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By , Jul 13, 2014

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A couple weeks ago, we posted a set of “simple geometry” wallpapers by @A_RTX on the Wallpapers of the Week section. The images were met with quite a lot of fan fair, receiving more than twice the number of social shares than other previews wallpaper posts. With more than 150 shares, I decided to add another wallpaper set in the same genre.

If you did not, go back to the simple geometry post for six, excellent wallpapers. If you are an old pro at the wallpaper section, forge on to redeem your new set of images…


Today’s set of images was scoured from @iDeviceGFX‘s timeline. The feed includes a steady stream of iOS device wallpapers and I encourage you to check them out by visiting his profile directly.

Blind by Lights preview Milk mod II preview

Download: Blind by Lights; Milk mod II

Soft and Sweet mod preview Going Night Pattern preview

Download: Soft and Sweet mod;  Going Night Pattern

Geometric preview Gradient Polygon preview

Download: Geometric; Gradient Polygon

Specularity preview 1 mod preview

Download: Specularity; 1 mod


Grabbing these wallpapers is simple. Below each preview thumbnail is a link with the image name. The image names correspond respectively to the images above. Once the full resolution image is loaded, tap hold and save the wallpaper to your Camera Roll. From a desktop computer, save the full resolution image to your iTunes sync folder, to get them on your iOS device.

As a reminder, if you like the above wallpapers, the simple geometry wallpapers can be similarly downloaded on our previous post. The below image is a preview of the additional images.

Afrokat Wallpaper Splash


I am constantly searching the web and twitter to find excellent wallpapers. Many of the images posted in the wallpaper section are from user submits. To get your images considered, you do not need to be the original artist. Simply, hit me with them on Twitter @jim_gresham or embed them in an email to Make sure any images you send my way are pre formatted for an iOS device, or they will not be considered.

What do you guys think? Keep the comments coming, as they help direct future wallpaper posts!

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  • Ken

    This is what I’m talking….about (despicable me reference) ;P

  • Stijn

    I made some simple wallpapers, here are some! Check my twitter if these are not HD or you want to see more work by me @Stijn_D3SIGN

    • Reuven White

      I dig ’em

    • andy

      Thats bloody awesome! 🙂 will do!!!!

  • andyr354

    Never dark enough colors for my taste. I am not much for bright pastel colors.

  • Straw hat

    Some really great walls i’ve found

    • Straw hat

      And this

    • Matt

      Nissan, Pagani, and Porsche, but no BMW

      • Straw hat

        Here you go

      • Matt

        Good. I’m a happy camper now!

    • TeddyBearStand

      Love the tiger one

    • Kilroy672

      How about a Honda??

  • Jonathan

    Best. Week Yet.

  • Matt

    So far my favorite set of wallpapers featured!

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Did anyone noticed that the iOS 8 standard wallpaper could be the continuity of this iOS 7 wallpaper? Apple is giving us easter eggs

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Soooo.. Core of the earth and lava next time?

      • Bloody better be! And if it isn’t, sir, I’m blaming you for getting my hopes up! 😀

      • Umut Bilgiç

        No no believe me! It started from the photo of earth up above, then some flowers, then water surface, then underwater, then ..?!.?!.?!. Magma. Pretty sure!

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Imagine iOS 9, magma themed. It’ll be so badass

  • Jonathan

    Here are some I have. Some are from others I’ve gathered, others I’ve made myself.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Holy. My samsung just got frozen after trying to view the 20th image lol

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, perhaps I uploaded a too few images. xD

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Just a lil tad bit man no worries lol

      • Jonathan

        lol xD

    • La Cucaracha

      Aint nobody got time to view all of that!

      • Jonathan

        Except wallpaper freaks. 😛

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        jonny boy, love the first wallpaper. except the top part is too bright, so to see the time becomes really difficult : (

      • Jonathan

        I didn’t take it, but still, thanks. 😀

        I agree. I don’t think Apple adding a black glow around the text to have more contrast is enough..

      • Alberto Espinal

        Just edit it and rotate it so the bright will be at the bottom

    • Julio M.

      Is this Wallpaper Heaven? :-0

      • Jonathan

        Indeed it is. xD

      • Julio M.

        Hey Jonathan, do you know how to remove text from an image(jpg)?

      • Jonathan

        Like, through smart tools to remove it? If so, yes. Give me the image and I can do it for you if you wish.

      • Guest

        Yeah, thanks! It’s a little nsfw hehe. I had the original one with no text but I accidentally deleted my wallpapers folder and when I recovered it, it was already overwritten… and I forgot where I had downloaded it from.

      • Julio M.

        Yeah, thanks! It’s a little nsfw hehe. I had the original one with no text but I accidentally deleted my wallpapers folder and when I recovered it, it was already overwritten… and I forgot where I had downloaded it from

      • Jonathan

        No, didn’t forget, just haven’t been on iDB that long.
        Looking at it, the text is too large, and will make it obvious it was removed. I’d suggest running it through Google images (images . google . com) and seeing if you can find a version without the text

      • Julio M.

        Wow, I totally forgot you could to that (search by image)… Thanks man, I found it!

      • Jonathan

        Awesome. =)

      • Julio M.

        Srry for the double post…

      • Julio M.

        Did u forget? 🙁

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Have some for you guys

    • Frank Ding

      First three are HTC wallpapers

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        So what?

  • Matt

    Love my setup!

    • Hak


      • Matt


  • La Cucaracha

    Here’s mine

  • Matta Fakt

    For those of you who would like some darker options that play nicely with iOS 7. Not geometrical, but still.

  • Guest

    Here are some.

  • Here are some. (:

  • Guest


  • Julioz

    Hey what about the iPad wallpapers? I would like you to make iPad wallpapers section too

  • Sohail Wahab

    Non for iPad?

  • Sohail Wahab

    Where can I get iPad version of these wallpapers? Please?

  • Dylan

    I think this picture I took makes a nice wallpaper, enjoy!