Coming two weeks after the last iOS beta, which contained several visual tweaks and changes to, Apple has released iOS 8 beta 5 build 12A4345d to developers. Besides the usual mix of bug fixes and improvements, there are likely to be multiple UI tweaks and other noticeable changes. Apple has more details in beta 5’s release notes.

We’re currently installing the beta and will be updating this post with any changes we find. If you find any changes from the previous beta, be sure to email us at or leave a comment below, preferably with a screenshot of the modification…

New in iOS 8 beta 5:

New sound after a voice message is sent in Messages

Home Data renamed to HomeKit in Settings > Privacy

Minor sorting method change in Settings > General > Restrictions

Spirometry data types have been added to HealthKit

Swiping down to open Spotlight is much faster

New Spotlight blur on older devices

Brightness controls have been removed from Wallpaper settings panel


Privacy settings for Health


“T-Mobile Wi-Fi” carrier name


New icons for iCloud, iCloud Family Sharing, iCloud Drive, Backup, and Keychain

new iCloud icon


Continuity SMS sync now called SMS Relay, can be enabled/disabled


Option to Export Health Data in


“Last Updated” information for iCloud sync in Photos


“Predictive” toggle in the keyboard switcher


Option to Optimize iPhone Storage or Download and Keep Originals, Pause for 1 Day option removed


Photos app now displays the location where the photo was taken above the photo


iOS restore screen now uses a red iTunes icon


  • Rafa Michaan

    please share the wallpaper!!thanks

  • Kevin Rauseo II

    The animation for opening a folder has been slightly tweaked.

  • Braulio Barcellos

    Running iOS 8 beta 5 and I can’t see the “DOCUMENTS & DATA” on my iCloud settins… what is wrong???

    • ikn0witall

      If you have iCloud drive on this replaces Documents & Data.

  • Jose

    I was restoring back my iPhone to iOS 7.1.2 due to the bugs in iOS 8 Beta & I found out that the iTunes icon is red now !

    • Stefano

      I like it!

    • Were you running iOS 8 beta 5 when this screen appeared?

      • Jose


  • Shady

    For some reasons I feel that it will be the same buggy software as iOS 7 on 5th gen iPod touch so I’m not installing any new software on it. I don’t know why but I think the chip itself or apple didn’t optimize the software correctly

  • Ian Leon

    Flashlight in control center now enables both LEDs on iPhone 5S

    • ikn0witall

      it didn’t before?

      • Ian Leon

        nope. it only turned on the white one

  • Danny Dodge

    I makes ipad 3 reaaaaly slow 🙁

  • xian678

    forgot something tim new features in imessage, settings>messages. offers a snapchat like feature.

  • placa5150

    So I attempted an over the air upgrade and was unsuccessful, now I have no connection to AT&T and I have the eternal “searching” notification, anyone encounter this issue?

  • jordan

    so my iPhone is stuck on beta 2 but it expires tomorrow and won’t allow me to upgrade because its saying that its up to date…. what do i do?

  • Krutik Quiran

    i just wanted to ask is that can i go through the activation process with cellular data, as i’m currently on vacation and have no access to any wifi

    • VITICO

      Doubt it

    • JoshuaHulgan

      I believe I’ve done so on previous betas.

      • Krutik Quiran

        i think i’ll just wait till i get back then to the UK 🙂

  • William Melendez

    Beta 5 going very smooth so far. Had it over 12 hours.

  • Mehran Kiani

    why my iPhone 5s doesnt show the update in software update?????????(my current ios is 8 Beta 4)

  • Avi Cohen

    Is whatsapp app works on ios 8?

    • tiabonaz

      Nope. It crashes everytime you try to open a chat

    • wahizul

      i heard some people use whatsapp beta which is compatible with ios8

      • ikn0witall

        Yes there is, head over to i m z d l . c o m in the iOS download section, you should see it.

    • ikn0witall

      there’s a WhatApp beta for iOS 8.

  • Ethan Humphrey

    I think this was a couple of betas ago, but if you have a complex passcode and it contains only numbers, it will show the number pad anywhere it needs the passcode in settings, just like it does on the lock screen.

  • ikn0witall

    Never had a chance to add. Don’t know which beta this was added or if it was on iOS 7 even. But open tab view, tap and hold the plus button at the very bottom, and it shows you recents closed tabs!

  • Anyone had success in finding where to toggle on and off the SMS Relay function? My phone asked me about it late yesterday and I said “yes”, but as I sit here with my cluster of Apple devices, I can send and receive SMS messages on my iPhone and iPad (Verizon), and can see conversations in Messages on my Mac, but I cannot start a conversation via SMS or continue one on my MB Air. I’m using the Yosemite Public Beta that was released last week.

  • nate072107

    havent been able to connect to some of my bt devices. Any news on this with the new beta?

  • Zach Menzer

    Anyone know where I can find info on sms relay not working? Same network, same iCloud, iPad just won’t send sms and I get a message failure notice.

  • Ch Humza Masood Chaudrey

    Updated to beta 5 and got an ugly activation error because I am not a programmer, neither did i get my UDID registered. Just downgraded to 7.1.2…

  • leart

    Acetable in my 4s, the last beta was horrible

  • Hendo27

    Beta 5 has been VERY solid for me so far. Great job apple.

  • Samir

    Ok. Can anyone tell me how the hell I’m supposed to view my photos on my phone through my Mac running Yosemite with this iCloud Photo Library?

  • I-device-reviews

    They removed the new “Tips” app

  • Nyschal

    They have added more options in Assistive touch ie; Notification Center and Control Center

  • Julen

    I can’t add data in health App
    iCloud keychain, backup and drive icons didn’t change

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus