Apple Watch (round concept 003)

The Apple Watch has been long in the making so it doesn’t come as a surprise that resident critics would scratch their head over its square design as soon as Apple took the wraps off the $349 device on Tuesday.

But what it the Apple Watch was round like the $249 Moto 360, sans Motorola’s bezel chin at the bottom? That’s precisely the kind of question that a set of gorgeous conceptual renderings designed and shared on Facebook by Alcion strive to answer.

I must admit, I was expecting a round rather than square appearance ahead of the press conference — circular design would have admittedly made the watch even more stylish and sexy.

Having said that, I’m not so sure that Apple’s engineers would have liked the idea of having to design all of its components to fit inside the circular enclosure.

Apple Watch (round concept 002)

As a quick recap, some of the defining Apple Watch features include a barometer sensor, a vibrator that can produce different kinds of haptic feedback, an interchangeable strap mechanism, a wireless charging coil, speaker, an ambient light sensor, an Apple-designed system-on-a-chip called S1 which includes the heart rate monitor and much more.

Apple Watch (round concept 001)

In my personal opinion, the round case and face look amazing.

And I’m very much eager to hear your thoughts and opinions on these renders. Was Apple right to engineer its watch around the square enclosure or would the round format have been better, do you think?

Or, would have that been a classic example of form over function?

[Facebook via Gizmodo]

  • Jordan Stevens

    They can always redesign it for next generations =]

    • It does look good but the round screen just isn’t as productive. The issue with the 360 is you only get about one good line of text, the rest is constant scrolling.

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        But you’re forgetting that a smartwatch is for simple tasks like looking at the time, using a timer, listening to music, calling, texting maybe. Not for reading a lot of text, that’s what the phones and tablets are for. So who cares if you can only read one good line of text before having to scroll? I’d rather have a beautiful round smartwatch on which you can’t quite read well than an ugly square watch which is perfect for reading text

      • Im not forgetting that but A good two-three sentence message would still need scrolling. I wouldn’t call that a lot but people care about that. Its just IMO that round hinders a lot of use. Round just isn’t for smart watches, thats probably why they chose not to go with it ‘yet’.

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        Well, having watches several Moto 360 reviews on YouTube I have come to the conclusion that you can in fact read several lines of text without having to scroll. I personally find a round watch more appealing and I do not care a lot about the fact that you can read a few more lines of text on a square watch face. But I do get your point.

  • Eric M

    If they made it a circle then people would complain and say it should be square or rectangular.

    • Agreed you can never please everyone. Even if you gave it away for free.

      • Eric M

        You’re right Jay. For those looking to complain, they will always find something to complain about.

      • Guest

        That shouldn’t take away from the fact the watch and the iPhone are fairly ugly

      • Ali

        Make 2 models: Circular and Square. Pleased everyone.

      • Not even then. It would still be to thick or thin, or too squared or too round. If that even makes sense. No matter how many choices you give not everyone will be happy. Its just how life goes.

      • adal.javierxx

        later people will ask for a triangle one

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        Tim said it himself; nothing is perfect, you can always make your products better.

      • Bob

        Amen to that.

    • adal.javierxx

      100% agree… There always will be unpleased people

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Ummmmm no…. When the Apple Watch wasn’t yet announced all I heard was ‘Gosh I hope it’s round, not square’. So I don’t think people would be complaining if it was round. Then again, Apple could have released several versions of the Apple Watch with round AND square screens.

      • Eric M

        They would be complaining in one way or another. If it was round they would say wow Apple is copying the Moto360. Way to innovate Apple!

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        I don’t think that would happen… There already are several round watches. Most watches are round so why would Apple be copying the Moto 360 if it were to make a round Apple Watch? Maybe 1 or 2 people would complain but there would be a LOT less complaining then there is now…

  • Osama Muhammed

    we can wish..

  • MHCsk

    It looks better, yes, but it probably couldn’t feature heart rate sensor, changeable straps and probably a lot of other fancy stuff current Apple Watch has.

    • Harsh Sac

      Unless you bump up the size a little bit
      You could fit all of it….

  • A round screen would have looked better, since most watches are round, but I understand why Apple decided on a rectangular screen. There is a lot more screen real estate.
    In a round screen you would have to sacrifice a lot, specially when displaying text.

    • therealjjohnson

      Why cant the entire round screen be touch just like the entire square screen is? Is there a technical limitation of circles that im overlooking?

      Sidenote: that is a real question lol

      • Merman123

        Look at some moto 360 videos and you will see that is a common complaint about it. Also, it will give you an idea how goofy the UI looks on a circular screen. The only time it looks best is when displaying the traditional time watch face. I say don’t be quick to put down the current Apple Watch. People hate everything when Apple announces it , and then LOVE it when they see it.

