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An Apple supplier has once gain come under scrutiny for labor violations. Both Green America and China Labor Watch are reporting that Catcher, who is responsible for making iPad and MacBook casings for the company, is endangering and exploiting its workers.

At its factory in Suqian, China, Catcher is accused of failing to provide adequate protective equipment for employees handling toxic materials, and various other safety violations. The manufacturer is also charged with forcing overtime: 10+ hours per day, 6 days a week.

“CLW’s investigation exposed more than 20 legal and ethical violations at the Catcher factory,” said Kevin Slaten of China Labor Watch. Green America’s Elizabeth O’Connell says “the health and safety violations found in this factory two years in a row are startling.”

Apple, along with several other consumer electronics giants, has long taken criticism over labor conditions in the Asian supply chain. In recent years, it’s managed to drastically reduce issues at major supply partners, but some believe it’s time to move further down the line.

The news comes as Apple prepares to unveil this year’s new iPhone, which is expected to sell in record numbers. Manufacturing heavyweights Foxconn and Pegatron, who actually assemble the handsets, have reportedly hired 100,000+ new workers to help fulfill orders.

[CLW via NYT]

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    • Antzboogie

      Apple needs to fix this. They are always breaking the rules at least they are not afraid of being exposed and are actually taking steps to fix this inhuman activities.

  • Merman123

    Typo on first sentence ? “Gain” should be “again” ? Just a heads up :).

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    If the title of this piece said Samsung instead of Apple. This piece would have over 75 comments already and the fanboys would be out in full force lol. But as it says Apple, it will be avoided like the plague.

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      Than think the opposite, this kid of article but for samsung production, in a samsung fan page, can you imagine ?
      Not sure that there is a samsung fan page anyway

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      Lol always and it’s hilarious they’ll try to justify that it’s not apples fault and that it’s the suppliers fault

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    The sad results of customer demands. Wait people, just wait for these people’s sake. Lining up outside a shop just so you can be one of the first, be on TV or advertise a company.

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    Wow, 10 hours has past since this article was posted…..not many apple fans commenting on this though.
    Ignorance is bliss, is it? I thought as much.

    • Peter Fernandes

      ofcourse they are going to ifnore that shows the true nature of some people

      Id love to see them working their asses off as slaves to get what they want….

      Anyways respect to these ppl cuz without them we wouldnt have our gadgets

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    20 hours and STILL nothing?!….

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      remembers me of Steve Jobs in 2007 on a interview with Bill Gates, they asked Steve the 13 chinese employees who jumped off the roof and he reply ” we are over this ” so yeah they just read and nothing all forgotten cuz ofcourse its Apple not samsung or nokia, the story would be different if it was samsung the bad boys behind the stage

    • iHypocrites…