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T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier, this past weekend told technology website Re/code that devices upgraded to iOS 8, including the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, will be soon available through its ‘Test Drive’ program. Introduced at its ‘Uncarrier 5.0’ event back in June, ‘Test Drive’ allows customers to borrow an iPhone free for a week to test out T-Mobile’s network.

The carrier will upgrade test units to iOS 8 shortly following the software’s public release Wednesday. They’re also planning to add the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units to ‘Test Drive’ though no firm timeframe was provided for that.

“We don’t have a definitive timeline, but we do intend to switch over in future,” a T-Mobile spokesperson told Re/code. “There are a variety of factors that affect that timeline, (including) product availability.”

Earlier this morning, Apple announced collecting four million pre-orders for the iPhone 6/Plus in the first 24 hours, representing a twofold increase over the two million pre-order sales for the iPhone 5 in 2012 and setting a new record for iPhone pre-orders.

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T-Mobile last week rolled out Wi-Fi Calling which the new iPhones support out of the box. Wi-Fi Calling will be also supported on older iPhone models via the upcoming iOS 8 software update.

T-Mobile also said travelers can take advantage of free text and picture messaging and free visual voicemail on flights that use inflight Internet service provider Gogo.

Lending a brand spanking new iPhone for a week — and free of charge — is a nice bait for customers who are considering switching from a larger carrier like Verizon or AT&T but are concerned about the quality and coverage of T-Mobile’s nationwide network.

You can sign up for ‘Test Drive’ over at the T-Mobile website.

Participating in the program will place a $750 hold on your credit card. Moreover, you’ll be charged $100 for any damage.

[Re/code via MacRumors]

  • Zachary Sloane

    I just signed up for the test drive before I re-neg’d my contract with AT&T. They have been getting worse lately, and I have been hearing good things. My 5S should arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait to test it out!

    • James Gunaca

      Depending on your location, your mileage may vary. I did a test-drive here in Seattle and it just destroyed AT&T when compared to another iPhone 5s. Pre-ordered my 6 through T-Mobile and when it arrives I can’t wait to call & cancel AT&T.

      • Zachary Sloane

        That’s what I’m hoping for. All my T-Mo friends have switched from Verizon or AT&T and they love T-Mo. I’m in Los Angeles too, so i know the coverage should be ok for the most part. And if it’s not, WiFi Calling! 🙂

      • James Gunaca

        Yeah out of home coverage is what’s most important to me. Speed is my biggest factor.

      • Zachary Sloane

        So my office, the service is questionable and my home the same. Luckily for me, iOS8 comes out today and I’ll upgrade to test WiFi calling and see how it does roaming onto and off of WiFi to LTE. Ran a few speed tests, and got solid speeds.

      • James Gunaca

        From what I’ve read, seamless transition from Wifi to cell is only on iPhone 6.

  • Jonathan

    T-Mobile users, if I buy an iPhone contract free, does it come unlocked, so that I can use it on any carrier without any fee? I’m not an expert in this area.

    • Mikasa Ackerman

      Some say yes, some say no. Conflicting answers from both Apple and T-Mobile. However, historically, yes it’s unlocked only for international use.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Ill try popping in my wife’s sim card into mine today and check if it works with hers. I’l get back to you on that.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks for checking. =)

      • Gustavo Mirabal

        Just leaving a comment so i can track your response as well 🙂

    • Maxim∑

      yes you can use it on any GSM carrier (straight talk, ATT,Tmobile etc..) You wont have to pay a fee, just look in the prepaid plan section not the regular place

    • James Gunaca

      When you buy via Apple and not use an installment plan from T-Mobile, yes.

      • Gustavo Mirabal

        can it be used abroad?

      • James Gunaca

        If it’s within one of the 120 countries they provide free data and texting in,

    • Matt

      If you bought an iPhone contract free from Apple, your phone will not come unlocked. However, T-Mobile will be able to unlock your device for you after 40 days of service.

      • Jonathan

        What if I went to a T-Mobile store and bought an iPhone there? (and paid the full price there that day)

    • Gary LE

      It seems to depend on the which carrier you buy it from i think. Some are contract free but yet they are locked. So be careful.

      • Technocrz!

        i dont get it, when he is paying full unlocked price then why its locked on Tmobile, what Tmobile is offering him to lock his phone instead, i don’t know what is that logic.

  • Trevor Salmon

    I’m actually getting my test drive phone today. If I like the service, I’ll be making the switch from AT&T. Would love to give a big ‘Screw you’ to AT&T.

  • Fanboy 

    I love how they offer the iPhone for testing out their network. They’d never let potential customers test drive their network on a POS android 😉

  • Brandon Michael

    received my test drive phone today. LTE speeds are really fast. just need to drive around the area and check out work etc to see if i have service.

  • bishopeugene

    Still waiting on the Iphone 6 plus test drive.