      • therealjjohnson

        I am not downing the Apple watch. I like it and plan on getting it. I can compare the Moto 360 because the screens are not the same. The apple watch touch screen appears to be more advanced. I dont think however the interface (with circle icons) would look silly on a circle screen. My question was more about whether the entire circle apple watch could be touch sensitive. And if so, why do people think it would be less real estate. I think It would be the opposite.

      • Merman123

        Displaying longer text becomes a problem with circular screens because it starts to force the structure of the writing to be constrained towards the top and expanded in the middle, back to constrained at the bottom. This is of course with longer texts messages, and tweets. Also, everything looks much better in a square or rectangular shape. Would you be browsing the web on a circular web browser on your computer? Would you enjoy viewing photos on a circular photo viewing app? In general I believe Apple was thinking about the watch in the long run, I really believe developers could do more with a rectangular shape than what could be done in a circular one.

      • A main reason would be a squared or rectangular battery will always be able to provide better battery life. I shouldn’t have to explain why but it does have more surface area.

  • Micky Ganon

    that one

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Yeah, let’s all pay 3000 dollars for a gold Apple Watch!!!

  • Micky Ganon

    Think about it for a second, Apple engineers took all the tweaks from cydia and drips us all the tweaks slowly in all new iPhone device.
    and more..
    Then they present it as a technological innovation
    And I say .. Why not just accept the cydia as a built-in applications, in all the new iPhones that will come in the coming years.
    In any case it does not change anything, I’m addicted to Apple products

    • VictorMartino

      Because of piracy! They can never support it.

      • He’s not asking for a jailbreak just for them to allow mods/tweaks. Besides you can still pirate apps with out the jailbreak, so no thats not why. I think the allowing of custom keyboards are just the beginning and we will get more customization with later OS’s I just wish it didn’t take so long.

    • We would definitely need more ram if they allowed us to install all of the tweaks we wanted.

      • Micky Ganon


    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      ‘All the tweaks’.

      Can only name two…

  • VictorMartino


  • iBanks

    Now THAT’s rather ugly!

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Now YOU’RE one of the few that thinks that!

    • Past0rB

      I won’t go so far as to say ugly but it’s certainly not as attractive to me as Apple’s design.

  • AJM

    Without a doubt these concepts look incomparably better. Mainly because they’re thinner.
    The main problem with the Apple Watch ist not that it’s square, but that it’s extremely bulbous.
    If it would curve a bit around the wrist, it might have been enough to be bearable/wearable.
    But that Apple Watch thing sits on the wrist like a tennisball.

  • John Wolf

    I like it the way it was designed likely because I don’t like round watches. All my watches are square/rectangular. I know I’ll be getting one.

  • Jason Baroni

    It’s superior.

  • BozzyB

    For years I see concepts what people expect of Apple. But all Apple does is to disappoint. They’re just not able to do it right – no matter if it’s obstinacy, inability or another reason. (and yes, I had to look up these words to describe this…)

    • Umut Bilgiç

      They disappoint? They might have disappinted you but I love the design and I know there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who like it too. You can never please everyone. This happened when the original iPad launched, iOS 7 and Mac Pro was introduced. But people get over it and start loving it afterall.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I’m 90% sure the best gen will be thinner and will be curcular

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      The best gen? Very specific. I’m sure Apple will make it’s watch circular some time in the future too, but it may take a few years for them to realise that circular smartwatches are more beautiful…

      • Harsh Sac

        I think he meant, ‘next gen’
        Possibly Autocorrect…

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        Yeah maybe, but still!

  • Khalid Tahhan


  • Kevin Chen

    t looks elegance! I would get a round screen if it was made.

  • benz_85

    No doubt this is the 2nd gen iWatch. Lets just skip the first one and wait until Sep. 2015

    • Harsh Sac


  • Ishaan Malhotra


  • Joonyaboy

    Looks feminine

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Needs to be bigger circle

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I would buy this over current Apple Watch

  • Matt Taylor

    Wow. Much nicer.

  • neez

    Please, stop calling it wireless charging. It’s inductive charging as it still make contact with something and still uses a wire to do so. Wireless charging is over the air, through electromagnetic radio waves. This kind of technology isn’t ready to be used yet.

  • asdlb4

    Maybe Apple will change their mind before 2015

  • john diaz

    I wish !

  • Past0rB

    I’ll probably be lambasted for saying this, but I much prefer Apple’s design over this any day.

    The Apple design is much more conducive to notifications and the interface

  • thomas

    this watch puts the real one to shame. the design itself is a good enough reason to buy it. I can’t say the same for the real apple watch

  • Ian Leon

    The new Watch OS makes lots of use of the corners

  • Ian Leon

    Should I get this one and the next one. Or just wait for the next one .

  • rockdude094

    I think everyone is miss interpreting the idea of a smart watch. It is not a web browser.. You can divert to your phone or computer.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Until the battery let me use it at least one week without charging It’s just a toy.

  • czbird

    Yup, this is how it should’ve looked like 🙂

  • Hyr3m

    Still ugly…

  • Joseph Kool

    Iwatch is fat and ugly