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About a year ago,  Barnes & Noble announced that it was going to put an end to most of its Nook tablet offerings. Acknowledging that the battle with Apple, Google and Amazon was too tough to fight alone, it said it would be interested in taking on a partner to share the work.

Apparently it found that partner in Samsung. The two companies jointly announced a new device today dubbed the ‘Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.’ The pair say the 7-inch tablet combines Samsung’s leading technology and NOOK’s content to create an extraordinary reading experience…

Here’s more from the press release:

This new co-branded tablet offers the best of both worlds: the first-ever full-featured Android tablet optimized for reading. With tablet tools for everyday use and an endless collection of reading and entertainment options, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK lets readers connect to the world when they need to, and escape from it whenever they want. Barnes & Noble research shows that while the rise of mobile technology, including tablets, has undeniably changed how, what and the ways in which Americans read, they’re doing more of it than ever.

In terms of hardware, the tablet features a 1280×800 OLED display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a microSD card slot. The software NOOK-branded, running atop Android KitKat, with some nifty tricks from Samsung like its Multi Window feature.

But my guess is the lure of this device will be more about the content than the hardware, and Barnes & Noble has plenty of it. The NOOK Store offers over 3 million books, the largest selection of top digital magazines, and a robust selection of your favorite apps, TV shows and movies.

Here’s a video of the tablet in action:

I feel like this is a great move by Barnes & Noble, who really has nothing to lose here, and a rather interesting one by Samsung. While it doesn’t look like this tablet sheds quite as much of the Google/Android branding as Amazon’s Kindle Fire products, it certainly isn’t front and center.

Anyway, if you’re interested, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is available today in more than 660 Barnes & Noble bookstores and online at and for $179 after a $20 instant rebate. It comes in both white and black 8GB models, and includes over $200 in free content.

  • Jeffrey Feuerstein


    such bad, very stupidity…

    • I would normally correct your grammar but yes I agree.

      • Asis

        he was doing a doge reference

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        hahahahah thanks;)

  • Wow

    Wow….that commercial was baaaaaaaad. I don’t just mean bad…I mean Kristen Stewart bad. It’s that bad.

  • For the sake of humanity, PLEASE NO!!!

    I don’t have a nook, never wanted one and don’t plan on having one but for the sake of nook lovers don’t let samsung ruin it for them..

  • Gate

    >mfw this commercial

  • Mr Mop

    Those reactions though…

    “It’s SOOOO fast!”
    “I just can’t get over how clear it is!”

    Wonder how much they were paid to say those things.

    • Jonathan

      Probably an iPhone.

  • Merman123

    I literally laughed out loud. Then felt bad. Oh samsung samsung…. Prepare to be rocked by Apple next month.

  • Yay it’s the weekly look at Samsungs new product post. Are they going for some kind of world record for most phones / tablets released in a year?

  • SkyFall

    The commercial should be NOOKED. Get it? see what i did there…no..? ok ima go cry in my corner now.

  • Franklin Richards

    Samsung actually managed to find people who’ve never touched a tablet before. That’s is an amazing feat.

  • Andy

    Samsung: Partnering with Barnes and Nobles enabled us to re-brand and sell all our existing unsold Galaxy Tab stock so we can continue to release more ‘high quality’ tablets in the coming months.

  • JustReboot

    It’s actually quite funny, considering I have a Nook HD (wife) and HD + (me) – in addition to an iPad Air. The Nook App on the Air blows away the native Nook app on the Nook (HD/HD+). The Nooks are being used as spare devices when I travel or simply don’t trust taking the Air with me. I can only imagine how much better it will be on the Air2…

  • Decio Arruda

    “Oh my god, it’s so fast. IT’S SOO FAST!”
    As the screen lags and leaves behind at least a .5 second input lagg.

  • iSoul

    Nook faces or Fcuk faces lmmao !!

  • JoJo

    Sooo this is just another tablet but now with some… wait for it…. more features.
    Samsung is getting pretty desperate haha.

    More features are not necessarily a bad thing, but when samsung implements them they mostly are.

  • Donovan

    Well.. I guess this is why Samsung always talks down Apple in its commercials, because otherwise we get this crap.

  • JoJo

    Hahaha just had to re-watch that commercial..
    I love it when you see this very sluggish stuttering maps app and then in the next few seconds they say, o my its so fast.. really Samsung who are you trying to fool? hahaha.. NEXT.

  • King Hang Wong

    “It’s SOOOO fast! That samsung publish another tab!”
    “I just can’t get over how clear it is! without turn my tab on, let me check with my magnifying glass? Oh wait, the samsung logo just so clear without my glasses on!!”

    I am sorry Mr. Samsung. But you commercial is SOOOO bad that I can’t take it!

  • Meh…

  • Cesar D

    I own a Kindle Paperwhite. I don’t see why people hate when it comes to new products, but i personally liked this. If it just involves reading, is a very cheap option for people who wants to read comics/magazines. The specs are enough, too. Yeah im a fan of apple, but i have to admit that this looks attractive by the simple fact that lets you read anything. The commercial is a stupid thing, but the tablet is not the worst thing ever. Hell, maybe i buy it.