Activator 1.8.3

As a staple in the jailbreak community, Activator needs no introduction. This very deep and powerful tweak allows you to take advantage of a combination of gestures and specific events to create a virtually endless combination of actions on your iOS device.

Today, we’ve put together a list of some useful Activator actions/gestures you can set up on your iOS device. This is just the tip of the iceberg because with Activator, you can create an endless combination of gesture controls. The actions mentioned below do not make use of jailbreak tweaks, they are completely dependent on the stock iOS features.

Quick respring

By default, when you press the Sleep button, you’re device will be locked while short holding it will allow you to switch off your device. You can make the Power/Sleep button more useful by assigning a respring action whenever you double press the button.

How: Go to Activator > Anywhere and tap ‘Double Press’ option under Sleep Button section. Now scroll to the ‘Switches’ section and select ‘Respring’.

Save your battery

One of the most useful actions in Activator is the ‘Battery Drains’ option which allows you to indicate what action the device should take when the battery goes below a specific level.

Currently, when the battery level of my iPhone goes below 15%, the device automatically turns off Cellular Data and Bluetooth. If it reduces further below 10%, the Wi-Fi is switched off and the brightness is automatically reduced to 20%.

How: First you’ll new to create two new custom events. To do so, launch Activator and press the ‘More’ button in the top right corner. You’ll see a list of all the events you can create. Press the ‘Battery Drains’ option, slide the knob to 15% and click the ‘Save’ button. Perform this step again to create another event for 10% battery level.

Now, go to Activator > Anywhere  and you’ll see two new Activator actions that you just created below the ‘Battery Level’ section. Press the ‘Battery Drains Past 15%’ option and scroll down to the ‘Switches (Deactivate) section’. Now, select the switches that you want to be disabled such as Cellular Data and Bluetooth. To automatically reduce the brightness to a specific level, tap the ‘More’ button and choose ‘Set Brightness’.

Perform the above steps again to set the actions when the battery level goes below 10%.

Quickly switch to the Previous/Next track

When you have Activator, you can do so much more with the volume buttons rather than use it for adjusting the volume only. You can use the short hold volume up button to go to the next track while the short hold volume down button can be used to go to the previous track. This way, you no longer need to open your device to do it or even when you’re in an application, you can just make use of the volume buttons to change the song.

How: Head to Activator > Anywhere > Up Short Hold, and choose ‘Next Track’ from the Audio section. The same applies for going to previous track, but this time open ‘Down Short Hold’ gesture and choose ‘Previous Track’

Quickly compose a new email

One of the most interesting features of Activator is that you can assign flick gestures as well. For instance, you can flick up the Mail icon to compose a new email, flick up the Safari icon to launch Chrome browser or swipe up the Message icon to write a new message. There are various other gestures as well such as flick right, left or down and you can assign any app, action or toggles to each of these gestures.

How: To create a new email when you swipe up the Mail icon, go to Activator > Anywhere and tap on the More button in the top right corner. You’ll see an Icon Flick Up event. Press it and choose the Mail app from the list of applications. This activates the swipe up gesture for the Mail app.

Now, go back to Activator > Anywhere and press the Mail Icon Flick Up action from the Springboard section. Scroll down to the sharing section and select Compose Mail.

Toggle switches on a specific schedule

Did you know you could use Activator to automatically switch off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data when the specified time has passed? For instance, I’ve set Activator to switch off Wi-Fi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth, and enable Do Not Disturb mode when the time passes 1 a.m. This also saves your device’s battery while it’s not in use and ensures you’re not disturbed by alerts or phone calls while sleeping.

How: Navigate to Activator > Anywhere and press the More button. Now tap on the Scheduled option and select the scheduled day and time when you want specific actions to take place. Go back and open the custom event you just created from the Scheduled section. Now, select Wi-Fi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth from the Switches (Deactivate) section and choose Do Not Disturb mode from the Switches (Activate) section.

Activate the App Switcher

When you swipe up from the bottom part of the screen, Control Center is launched. You could use Activator to launch the App Switcher when you swipe up from the bottom right of the screen rather than double pressing the Home button.

How: To assign this action, go to Activator > Anywhere > From Screen Bottom-Right. First, you’ll need to select the Do Nothing option so that Control Center is not launched when the gesture is invoked. Then, choose Activate Switcher under the System Actions section.

