      They was all saying the 5.5 inch iphone 6 was going to late and come out next year and never happened

      • im2slick4u

        In a way it kind of is considering that most people who ordered an iPhone 6 Plus won’t be getting it until October.

    • ishyg

      “Hopefully we’ll see some new iPods as well, although I won’t be holding my breath!”

      Seeing as they have only recently refreshed the 16GB iPod Touch line, I won’t be holding my breath too. But I’d like to see a next-generation with at least A6 inside. A5 is quite outdated.

  • Freddie Webster

    So we not gonna say anything about a new iPod touch

    • Jonathan

      With an A8 chip and Touch ID? That’d be one awesome iPod Touch.

      • Freddie Webster

        It wouldn’t be likely have an A8 Chip “yet”, most likely an A6 Chip.

      • Andrew Roth


      • Jonathan

        I’d say A7 minimum. If I remember correctly the latest and greatest at the time was the A6/A6x, and the A5 is basically a step down. Now, A8 is the latest and greatest, and Apple would probably do an A7, or go all out and give it an A8.

      • Marcus Winchester

        Or go all bold and announce the death of the iPod. It feels like they’re moving closer and closer to killing the iPod and now with the death of the Classic and no new releases since 2012, I am doubtful of hearing anything on a new line this year. I personally hope they release a new line though if just for the case that it will finally kill off the A5 chip. That chip has been around since the iPad 2, its ancient and as it stands, remains in Apple’s lineup with the Apple TV, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini Gen 1 and 5th ten iPod Touch.

      • Jonathan

        Hmmm.. it’s not the biggest income for the company, probably the smallest (or Apple TV. not sure) but you’re not going to get a 5 year old an iPhone, well, most of them. And some people up to their teens still don’t have an iPhone. So, an iPod touch fit that perfectly.
        We’ll have to see though.

      • Aaron

        Exactly. The ipod touch is literally a “training wheel” for the iPhone and gets kids hooked into the ecosystem from a young age. I have family of around 8-13 and although the odler ones are getting iphones now, they all had ipod touches & used them to talk to their friends at school. remember, kids can’t (legitimately) use facebook until they’re 14 or something, so they do serve a purpose.

      • Jonathan

        Quite true!
        And it’s 13 for Facebook.
        (shhh… I signed up when I was 12..)

  • Salar

    I would never guessed apple would make so many different sizes of basically the same product.

  • ins0mniac1

    The next Air better come with at least 2 GB of ram. If Apple want to position it as a true multi-tasking laptop replacement (and more and more people are using their tablets for productivity) its essential to increase the ram so that multiple tabs can be left open in Safari (and more apps in frozen state) without constant refreshing. It would also be great to see iOS8 adopt a split screen tablet mode to have 2 apps running side by side. I love my Air, but I’m hanging for some true multitasking.

    • Kurt

      and at 12+ inches

      • Dan

        imo I wouldn’t want 12 inches, too big to be hand held, wouldn’t mind a 16:9 ratio though

    • Dan

      I doubt it, Apple was too cheap to give 2 GB or RAM to their phones, the iPad usually follows along the same specs. They don’t care, people will still gobble up their products.

      • ins0mniac1

        Maybe, but they are positioning the iPad as more a productivity device these days though so there’s a chance. You could be right though, we’ll see.

    • Jonathan

      Remember hidden code found in iOS 8 beta showing a possible split screen capability for iPad? It might be revealed at the October event..

      • ins0mniac1

        Definitely. That’s what made me think of it when I was typing that. Really hope that code is the new split-screen mode we’ve been waiting for 🙂

      • Jonathan

        My guess would be iOS 8.1?

  • Miqdad

    The rumor better be wrong, I just can’t wait to get my hands on the mini. Full sized Ipad too big for me. Oct 21 can’t come soon enough

  • Anthony Antunez

    I really hope Apple makes a Surface Pro type product. The Surface Pro 3 is actually really cool but I just wish it ran OS X lol.

    • Marcus Winchester

      we all want it to run OS X, Windows just looks and feels outdated, especially in Windows 8. I can actually tolerate Metro but the desktop makes me want to vomit

  • Andrew Roth

    IPod Touch 6 will be there as well.

  • Watch as iHypocrites change their tone when Apple releases their own “Refrigerator Toaster”…yeah yeah, “who cares” is what you’re thinking, it’s just really disturbing seeing such hypocritical comments.