iPad pro concept (Ramotion, Top view)

Apple’s fabled large-screened iPad, dubbed by the press iPad Pro, is still on the table and should see a formal release before the end of this year, if you trust a report from the Economic Daily newspaper.

The Chinese publication also said earlier this morning that the iWatch will be launching during the third quarter of 2014 in three models and two sizes, with a high-end model ostensibly incorporating a screen with a sapphire-glass coating.

While we don’t put too much faith into reports by Chinese media, Economic Daily’s accuracy is better than that of most other Chinese and Taiwanese outlets…

From the Economic Daily story [Google translate], via GforGames:

Interestingly enough, The Economic Daily also reports that the fabled 12.9-inch iPad (also known as the iPad Pro) is still on the table. Allegedly, the device will become official by the end of the year.

Apparently, the device will make use of TPK’s next-generation touch sensors which replaces indium tin oxide with silver nanowire ink due to its better conductive properties.

Switching to silver nanowire-based touch films should theoretically allow Apple’s engineers to outfit the device with sapphire glass without having to add extra sensors for accurately determining touch location.

“You should also know that silver nanowire films are flexible, which would allow Apple to use LG’s flexible OLED displays, like it was rumored not long ago,” as per the report.

On the downside, take this report with a few pinches of salt because we haven’t stumbled upon a believable iPad Pro rumor in a while nor have we seen anything in terms of physical leaks that would point to an upcoming launch.

Last we heard, for example, was from DigiTimes, the hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication. After previously reporting that the project had been put on hold, DigiTimes back in March asserted the iPad Pro would launch in the second half of 2014.

If you ask KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, don’t expect the iPad Pro to launch until sometime next year in the first place. Talk of a bigger iPad first surfaced last summer and has appeared consistently since.

Is the iPad Pro vaporware, do you think? Or, does Tim Cook & Co. really have a large-screened iPad in the works?

iPad Pro concept top of post: Ramotion.

  • moksh trehan


  • Shingo

    pre-order now…..

  • ImLouis

    The iPad cant compete with the surface pro 3, apple are going to have to create a professional iPad that runs OSX and it would be awesome!

    • nazcorp

      Agreed. And this is what I think the so called iPad Pro really is: a direct competitor to the Surface Pro (not RT) and not just a larger iPad.

    • I doubt it’d run OS X though since OS X isn’t optimised for touch and is best used with a keyboard and mouse…

      • eXoguti093

        Well.. Keyboard and multitouch gesture mouse/trackpads which almost feels like using a touchscreen laptop/computer without awkwardly reaching to the screen=P

    • Rowan09

      Can’t compete? The Surface Pro doesn’t control a market. I would never compare the 2 since one is a full blown laptop and the other is not but to say it can’t compete would make it seem like the Surface Pro is owning the market and Apple is losing to it in some way.

      • “I would never compare the 2 since one is a full blown laptop and the other is not”

        For those with similar thought. Sounds like you have been misguided into thinking a PC is one that runs the full Windows and a Tablet is one that runs a so-claimed “mobile OS”. Here’s some insight; a PC is simply a Personal Computer. Personal Computers can come in multiple FORM-FACTORS; the ones currently available on the market are Desktop, Laptop, Tablet AND SmartPhone/PDA. The latter 3 form-factors (Tablet/SmatPhone/PDA) are called the “mobile form-factors” of a PC.

        The form-factor barely defines the device’s functionality like Apple makes it look. That is mostly done by the OS (Operating System) and there’s no rule of thumb stating that it has to be limited to consumption tasks or bastardized apps (like iOS/Android/Windows RT) in order to consider the hardware on which it runs as a Tablet or SmartPhone/PDA.

        The Surface Pro and other 3-in-1 PCs (like the Lenovo Miix 2) are materialized proofs of that; they’ve filled the gap between the Desktop, Laptop AND Tablet PC form-factors. Soon as the technology gets there, expect to see a Surface Phone that transforms into a Surface Pro, similar to this (bit ly/1gjmQtW | bit ly/1gjn7NB | bit ly/1gjn18z) but with full Windows functionality.

        Finally, the term “mobile OS” (bit ly/1jvtzGI) simply implies that the OS can be run on the mobile form-factors of a PC, it’s not an excuse for being limited to bastardized apps like Apple and Google make it look. Windows 8.1 Pro, which comes with the Surface Pro, fits that definition perfectly.

        So, comparing them is fair ’cause they are close in price (64GB iPad is $700, 64GB Surface Pro is $800) AND they’re both Tablet PCs. Just don’t be using the term “mobile OS” to sympathize for the one running the bastardized OS (iOS in this case), ’cause it just plain misleading.

      • Rowan09

        I won’t compare the 2 in terms of purpose. Microsoft makes an OS and sells it to other vendors as you and I both know, but decided to enter the device space with the Surface. If the Surface was an Apple device selling this bad it would have been catastrophic, but since it’s Microsoft or even Google it’s ok. I remember when I had a Sony Vaio UX Micro PC, it was a full blown PC because that was it’s purpose. People tried to compare it to an iPad which was a better device, but lack the capability of the Vaio. The application stores runs all mobile devices since the iPhone released the App Store and people lare able to do desktop like features on a mobile (less powerful PC) device. If Apple wanted the iPad to be a touchscreen Mac they would have done so, but they just want it to be an extension of the iPhone. They can make a Pro version but, if the sales from the Surface Pro is any indication of the market Apple won’t do it just because. The Pro is good, but besides hard programming I would use my iPad and if needed finish up on a bigger screen device like my Mac Pro or XPS. The Surface Pro in my opinion which they fixed with a larger Pro 3 needs to be at least 13″ to be a laptop replacement and the touch pad needs to be better as well.

  • Innes

    Spell mistake mate: While we don’t put too much fait


  • Give us a 21” one damn it! I want Apple to crush me while I j*rk off!

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Well this escalated quickly…

      • @dongiuj

        That’s what she said.

    • Andrew Roth

      Wow… um… ok…

      • Sorry ladies and gents, needed to reach my quota for today!

  • Richard Spafford

    I definitely would buy the iPad 12.9 Pro. If the res is high, apps and streaming would be fantastic. Just hope that if they do it, they do it right the first time and don’t add a better model of it in 6 months. Everyone knows it will be a premium price, so it had better be a premium device, and without getting into the price levels of the Macbook Air 13.3.

  • The spec of IPHONE 6 with iOS8 in doomisapproaching website looks nice. waiting for iphone 6!!!!

  • chnc

    This will be an ideal size for higher ed; allows viewing text and taking notes/working problems.

  • @dongiuj

    “iPad pro” is now way up there on my semi affordable list of things I want. Big seller I would imagine.

  • Nice, the refrigerator toaster is finally becoming a reality…knew it was bound to happen some time despite all of Apple’s down talk of competitors, just like with the iPad mini.

  • JayDee917

    iPad Pro will completely cannibalize MacBook Air sales. Maybe they’ll stop selling the 11″ MB Air and start selling the iPad Pro (w/ OS X) for the same $899 the 11″ MB Air starts at. I’m positive the iPad Pro with sell along with MacBook-like keyboard/stand.

    • Marcus Winchester

      This won’t be aimed at consumers unless the iPad Pro dual boots into OSX seamlessly. This is being targeted at the enterprise, it all adds up now

  • xSeriouSx

    It’s gonna take more than a bigger screen to match the Surface Pro as a tablet PC (http://bit ly/1jPoR74)…

  • Stanislav Tokaryev

    Sorry?! Who needs “this”? It’s F@cking HUGE!

  • Raashid

    It wouldn’t need to match it, so long as it has the Apple logo, it can remain inferior to the competition while having the same price tag as competitors…

  • Marcus Winchester

    Something tells me that the Apple/IBM deal opened the gate for this PROPERLY. The iPad Pro to me doesn’t fit the bill as a consumer device and I think many would agree with that but the enterprise….this is just what they want. With Microsoft Office now on the iPad and the potential of the deal with IBM to catapult Apple into the enterprise space, the iPad Pro would be the ribbon to tie up the present. My guess is that it will have unique features over the iPad Air 2. My guess is a much higher res display, a much more powerful A8X chip( notice Apple ended the X system with iPad 4, I wondered why, maybe this explains it), perhaps much more RAM, ability to multi task with split screen and other stuff

  • Marcus Winchester

    I didn’t know that, something is fishy then. I don’t think I see the point of a touch enabled OSX in all honesty, it wouldn’t bring much to the table. What I would LOVE though is a MacBook Pro that has OSX and iOS