Enable/disable vibrations when device is locked/unlocked

While your device is unlocked and in use, it’s not really required for vibration to be enabled since you’ll be aware of new notifications. You can automatically turn it on or off depending on the state of your device using Activator.

How: In Activator, open Anywhere and tap on Locked under the Device section. Scroll down to Switches (Activate) section and choose Vibration. For the unlocked state, open Unlocked from the Device section and scroll down to Switches (Deactivate) section and select Vibration.

Automatically reduce volume when headphone is plugged into device

Plugging your headphone into your device while the volume is set to maximum will really bust your ears. Personally, I’ve faced this situation many times, but you can use Activator to automatically reduce the volume to a lower level, such as 50%, when you plug in the headphone to your device.

How: Go to Activator > Anywhere and scroll down to the end of the list. You’ll find a Connected option right below the Wired Headset section. Open it and tap on the More button in the top right corner. Now press Set Volume and choose the level that you want the volume to be reduced to. Once done, press Save > Done and choose the volume option you created earlier from the Audio section.

What are your favorite Activator actions?

These are some of the most useful Activator actions you can set up on your device. Obviously, this is not the complete list because there are tons of actions that you can create using Activator, but you can let us know about your favorites in the comments section below.

  • Jonathan

    How about home automation? That’s what I did. 😀

    • Please share your specific actions!

      • Jonathan

        My set up:
        1 Arduino Uno
        1 Relay board for Arduino

        I used code to allow ethernet access through local connection, and then had used the relay board to connect the lights.

        With that all complete, download Activate Command, an Activator add on.
        For me, a command to turn on the lights were curl -s -S

        Then for my actual activator event, press volume down then up, and vise versa to turn off the lights.
        Works like a charm. 🙂

        If interested, I can include code.

      • That’s pretty cool. How does it work in terms of connecting the lights? Is there some sort of bridge device similar to say the Philips Hue?

      • Jonathan

        Since the installation of the lights aren’t even finished, I can disconnect the lights as I please. I just have a temporary lighting system. I don’t even have a light switch in the wall for it yet lol.

        This is how I wired it:

        All white (or return power) is connected from the lights and to a random outlet. It doesn’t even go through the Arduino.

        Black (incoming) goes through one port on the relay, and then another black going out to all the lights. That part acts as the switch.

        Does that answer your question?

      • Marius Bu

        Hey there, are you by any chance still getting notifications for this old thread? I’ve got a raspberry pi set up to control the lights in my flat. It currently works via a html page with buttons activating php scripts which then run .cpp files to toggle the lamps.
        I sadly am quite an html/php noob – how could I reach a php script through Activate Command?
        Thanks for your time!

      • Victor

        I envy your initiative. I’m lazy and bought the Philips Hue. Still, having Activator toggle HueHueHue whenever I join my WiFi is life changing, haha

  • Fanboy 

    I don’t know why but I have the strongest feeling that a jailbreak for iOS 8 will be released MUCH faster than usual this time! Can’t wait!

    • Victor

      lol nice name FANBOY

      • Fanboy 

        My Apple senses are tingling ~

      • Victor

        lol I really like it though no sarcasm you’re honest

      • At least it makes it pointless for anyone to call him a fanboy since he can just rebuke their statement by saying “Yes I am a Fanboy, just look at my name.”.

    • Jonathan

      I thought that same.

    • Manuel Molina

      While I hope so, I’m always looking at my tweaks in cydia and see how little I’ve used this jailbreak.

      I know for others it’s definitely needed, but a 3 month wait last year wasn’t that bad.

    • Steven Code

      I would be the happiest ever and now that I’m coming back to iOS ahh im coming back soon can’t wait 🙂

  • Gate

    My most used activator action is Lock Device, assigned to Statusbar swipe Right. My iPhone 5’s powerbutton has become unreliable so this is much more convenient. I also use a menu with things like Power Down, Respring, Reboot etc. in Control Center, with a switch using Polus.

    Thanks for the post Ali-H!

    • Mut

      I do something similar. I swipe right anywhere to bring up the switcher. A left swipe in an app will close it and bring me to the springboard. And a left swipe on the springboard will put it in sleep mode. This really helps save the home button.
      The only other one I have is to hold the batter icon on the top right to take a screenshot. Another home button saver.

