Apple TV (CNBC 001)

The Apple TV project may file under Tim Cook’s ‘Hobby’ drawer, but that’s not stopping Apple’s iTunes media team from relentlessly adding new content sources to the $99 media-streaming box.

Just this morning, the device has picked up two new channel sources, one from financial news powerhouse CNBC and the other is broadcast network FOX NOW…

Cord-cutters shouldn’t jump with joy because accessing most CNBC and FOX NOW content on the Apple TV requires inputing your credentials for one of a number of supported cable and Internet providers.

Curiously enough, both Time Warner and Charter are notably absent from the list. Again, even though some content is available completely free of charge, unlocking everything that CNBC and FOX NOW offer requires a cable subscription.

CNBC’s Apple TV channel is quite nice if you’re into this sort of thing – it delivers full episodes of its Prime original series, as well as live streams of financial news and on-demand news clips. As a bonus, segments from such shows as Squawk Box are available outside of the paywall.

Apple TV (CNBC 002)

As for FOX NOW, you’ll find some digital-only content along with the network’s popular shows such as Glee, American Idol, The Following, Family Guy, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, 24: Live Another Day, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project and many others, all available for on-demand streaming – if you’re a cable TV or satellite subscriber, that is.

Apple TV (FOX NOW)

As an interesting side-note, all new FOX NOW content available for streaming on the Apple device includes the most recent episodes for 35 days.

If you’re a subscriber, current shows are available the next day they air on television. Non-subscribers can access new episodes a week after they’ve aired.

First spotted by MacRumors, Apple TV owners in Norway can also enjoy content from TV2 Sumo, which is the online version of their popular TV2 channel.

A few days ago, a report alleged that FX (a Fox subsidiary) would bring its own FXNOW channel with shows like Simpsons World to the Apple TV within the next 12 months.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a recent conference call with analysts that the Apple TV generates around $1 billion in media sales.

Some hobby, eh?

  • nonchalont

    I absolutely adore my Apple TV. That airplay is amazing.

    • AirPlay is literally the only reason to own an Apple TV. After all as usual US content is “Not available in your country due to [Insert Excuse Here]” and there’s no local / international content. How Apple makes any money off the Apple TV I’ll never know, perhaps they make a lot of money off iTunes rentals and purchases?

      • Andy

        That is true. The only reason to own an Apple TV is AirPlay and the convenience of streaming any iTunes content you own. For most people outside the US, the Apple TV isn’t all that useful. You could use Netflix or YouTube, but then they’re available on practically any platform.

      • The AppleTV is not completely useless though (although it is still extremely limited). I use my AppleTV to play content from my Plex Media Server using the PlexConnect Trailers hack which does some ‘magic’ to get content from Plex to show on the Apple TV. As for lossless music one thing I found out last week to my surprise is that the iPhone can play aif files which are lossless I’d assume the same is true for the Apple TV?

  • White Michael Jackson

    Jeez, like two years late.

  • Alex Adam Viruet

    Roku still the best streaming box out there; you can add private channels; like nanoflix; i paid only $20/month is like a combination of Redbox; show box; plus 120 live TV channels; series ; HBO ; cinemax; etc plus you can mirror anything you can with any smartphone; apple TV is like an iPhone without jailbreak; you cannot see the true potential!

  • @dappa_yute

    How does a jail broken ATV2 get this update … ?!?!?

  • I’m seriously looking forward to a UI update to the Apple TV. It is my main source of media yet it is getting a little bit cluttered. It shouldn’t be that hard to fix. I am sure Apple is aware of this so I’m expecting something sooner rather than later.

  • James Gunaca

    The amount of major US content providers that are still missing from Apple TV is dwindling fast…Dig it.

  • Soylent Green

    Why put dinosaur media outlets that have absolute fractions of fractions of original audience figures, not many ppl believe these ppl of the bat, shows you how pwned by the nwo apple actually is, if they put a real truth based news service such as the aggregate news feed that is the epic drudge report or infowars / prisonplanet Apple TV would sell another million was devices easy, interesting move nevertheless as the nwo panick they get ready for a heavy propaganda assault if this ww3 kicks off in the Ukraine & the Jews are attempting a genocide in gaza. It makes me sick – cnbc & fox loooooooool