iOS 8 (Health, teaser 001)

Representatives from the Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic will be participating in Apple’s media event later today, reports the Star Tribune. The outlet says the highly-regarded medical group will help show how data from iOS 8‘s Health app, and possibly the so-called iWatch, can flow into the more sophisticated systems of a major health center.

Apparently the two sides have been working together for over two years on the project, which Mayo Clinic CEO John H. Noseworthy believes has the “potential to revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people.” The Mayo Clinic is just one of the many healthcare providers Apple is said to have spoken with about its HealthKit initiative.

Apple unveiled HealthKit alongside its new Health app at WWDC this year, and pitched it as a way for devs to aggregate data from all of their fitness apps and accessories. It’s also expected to serve as a hub for data collected from the company’s new wearable device, which is believed to feature a heart rate monitor and several other health sensors.

For more on what to expect from today’s keynote, click here. The event kicks off at 10am PST.

[Star Tribune]

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