      • Gate

        Nice actions you’ve assigned there!
        I use Auxo 2 to open the app switcher with a swipe up from the bottom middle and a swipe up from the bottom right to close the app, you should try it if you like to avoid using the homebutton, and Auxo 2 is a great tweak in general :]
        Also, since you use ‘hold battery indicator’ or ‘hold statusbar right’ you could use ‘hold statusbar left’ to acces Wi-Fi settings, just an idea ^^

      • Mut

        Thanks mate!

      • iamlynda

        Hi Mut, I’m new to activator. Like your actions. I would like to set up the screenshot one as you did – could you please tell me how? I’m on Activator>anywhere>statusbar>singletapright>invoke shutter… is this correct?

      • Mut

        Activator>anywhere>statusbar>hold right>take screenshot

  • Skip

    Should have mentioned menus. Let’s you assign multiple actions to a single gesture.

  • Chang in Charge

    only one more week with activator!!

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I use it for automatically enabling and disabling nightmode at specific times.I just wish I could make it automatic but activator always prompts me if I want to enable or disable it.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Using activator to message my phone a specific keyword to remove it from silent mode when i cant find my phone.

    • Jay

      What? Can you explain. For some reason I can’t understand what you mean.

      • Ethan C

        I think he means that he sends his phone a message which triggers the activator action to take it off silent.

        Can’t find his phone > sends it a text or something with the keyword > activator gets the keyword and takes the phone off silent > calls the phone and he can now hear the ringer

      • romeodesigns

        That’s genius!

      • Help me plis

        I need to know how to do this

      • Drift

        How do you even set that up? Activator can recognise keywords in text messages? This is news to me.

      • Drift

        Nevermind. I just discovered it. It’s hidden away that’s why I never noticed it before. I’ve never even looked in that part of Activator.

      • Alex Parra Cardenas

        Launch Activator> Anywhere > More “+” > Received Message > Fill the data and press save > Now browse for the new action you just create in the action list > activate the ringer switcher and deactivate the vibration switcher > Voila !!

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Thanks for making it clearer.

      • Alex Parra Cardenas

        Launch Activator> Anywhere > More “+” > Received Message > Fill the data and press save > Now browse for the new action you just create in the action list > activate the ringer switcher and deactivate the vibration switcher > Voila !!

        PD: Sorry for my bad english – Hi from Colombia !

    • archer14

      How do you use activator to switch on that stupid brain of yours?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Dont have a stupid brain. If you’re looking for advice on operating stupid brains, look for someone like you, bitch.

      • archer14

        Do you use Activator to flush your toilet every time you answer a call? Because your brain got flushed a long time back bud.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Bitch, what do you want? Go jack off your neighbour’s little kid like you always do. Now piss off.

      • archer14

        Whoa, you just proved how much of a turd dump your brain is….jacking off the neighbors kid?…really creative. Bet you use activator to remind yourself to do that too.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        No, you lil shit. Thats what you do. And if i needed to remind myself anything, i have the reminder app. Use that microscopic brain of yours a lil bit.

      • archer14

        “And if i needed to remind myself anything, i have the reminder app” Thanks for proving that you need activator to switch on that stupid ‘brain’ of yours, turd-dump!

      • gittlopctbi

        What a totally uncalled for comment. I guess that indicative of your maturity.

      • Khalid

        unnecessary comment

    • Rahimo

      Can you share this trick with us ???

    • ultra360

      very nice!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    one day it will be able to tie our shoes for us. how epic is that?

  • Am I the only one who is thinking of an nfc-compatible activator for iPhone 6?

  • Joonyaboy

    I doubletap the clock on the status bar to put phone to sleep. Saves wear on actual buttons and can be done with one finger when device is flat on table.

    Also I like to long press the volume down button to mute so that when someone walks up to me at work it pauses my podcast without have to delve into settings. I can do it from my pocket

  • Joonyaboy

    Also useful is long press of the sleep button to open your most used app

  • Waleed

    You know you can use activator actions to work almost exactly like auxo 2 ? 😛

  • Waleed

    By the way! You all should set “long press home button” for Respring ! As sometimes ut phone gets stuck, does nothing, instead of hard rebooting it u can long hold home button to respring

  • Sérgio

    I use these:

    – Vestigo (Anywhere): Slide In Gesture
    Explanation: Accessing WiFi networks stuff while on lockscreen or applications.

