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Apple is looking to utilize a new reservation system for customers lined up outside of its retail stores for the iPhone 6, reports 9to5Mac. According to the site, the company has been handing out training materials to employees for the new system, which is called “Reservation Pass.”

Reservation Pass is described as a virtual queue of sorts, allowing Apple employees to manage crowds and stockpiles more efficiently on hectic launch days. The system tracks customer line position, and syncs with a store’s inventory to make sure there are enough devices in stock.

If you’ve ever stood in line at an Apple Store for a major product launch, you know that their employees typically issue paper cards with model and color information to each customer prior to the store opening. This ensured customers that they would receive their desired product.

9to5Mac says that the new system will streamline the process, as well as add a few benefits. Customers will receive their digital reservation cards via SMS or email, and can actually leave the line and come back later that day to make their purchase—something discouraged in the past.

Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available for preorder starting this Friday, and available for purchase in stores on September 19. Both handsets are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, and prices start at $199 and $299 respectively, with a two-year carrier contract.


  • StPaddy81

    Yeah, but what about those of us who will be crushing their servers at midnight?

    • highNiggaPie

      Yea it’s gonna be a nightmare like last year and then shipping times will slip to a month

      • mlee19841

        3am here est. Hopefully not. The way they were talking about phones made they had ready for shipment.

  • avd98

    Hey guys, i have an off-topic question, please help me! I am going to preorder the iPhone 6 or the Plus so I really have no idea how either phone feels, but I am worried that carrying around the iPhone 6 Plus (’cause i want more than the 4.7″) will be like trying to put my iPad mini in my pocket when I go out. Am I right?

    • Mitch Frink

      There is a PDF floating around that if you print it out it gives you the actual size of each phone. I cut them out and honestly the Plus doesn’t seem as big as I thought it would be. I’m still torn though. Not sure which one to get.

    • John

      Hey man, not really off-topic at all!
      What I have been suggesting to people to spend a little time, even half hour, in their day and head into a cell phone store — doesn’t matter which one — and just feel a phone that is of the same size and weight.

      Just remember that phones are of different sizes/weights, for example, the Galaxy S5 is 145g, the iPhone 6 Plus is 172g.

    • AppleFanboy

      Try holding a Casio scientific calculator if you have one.

    • Mike

      The iPhone 6 Plus is as big as the Samsung Note, so if you can get your hands on the Note 2 and put that in your pocket, that’s essentially how it will feel like. They’re both 5.5 inches.

      The iPhone 6 is just a bit smaller than the Nexus 5 (about 0.3 inches smaller actually). So try to use that as an estimate of the iPhone 6.

      • yep

        The iphone 6 plus is actually larger than the new note 4, even though the note 4 has a larger screen.

        Lol, but… “no one wants to buy a bigger phone” – steve jobs

  • Isaac

    Two questions,

    1st. Would I be able to preorder a Sprint iPhone 6 Plus at full retail on the 12th? I’m not the account holder and I just want to buy the phone.

    2nd. Will a T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus be available for preorder on the 12th? Could it work with Sprint?

    • Rowan09

      T-mobile iPhones will be unlocked and will only work with GSM networks (AT&T, Cricket, etc). I don’t believe they sell the Sprint phones without a contract online for reservation. Check the Apple Store and see if it allows you to purchase a 5s for Sprint without a contract.

  • yep

    yall could just not be morons and not camp out for weeks for a freaking phone. theres a lot more to life than having a phone on launch day.

    • Rowan09

      This is not only for people camping out, but for those who wait online the day of as well.

      • yep

        It does not say that anywhere in the article. You can source this, or did you just make it up?

      • Rowan09

        No it’s for anyone on the line during the launch day, I wrote online up top by mistake instead of on the line.

      • yep

        My comment still stands. There are more important things to life than standing in line for a phone on launch day. Especially a phone that has 3-4 year old specs.

      • Brian 

        You mad bro? Can you even afford it? Someone’s upset…. LOL

      • yep

        Lol, y anyone would pay for an overpriced piece of crap apple iphone is beyond me. Ill be buying the note 4 which is even more expensive, but it actually has nice features, features an iphone user will make fun of, but in 4 years when iphones gets the same features, they will be the most amazing thing ever. Lol.

      • Guest


      • Brian 

        Oh right, you must be talking about the bloated software full of gimmicks that takes up more than half your storage space out the box! Yes that is definitely a better alternative than a seamless power-efficient software, that has FEATURES and not gimmicks.

