Bloomberg is reporting this afternoon that Apple is preparing a larger 12.9-inch iPad for early next year. Citing people with “knowledge of the matter,” the outlet says that the company’s suppliers are gearing up now, with production of the tablet scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year.

The report revives a theory that has been bouncing around the rumor mill for more than a year now. Apple was originally expected to launch the 13-inch “iPad Pro” this fall, but is believed to have pushed back the project due to resources being used on the so-called ‘iWatch,’ and the new iPhone 6.

Matching up with previous speculation, Bloomberg says that the new iPad will have a screen measuring 12.9-inches diagonally. The firm has apparently been working with suppliers for more than a year to develop a new range of larger touch-screen devices, but only recently settled on the current size.

Additionally, the site’s sources reaffirm the expectation that Apple is holding a media event next month to introduce two larger iPhones: one with a 4.7-inch display, and one with a 5.5-inch. It also says Apple suppliers recently started manufacturing a new 9.7-inch iPad, expected to debut this fall.

It’s not surprising that Tim Cook and company are looking to shakeup the iPad lineup. Last quarter Apple reported 13.2 million unit sales for the tablet, versus 14.4 million expected, and the consensus is that this will be the trend moving forward as consumers continue to migrate to larger smartphones.


  • Jason Baroni

    It will take on Surface 3. I am excited to see the next pipe line from Apple

    • It will need more than a bigger screen to take on the surface hopefully they add features specific to this model.

      • Jason Baroni

        Feature-wise, yes. But I haven’t seen a Surface Pro 3 since its launch.

      • bn326160

        I haven’t seen any Surface yet. Except in stores

      • Jason Baroni

        There are no MS Stores in my country. But neither did I.

      • I have, only in Bill Gates’ ice bucket challenge but hey that counts.. right? I mean as far as features goes it needs better multitasking, multiple user accounts, maybe even an included styles which is highly unlikely.

  • ImBakedAf

    Hope it runs Yosemite. Only way i would get it.

    • Geoffrey Spencer

      Yosemite is for the desktops not the iPad.

      • ImBakedAf

        I agree but if you’re going to have such a big screen would be nice to have a bluetooth keyboard and get a laptop feeling out of it.

      • Geoffrey Spencer

        I do not want the full OSX on the iPad. It is for more personal use than anything else. Bigger screen for music (sheet music) and for newspapers, magazine, textbooks, etc. Mind you BT mouse support would be great when connecting to the office’s Windows environment when offsite. Business use should remain with the MacBook Air or Pro depending on your needs.

    • Jonathan

      iPad Mini Pro? That’s called an iPad Air. 🙂

  • n0ahcruz3

    If its just a bigger ipad running iOS then.. Meh

    • ImBakedAf

      Exactly how I feel.

    • Melvco

      I honestly don’t think they would get away with that.

  • Alberto Espinal

    I asked Sebastien in another post that its only 13 days to Sept 9 and there has been no news of Apple announcing their Keynote, does Apple always announces it a week before or 2 or 3 weeks in advance?

    • Jamessmooth

      Typically 2 weeks or the week before. Expect something within the next week.

      • Its one week, It will be September 2nd.

      • Jamessmooth

        You’re right. I think that was just my wishful thinking getting in the way 😀

  • Jamessmooth

    If Apple has plans to release a 5.5″ iPhone, this makes a lot of sense.

    • More proof of the precious 5.5in iPhone a.k.a. 6L Two different TruTone Flash parts

  • Manor

    do you think I should wait for this or buy the macbook pro?

    • George

      macbook pro, you can’t really do much on an ipad compared to a macbook.

    • DroidGuy360

      neither, get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

      You’re welcome.

  • DroidGuy360

    yall talk crap about it now, but as soon as its announced, y’all gonna
    jack off thinking about playing with all 12.9 inches of it.