    – Sleep Button (Anywhere): Swipe Right or Left (Status Bar)
    Explanation: Very good to lock the screen without moving your fingers from it.

    – LTE / Data (Anywhere): Battery Level < 15%
    Explanation: Battery life reasons.

    – Rotation (In Application): Display Tap (Volume Buttons)
    Explanation: For the people who always use their phones rotation-locked like mine, its an alternative for turning videos into landscape mode. This way I can rotate my video without pausing the video by opening CC.

    – BatteryPeek (Anywhere): Double Tap Right (Status Bar)
    Explanation: I hide my battery percent for status bar space reasons. With this, I can take a quick look at its percent.

    – LastApp (Home Screen / Application): Slide Out Gesture
    Explanation: Returning to the last app very quickly.

  • Finnur Thomsen

    I “long hold” the home button to toggle indoor/outdoor-settings.
    Indoor: GPS and cellular off, wifi on. Outdoor: GPS and cellular on, wifi off. The reason I use the home button is that I’m able to do it with gloves on.

  • jeffrey

    My battery saving combo using activator is thi

    1. Smartclose (Ryan Petrich) assigned to sleep button action.

    2. Deactivate cel data when connecting to wifi (lock screen)

    3. Activate cel data when disconnecting from wifi (lock screen)

    There are some tweaks for the latter two but all I’ve tried haven’t worked quite as easy and efficient as using this meth

    • jeffrey

      Method* for some reason it won’t let me edit the text. Hope this helped somebody 🙂

      • thecrack101

        i was wondering if u really used meth 😛

  • Kanzler

    Sorry 4 Little OT, but is there really no tweak to make MiKey usable on a jailbreak ios device? some things already work with activator, but the iphone thinks a real headphone is plugged in and dont give any sound from the speakers.

  • ahmed

    I use Activator mainly for 2 actions:
    1. Simulating pressing the home button using the touch sensor (I almost never press the home button now and it feels more natural this way)
    2. Locking the device by swiping from the bottom left corner up

  • Guest

    I use Activator mainly for 2 actions:
    1. Simulating pressing the home button through the touch sensor (I almost never press the home button now, and it feels more natural this way)
    2. Locking the device by swiping from the bottom left corner up

    • aakyol

      bro you should use the virtualhomebutton 8 (or might be virtualhome 8 or something). activator is not needed with virtualhomebutton 8 activated. you can adjust the single touch to the fingerprint sensor (not press) as home button, long touch to lock the screen and double touch to access to multitask screen. that is my set up. besides you can change those things as double touch for reachability like iphone 6 plus. and also you can adjust the level of the vibration when you touch to the fingerprint sensor or completely turn the vibration off when touch. i use my fingerprint sensor as the virtual buttons of the samsung smartphones. really cool…

  • ahmed

    I use Activator mainly for 2 actions:
    1. Simulating pressing the home button through the touch sensor (I almost never press the home button now, and it feels more natural this way)
    2. Locking the device by swiping from the bottom left corner up

    • AJM

      But the virtual Home function of Activator is very very slow. You should try “QuickDo”. Does the same as Activator, only more and better.

  • Jeroen Claassens

    Speaking of Activator.. something just came to mind. Though I never really googled it, someone here might know the fix. I have an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.2.1 (with Pangu ofc) and version 1.9.0 of Activator. The problem I keep noticing is whenever I install a package that requires an activator action to trigger, the action is simply not there in the available actions list. This is not based on just 1 package but at least 10. Essentially this renders the installed package useless for me and I end up having to uninstall it because… yeah.. it’s useless.

  • My favourite gestures are tap the volume hud to enable / disable Mini Player and automatically set the brightness to 100% when it is plugged in to charge. I also have some scheduled gestures to enable / disable Eclipse at certain times.

  • Rares

    Activator is the Steve Jobs of jailbreak.

  • Nico Jan

    I’ve set up something to make it easier for me to locate my phone and lock out intruders if my phone is lost. Basically, if the phone receives a text message or email from any sender containing a specific message, it activates wifi, cellular data, location services, and BioLockdown (which is set to lock everything and prevents the intruder from turning any of the functions off without my fingerprint, unless the intruder has basic knowledge on how a jailbroken phone works, which is not that common here in Vancouver) and also disables Airplane and Silent modes. This would give me a rather wide window to use Find My iPhone to locate my phone.