      • yep

        “Features” from 4 years ago. Awesome.

        Seamless “power efficient” software? Lol.

        U do realize iphones has some of the worst battery life of phones? Lol, you are a typical iWhore.

      • Brian 

        Name features that were out 4 years ago that Apple barely introduced.

        You do realize that iPhones have one of the SMALLEST batteries in smart phones, yet they do a very good job at keeping up.

        Why does your crappy android require quad core processors to keep up with the iPhone?

        Specs so horrible, that Samsung actually spent there time coding software that would fake benchmarks. LOL

      • Rowan09

        Since your a Google Whore tell me the last innovation done by Samsung?

      • yep

        Never said samsung was innovative. Thats the typical response from an iFag is “what has someone else done that’s innovative” when they are losing arguments.

      • Rowan09

        You posting a picture about 3-4 year tech when the 5s spanks almost if not every Android made the same year. How does it feel to have a octa-core and quad core phone getting killed by a dual core? It goes to show all that nonsense inflated specs is just what it is inflated. I own a Note 2 and have no hatred towards Android I just prefer the iPhone mainly because it works better for me and has better apps. No need to try and start a war, if you want a Note 4 go and buy one, no one here cares.

      • yep

        in what way does the iPhones dual core outperform an octa core processor?

      • Rowan09

        Google it, they provide benchmarks. Your beloved Samsung used inflated specs to try and cheat on those tests too. In graphics no Android even comes close to the iPhone.

      • Lance Baker

        My phone lasts all day. Can’t tell you the number of times I see Samsung phone users hugging the wall.

      • yep

        Right iBitch, ok. My iphone 5 had about 20% battery life left after I’d get off work. When i switched to the galaxy note 3, which i use even more than the iphone, i still have 40-50% left. Dont be mad cuz iphones have poor battery life.

      • mickey

        Anandtech disagrees with you, at least in terms of LTE/WIFI battery life.

      • Rowan09

        Cute but the 5s beats the Nexus by far in performance, so paper specs looks really nice. Only if the phones were made of paper you would have a point.

      • Lance Baker

        Why the hell are you even on this site? Just to troll?

      • yep

        I use my apple tv and mac mini everyday. There are still apple products that are great. Just not the phones. Or ipads for that matter.

      • yep

        Yup, just to piss off iFags like you.

      • Lance Baker

        Must be a sad life.

      • yep

        At least i dont suck dicks.

      • Rowan09

        3-4 year old specs and stomps the hell out of all Android phones with performance. The 5s was if not the best one of the best phones performance wise on the market, so all that bloated quad and octa-core is just inflated nonsense. When S voice actually works you can talk about old specs. Anything good on a Samsung device is on all Androids.

    • mickey

      The only moron here is a troll that is lurking on an iphone site he hates so much. Get a life brother.

  • Onyxus_Music

    This actually made me laugh. Enjoy…

    • Dao Sasone

      Haha. And all isheep is like “wow, its new tech”

      • Lance Baker

        No one has said it’s new tech. Even Apple didn’t say these new sizes were new. Meanwhile I can get the iOS 8 update on my phone from day one. The majority of people won’t be able to say that with Android L.

      • 40niners

        Unless you’re a Nexus 5 owner 😀

      • Dao Sasone

        U must not know nothing about xda.

      • mickey

        XDA does not give you roms for most phones on day 1 let alone bug free ones out the gate unless perhaps you’re on a GE, nexus or moto x. You must know this. I love custom roms and the android dev community but this is an apples and oranges comparison. People who love ios are getting new tech to their ecosystem. Other than envy and a feature wish list, what android has doesn’t matter to them. The same applies the other way around. The only thing that never fails is an android troll popping up on an apple website running their mouths.

  • ic0dex

    For online pre-orders can you set them for store pick up or it’s for shipping only?

    • Rowan09

      Usually it’s shipping only.

  • jake

    hey guys i have verizon if i get the iphone 6 do i have to activated in the apple store?

    • Rowan09


  • Lance Baker

    I’m preordering from Best Buy Friday morning before work. I’m excited.

  • Murat Özakat

    it is not a new thing apple have been tested for more than 3 weeks. I bought an iPhone 5S because of tax free weekend when I went to apple store it had a queue so genius asked my name, email, name of the device and she scaned the qr code that had created via my pasbook app. When i bought the iphone other genius scanned again and i bought an iphone.