Flir One (image 001)

An accessory maker called Flir at CES back in January announced its novel case promising to give your iPhone true thermal-imaging capabilities.

Based on technology that was formerly reserved for the military, the Flir One case brings high-end thermal imaging to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, giving the iconic smartphone Predator-like vision.

The case is coming to Apple retail stores in the United States, Canada and Europe in August and today the company has started accepting pre-orders…

The Flir One is not a gimmick like fake infrared effects you frequently see in photography apps on the App Store. This case uses the same thermal imaging technology Flir sells to law enforcement and the military.

There’s a rechargeable 1,400mA/h battery inside which extends your iPhone’s battery life by 50 percent while powering the thermal imager for up to two hours.

Flir One (image 002)

According to a media release, the case weighs just 3.9 ounces and was designed to detect a broad range of temperatures.

Check out the promotional video below.

There’s a spot temperature measurement display via the the Flir One app, which will be available in the Apple App Store at a later stage.

The app will allow users to apply various effects (B/W, W/B, Rainbow, Contrast, Arctic, Hot/Cold and Iron), add visible spectrum detail to thermal images, get an at-a-glance overview of the case’s battery level and more.

Key Flir One highlights include:

  • FLIR ONE TimeLapse: Turns a series of thermal images into a seamless time-lapse video, revealing changes in temperature through time.
  • FLIR ONE Paint: Share fun and dramatic photos that selectively display color and thermal elements.
  • FLIR ONE Panorama: Turns a series of contiguous imagery into a single panoramic image.

A word of caution: Flir One doesn’t like shiny materials because they reflect their surroundings rather than generate heat signatures.

The pricey $349.99 accessory can be pre-ordered via Flir’s webstore.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder who would use this…

    • CS

      Squatch hunters!!

  • Azat Dav

    I kept smiling about the video up until I’ve seen the price 😀

  • blu

    I can see it having some practical use if your an A/C repairman or an auto mechanic, but they should already have these devices in their tool kit.
    I guess it could be a tax write off for them even if they have one already, and would be neat for them to have at all times to show a customer something.

    For the average joe, just costs too much for a toy that only does one thing.

  • Royce Otero

    The most important part is how far of a distance can you view heat?

    • Craig Durst

      With a 60×80 pixels resolution? Not far…

  • Dan

    make one with xray vision and I’m in

    • Matt

      And then everybody dying of cancer

  • Jad Boukai

    How soon until this becomes a standard feature in all phones. (Presumbly Galaxy phones first which would be a “revolutionary” feature. Just like the “revolutionary” heart beat monitor that’s actually pointless)

    • Dan

      although you’d wet yourself in excitement if Apple came out with it I imagne?

      • Jad Boukai

        No. I’m sorry if I come up as a Apple Fanboy. I give credit were credit is due, and although I do enjoy Apple devices, I do criticize them for also making claims like that.

        I simply notice it more when Galaxy devices boast it. So again, I’m sorry.

  • Matt

    Is this for a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) hunt like they do on Animal Planet??

  • test_11

    Does support for iPads??