    • Interesting, partial Activator + Find My iPhone = partial iCaughtU Pro…just missing activator options for the following:
      – take front/rare camera picks
      – send e-mail containing dynamic location data (i.e. changes with every e-mail sent depending on where device is located)
      – play a continuous alarm until user chooses to stop it with another action

  • Scott Cain

    Is it possible to use Activator to keep track of how long the phone is unlocked in a given time period and lock the screen after that time is up? So, I could use my phone for an hour spread out over a day, and when I went over, it would lock the screen. While I’d like this for my kids, my wife has also requested it for her phone.

  • Manuel Molina

    The music one is by far my most used one when I’m running or in the car and need a change of song ASAP. I tend to use mine with a volume down and then up to switch forward, and up to down for back. That and swipe selection will be missed after I receive my plus this week.

  • Danny Téllez

    I use double tap on the home button when locked for music skip forward. Easy to press when in your pocket.

  • Evans Anane

    that a deep article, like the gesture that use in turning off wifi and bluetooth

  • ARX8

    Short hold sleep – Open camera (you can invoke camera while you pull the phone out from your pocket)
    Press vol+ and vol- together – safe mode (it’s good to assign this to physical buttons in case phone doesn’t respond)
    Triple press home – rotation lock

    At lockscreen
    Double press sleep – Flashlight toggle
    Double press home- Brightness 20%
    Triple press home- Brightness 100%
    Flick up Facebook- Compose new post
    Flick up Twitter – Compose new tweet
    Flick up mail icon- Compose new mail
    Flick up notes icon- notescreator(tweak)
    Double tap cydia – curiosa (background sources update)
    Double tap Phone icon- Contacts
    Flick up Phone icon – Dialer
    Flick up settings icon- Enable receiving (airblue)
    Flick up Messages icon – Auki compose
    Hold statusbar- Asphaleia control panel
    Music icon flick up- Vol up
    Music icon flick down- Vol down
    Music icon flick left – next track (awesome with infinidock and springtomize coverflow and 5 icon dock)
    Music icon flick right – previous

    In Application
    Triple press home – rotation lock
    Shake – screenshot (useful while gaming)

    • Kanzler

      how can u give specific icons gestures?

      • ARX8

        Tap ‘more’ on top right corner

    • iamlynda

      I’m new to Activator – you have so many awesome ones!! Thanks!

  • ARX8

    Here are some useful actions to secure your phone
    Assign activator to perform different actions like play sound, respring, reboot, enable/ disable data or location, wifi etc when an email/ sms is received with a specific string in them

    For example, my phone will turn on mobile data and location service when I send a text message with a string ‘LOST’ in it, from my mom’s phone.

    • GadgetQueenn

      That’s pretty clever

  • Joe Daddy 713

    You forgot play/pause by pressing both volume up & volume down at the same time. Music controls is the first thing I do after jailbreaking I can’t control from my pocket and don’t have to turn on the screen.

  • Great Scott

    My favorite Activator actions have always been using the tweak LastApp to switch between two apps by swiping left or right on the status bar. Incredibly useful when driving as you can switch from navigation to music in an instant.

    SmartClose on Locked Device, Double tap status bar for Snapper, and Menus for Polus with ProWidgets.

  • Noah

    I have long hold power button anywhere to show a “Power options” menu (can be made on the first page of Activator) and it displays Respring, Reboot, Safe Mode, Power off. Pretty handy since there is a tweak that does this too (but visually better) and Activator is free, whereas the other tweak I’m talking about isn’t.

  • Chumputy

    “First you’ll new to create two new custom events.”.. I guess you were trying to say “First you’ll need to ……” 🙂

  • Suraj Patel

    Both press volume buttons to toggle the flashlight

    I know there are cydia apps to put the flashlight on your lockscreen, but this is so much more convenient.

    • czbird

      Same here 🙂

  • Tim

    My iPhone 5s always has that loading icon all the time, I’m not sure what’s busy in the background. I am not syncing iCloud, music updates, app updates is turned off for cellular radio. I checked my carrier data bundles and they don’t seem to be depleting, any ideas on how to find what’s busy on the background? Also there is no apps running in the app switcher

    • SoylentGreen

      With that much mail im guessing you have push enabled, turn it off maybe the answer, activator, statusbar swipe right = sbpoweralert Swipe left = invoke auki QC double tap left = compose tweet, double tap anywhere =’invoke swicher(worjs like cardswitcher when used with slide2kill7) & i never knew about the keyword in a txt thing so gonna do something to activate fmip in a sec (nice one btw)
      Said b4 thus is the #1 tweak in all categories that it applies to. Really good.

