Apple Watch (Retina display 001)

Apple has rejected tiny panels made by rival Samsung’s display-making arm for its wrist-worn smartwatch and has instead opted in favor of curved AMOLED screens made by LG Display, claims a supply chain report filed Wednesday by DigiTimes, a somewhat accurate Taiwanese trade publication.

Citing unnamed sources at LG Display, the publication reports LG Display will supply AMOLED panels for the Apple Watch. “Apple will reportedly not purchase AMOLED panels from Samsung Display and instead will have LG as the sole panel provider for the Apple Watch”, the sources indicated.

Shipments are expected to reach about five million a month in 2015, the report notes. The figure indicates Apple must be shooting for an annualized sales in the ballpark of at least fifty million Apple Watches in 2015 versus the most optimistic estimate pegged at about 37 million units.

The Cupertino firm has previously said it expects the device to be released within the first quarter of 2015, starting at $349 for the entry-level model.

While not the most accurate of sources, DigiTimes knows its Asian supply chain inside out, including stuff like semiconductors, mobile screens and component procurement, so I won’t be shocked should this rumor prove true.

The Apple Watch is outfitted with a Retina display, suggesting a pixel density of about 300 pixels per inch.

While little is known as to the device’s screen resolution, Apple’s promotional video seen below reveals (mark 3:09) that the flexible screen is laminated to a machined and polished single crystal of sapphire, the second hardest transparent material after diamond.

AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) technology provides higher refresh rates than passive-matrix OLED screens while consuming significantly less power compared to the traditional LCD technology used on iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s been distancing itself from Samsung ever since the two technology giants have entangled themselves in a complex web of lawsuits spanning continents.

The break-up began a few years ago when the Cupertino firm started introducing new companies into its supply chain for iPad and iPhone screens. Fast-forward to present time and Apple is now thought to be relying on TSMC, a Taiwan-based semiconductor foundry, to produce the A8 processor for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Moving its lucrative chip-making contract away from Samsung files as a major blow to its arch-enemy Samsung, which used to exclusively churn out mobile processors for iOS devices at its multi-billion dollar facility in Austin, Texas.


  • This just in. Since the beginning of time, LG and sharp and other screen manufactures provide displays for almost all of their devices. If Apple wanted to use a higher res screen to match other companies they would lol.

  • At the risk of sounding like a fanboy (note: I am one); Apple moving such contracts away from Samsung can only make it more difficult for Samsung to copy.

    • Jason Baroni

      Agreed. Better LG to copy than Samsung.

    • Domodo

      This bullshit is getting ridiculous. If there wasn’t for, among others, Samsung, you wouldn’t even be looking at the iPhone 6 Plus, let alone the Apple Watch. Instead of flaming Samsung, you should be thanking them for pushing things forward. Can’t your puny minds wrap around the idea of competition, or do you live in your own personal bubble where every single thing that came out of Apple was a revolution that changed the world?? Ping and Notification center, for example.

      • Again, at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, to me the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an iPhone 5s copy through and through…

      • Domodo

        By through and through you mean chamfered edges and chamfered edges alone, because that is the only thing that can possibly resemble the iPhone? Right.

      • I mean it actually looks like an iPhone 5s. I wouldn’t even be able to tell it apart from an iPhone 5s if I saw it from a distance. It has an uncanny resemblance which I feel is no coincidence. Heck it’s even a similar size to the iPhone 5s. Nothing about it screams ‘original’. Samsung had one objective and that was to copy the iPhone 5s. They succeeded…

      • Domodo

        I mean it actually looks like an iPhone 5s. I wouldn’t even be able to tell it apart from an iPhone 5s if I saw it from a distance.

        This is bald faced lie, the equivalent of saying you couldn’t tell the difference between a Ferarri and a Ford from a distance because they both have four wheels.

        We both know you would easily be able to tell the difference, it’s just one of us is willing to admit it.

      • This is bald faced lie

        No lie, just the truth. The truth hurts doesn’t it…

      • Domodo

        No pain what so ever; no truth what so ever.

        Since I don’t have any issues differentiating between the two from a distance, I would suggest you stop with the misinformation or pay a visit to an opthamologist.

      • sdhn

        Have you played the ‘Name this Samsung rectangle’ game? No? It’s a great quiz! Here:


        Replace (dot) with .

        This seems to tie in with what you’re saying about how you /wouldn’t even be able to tell it apart/.

        I got 2, enjoy!

      • Domodo

        So which one of those resembles the iPhone? Hmm.

        I’ll take E: None of the above.

      • SkyFall

        I got 9 out of 12.

      • SkyFall

        “If there wasn’t for, among others, Samsung, you wouldn’t even be looking at the iPhone 6 Plus, let alone the Apple Watch. Instead of flaming Samsung, you should be thanking them for pushing things forward”

        If there was no Samsung there would have been another company to produce displays for the iPhone (ex. Sharp, LG …etc…) Samsung doesn’t push things forward, they are going with the rest of the flow. What features you see in the Note (and in general iOS and Android) series (true multitasking) are taken from features of Mac OS X and Windows and mainly from the Jailbreak community.

      • Domodo

        The argument works both ways. If there wasn’t for Apple, someone else would have firgured out the best smartphone formula. We can already see Samsung was on a good path before the iPhone was released.
        Well, if we’re going to put it that way, Samsung is going with the rest of the flow the fastest.

      • have_gun_will_travel

        They ONLY thing you have proved is that Ron White is right!

    • Fanboy 

      I too, am a fanboy

  • sdhn

    People hated the iPhone 4 design at first …. then they loved it …. and they hated the iP5 design … then they loved it …… people hated on the iP6 design too ….. and they (well, I) love it……. people hate on the Apple Watch design ….. lets see?

    • Jason Baroni

      I strongly agree with you. You gotta see people getting used to the digital crown and thanking Apple for the design.

      • sdhn

        These things (like in the past) take time. I may be one of the few that really like the Apple Watch design and the digital crown … I feel a smart watch shouldn’t just be an extension of your phone, but a powerful device on your wrist. Using an AMOLED displays should hopefully increase on battery life, thus making it much more appealing – thus greater sales…

    • BozzyB

      I still dislike all of them except the original iphone because design overshadows function. The watch design is just – rounded. Though it is a square watch. Funny incident… 🙂

  • Andon M. Coleman

    Good to see Apple reversing their policy on OLED vs. IPS. Maybe they’ll switch to OLED for their other devices too?