      • Tim

        You are right, it was the mail. Turned push off. Thanks man.

      • SoylentGreen

        Its weird as 10 mins after i said this i was away messing with activator and on return to the springboard, perma-spinner only at springborad, dissappeared upon any app launch & back
        As soon as returned to SB, i was like wtf i dont use email on my nsa sponsored handset 😮 so knew it was unlikely to be that so after a quick search i found its an actual bug in 7.1 & general consensus is a hard reset to kill it. Very metallic, irony!

  • Mini Apple Genius

    I make it say “You look charming as usual today. How DO you do it?” when I unlock my device.

  • Tom

    My home and power buttons don’t work so without Activators mute switch options I wouldn’t even be able to unlock my iPhone.

  • gittlopctbi

    Is there any way to get Activator to recognize when I’m at a location? I want to turn on Wifi and connect when I get home.

    • samichthor

      Soooo, you don’t want to leave your Wi-Fi on. But you’re okay with leaving your GPS or Bluetooth on all the time?

      Maybe I’m not understanding your application completely. Because other than Wi-Fi, your only options for location recognition are GPS and Bluetooth…

      • gittlopctbi

        When I leave home, I run Waze and Bluetooth to play music through my car stereo. I do not want WiFi on to save a little on battery. When I get home, I want WiFi back on. I have Activator set so that when it connects Bluetooth with my BT receive in my car it automatically opens Waze.

      • samichthor

        Okay, now I understand your application. However, there are only “Joined Wi-Fi Network” and “Left Wi-Fi Network” options under “Custom Events”.
        Maybe you can schedule the disabling/enabling Wi-Fi for specific times. Other than that, I’m out of ideas. Sorry…

      • gittlopctbi

        Doh on me. I just figured it out. I have it now set so that when it disconnects from the car BT stereo, Wifi is turned on. Works really slick.

  • samichthor

    Great topic! After reading all the responses, just added “Volume Up->Camera”, in “Volume Down->Flashlight” and “Keyword in received SMS->Deactivate silent mode” to my actions. And realized I should add a respring action with a physical button…

    My existing actions:
    Swipe Right on Notification Bar while Locked, On Home Screen and In App -> Home Button
    Left, Right, Center Swipe Up from bottom of screen while In App -> Open App Switcher
    Double tap on notification bar while on Home Screen -> Open App Switcher
    Press and Hold on notification bar while on Home Screen and In App -> Lock Device
    Double tap left on notification bar while on Home Screen, Locked and In App -> Vestigo
    Double tap right on notification bar while on Home Screen -> SBPowerAlert

  • Andrew

    Probably my favourite (mainly on my iPad) would be to have it so when I pinch my homescreen, it locks the device. Then I don’t have to reach up to the button when my iPad is in its stand.

  • Sam Daniel

    I Swipe across the status bar, Left or Right. To lock the iPhone, Saves up the sleep button life rather than pressing it every time i want to lock my iPhone. Just a swipe fades away the screen and locks it up.

  • Jonathan

    Sorry, never saw this until now.

    Here’s the code. I’d suggest you read the comments. I added some to describe some of it.

    pastebin . com/fgWs35LH

  • Nguyễn Quỳnh

    Thank you very much. It’s really helpful for me

  • Angelica Villegas

    I’m looking for a way to press the send button in text messages with activator using a Bluetooth keyboard. I can set the shift+enter gesture but I only seem to be able to launch the app with activator but I’d like it to use the gesture while already in the app. Any suggestions? I’m new to using activator. Thanks in advance!!!!

  • pickaboo

    Well activator drains battery drastically

  • A. Akyol

    on ios 9.0.2, i’d like to either disable app switcher completely (i don’t really have the habit to close my apps regularly) or changing the way i open the app switcher into holding the home button (i don’t use siri). i want to do that because i want the response of single press on home button to be more quick. if i just delete the double press gesture, it won’t wait for the second press so it will be faster. my question is, can i remove the stock gestures via activator? or via some other tweak.

    thank you in advance.

    p.s: excuse my english, in my country i’m one of the few people who can speak english 🙂